(IG) Oaths of Squiring

I recovered this from the gisant (funerary brass) of a Noble Peer whose final rest I have located in Silver Ridge, attended dexter by his maiden, and sinister by his squire.

As the sculptor added many very realistic folds of cloth in the squire's tabard, the words upon the breastplate are quite illegible. The name of the squire can be read, however; Daphne Ceresa, as in Lady Sir. The words etched upon Count Sir Rynda's breast, however, are quite clear.

Below are the words that are etched upon the remains of Sir Maxwell Cafall, Count of Rynda:

To walk the path of virtue, to be true to the intent of thy words.
To speak only truth, and to stand against false words and deeds.

To walk the path of virtue, being true to thyself and thy fellows.
To live by one's honor, and to die with it intact; not beside it.

To walk the path of virtue, being generous of wealth material and spiritual.
To be charitable and give largess to all.

To walk the path of virtue, to be the shield of humanity.
To protect the weak, and lead them to the path of strength.

To walk the path of virtue, to know no fear.
To take the field, that your feats of arms may win the day.

To walk the path of virtue, to seek resolution to all conflict.
To never again be struck without striking in return.


They have both taught me so much of what is means to be human, and yet, I will never meet either... both are, unfortunately, deceased.

To Count Rynda, Sir Maxwell Cafall
and to Lady Wheaton, Sir Daphne Ceresa

May they both rest in the peace they so richly deserve.

-Guy DuBro Manson-