IMO - OMG that was Awesome!

Is it just me, or was that a great event?

Mike, Amber and Elliot - you guys did a terrific job all weekend. We are really gonna miss you in monster camp next season, but looking forward to you being on the other side. :)

Josh and Chris - I feel like we are like a three legged stool, you know?

And thank you entirely to all the PC's for coming out. I feel like everyone got in there, in someway or another, and the pro activity was great.

If there was anything you didn't like or think we could improve on, send it to our e-mail at Please send your character history/background info to us as well at the above email address. Lastly, get your IBGAs in early...that gives us more time to think about your response and it will generally be better than if you do it last minute.

Oh, and I lost my phone in NPC camp I think - has anyone found a cingular phone?

I just wanted to give shout out to all the NPCs, PCs, and of course the Plot team for jumping in and kicking butt all weekend. I had a blast. I'm sore all over, I'm physically drained, and I snoozed about 5 times this morning resulting in having to explain why I was an hour late to work but its all good

I wanted to specifically call few folks out:

Amy- I aboslutly loved the RP all weekend it was a highlight for me. The intensity of the scenes you ran for me along with the information were begining to gather is really setting the tone for a fun storyline.

Chris- Jebediah, without knowing it, did more to rescue Jehan from his despair than anyone else ever could, I was walking behind you back to Norana's and my cheeks were covered in tears because we were talking about moving past mistakes and taking charge of your life.... it was awesome RP and had double meaning. Add to it the fact that you set off to do this at around 5:30 in the morning and it added to how special it felt. The mods you ran for us were fun and didn't feel cobbled together... thanks again for the effort.

Josh- You never cease to amaze me... That Lich was incredible... RP and Combat wise... you played it up and brough it from a "typical saturday night we're all gonna die" mod to... "OMG we are seriously gonna die"... the difference... I don't know... but I was scared out of my wits.

GC Crew- You guys rock and have gotten to be truly evil and scary at the stick side of this game. You trucked on all weekend and I look forward to playing with you guys again soon.

Some Favs for this event:(in no order)

Jebediah's redemption, and the subsequant massacre of the bandit camp
5 minute banshee drill
2 Dark Elves Vs 1 Mercury Golem
All things Norana
HOG and OLS parley and the formation of what I hope will be a longstanding alliance.
The Tree of Life/Wolf spirit mods ( shatter shatter shun )

Thanks again, cant wait till next event!


Wow.. I had a stupendous weekend. It was great to see everyone and to be back at that camp. The roleplay seemed superb all around, and the npc's (big thank you's) were tireless. The highlight of my weekend was definetly being kidnaped by Queen Sissless(sp?). Hmm perhaps I need co:groveller? I'll be back to see you guys next event.



Where to begin? Awesome weekend - I think personally my best ever! The level of RP from the NPCs is amazing, and how you kept it going nonstop is a mystery.

Favorite moments -

Taking on a mod scaled for 10 upper level players (with 6 players, one not so upper level) and barely staying alive. You know, you ask yourself, should we keep going or stop now, and we kept going and won the prize and that's the greatest feeling.

ONCE AGAIN being invaded in our cabin by the Queen and her minions! And this just before logistics! Amy and Chris you are AWESOME. I loved the RP that came out of that.

Starting to feel like I have some slight grasp of what is going on in game.

Herding chickens!!! And Havok doing the chicken dance.

Making a new friend. Ashland it was great to have you along on our heinous mod.

Really looking forward to the next event!



Awesome event as usual! Thank you to all of the plot members and the garden city crew for your non-stop devotion to running a good game. I am assuming that you guys didn't sleep because you were always awake and running mods whenever we stopped at monster camp! We had a blast and are already excited for the next event! Also, thank you to all of the pc's for doing your best to stay in game and helping the world of prathmore come alive.

I have to say that I am very proud to be a part of Alliance SoMi and am privilaged to get to play a game with so many wonderful people.

Can't wait to see you all again soon!




Sorry this took me so long to post, but I am just now recovering. Last weekend was a BLAST. Amy, first you have the most beautiful eyes...but I think I have said that...second, the seer you played, I almost started to cry, I was so frustrated and confused.

Chris, your RP was by far the best I have experienced in a long time, you had us whipped up and ready to tear through anything that came across our paths. I have no idea how you and Amy kept going on energy drinks and cigarrettes for so long.

Josh, Kudos to you for making me feel like I am part of a plot that lasts longer than a market day. That is mostly my own fault because I primarily consider myself a merchant so rarely do I try to unravel the long running plots, but you have me hook line and sinker right now.

Tom, thanks for keeping things running nice and smooth. You have a great team.

Garden City - you all have so much energy and everytime i see you, you are better than the last. This weekend was AWESOME!!! you all had so much energy and seemed willing to do anything put before you. A special thanks to Mike and Amber for being golems for us. And to Elliot and Amber for being chickens for us, that was great.

This maybe cliche' but thanks to my guild, this was one of our best bonding sessions. I really felt I was part of a team and it felt like everyone wanted to be there.

LifeStorm good RP and it was very big of you all to come down and try to work through some of our problems.

Malice oog you guys are cool....IG I am scared of you =P

Coonie/Dave so awesome seeing you again man. I do hope you make the next event we have much to discuss.

Till then I am counting the days,
Daver aka Bob the Baker


Yuki/Liz I hope you are feeling better

And TC, Naomi has the best "I just killed a lich" smile.