Important Contract Information

Adventurers of Dragonreach,

With the success of the last round of testing on the Magical constructs known as 'contracts' we have begun to improve their method of creation to be functionally more accurate and safe. As such, we would like to reach out and offer the service of creating custom contracts to something or somewhere specific for a small fee of 3 gold.

Please send word in advance to to the Actaean University should you like to assist us in furthering this new line of magical research.

We will send a representative to deliver them to you at Bastion by the Water on Popolos during your next gathering.

Actaean University, Department of Magical Research and Development
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Is the scope of these contracts limited to the Kalinthas Isles?

They are not - we believe that these contracts can also reach the Elemental Planes should that be your wish. However all of our contracts that have attempted to reach the continent of Kundirk have met with failure.