Important logistics info & Please Pre-Logist


Hey, We are coming up in the first Stormbreak event of the season! SO MUCH HYPE!

Please submit your info to logistics ASAP. It makes Friday night go so much easier and we can start game when plot and cast are ready rather then them waiting on me.

I work on the pre-logists up until Thursday.

Also please bring all magic item reps and tags, spell books, recipe book, and anything else that needs to be checked.

I will be on site around 6:30 and hoping to start logistics for those early birds around 7

Important if you will be on site after 11 on Friday please email logistics directly.

Thanks so much


And remember, 125 spent build, 150 total.

See our Ritual policy for what rituals are allowed and the cap - if I understand the new build structure correctly, this is 11th level - so 11 rituals per person. Correct me if I'm wrong!! : )