Important Notice Regarding Guild Points


Greetings, Watchers. I would like to take a moment to welcome you to the Order, as well as provide some explanation of the points you will be receiving each gather and between our times together. The Order of the Wilde is a guild for all rangers, survivalists, fletchers, hunters, and those who love and desire to protect the forest. Any that wish to join our ranks must apply and pass both a written as well as a practical test, the specifics of the latter to be determined individually at application.

First, however - my name is Ama'rali. Most call me Rali. I am the current highest ranking member of the Order of the Wilde, and as such, have taken it upon myself to maintain and track the progress of those who join. I am also willing to answer any questions you may have about the Order. Simply send me a dream or a note, or find me whenever our paths cross. I frequent the lands of Barran most often and, with a regularity that is becoming upsetting, the land of Icenia as well. Seek me out. My name is known.

A Brief Description of Guild Points

You will receive 5 guild points for being in attendance and vocally, visually, or actively proclaiming membership with the guild. This can be accomplished in many ways, including but not limited to the following:
- Sending recruits my way or talking with them about the guild.
- Offering Order assistance on ventures that are not first sanctioned by the Guild (but may benefit from having a member in attendance). For example, representing the Order on an excursion for the Sage's Guild that requires potentially dangerous activities within the forest.

You will receive 2 points in addition to the aforementioned 5 for representing the Order in other lands. ** Please note: if you do represent the guild in other lands, you MUST INFORM ME OF THIS AT THE GATHER IN QUESTION.

We are the watchers of the wood, and it is our job to make sure that the rest of the populace understands this. Be proud of your affiliations and unafraid to voice them.

Some other ways in which you may obtain guild points (outside of the typical methods common to all guilds):

- Morning patrols: As often as time permits, the Order will perform morning patrols around the perimeter of the town to assess threats, maintain pathways, and generally acquaint oneself with the forests. This is optional as many prefer to sleep late, but strongly encouraged as a way to easily accrue points and favor.

- Donation of fletching: As adventurers tend to lose fletching nearly as often as their own senses, the Order of the Wilde will take donations of fletching as amounts to one quiver (20 fletching) per donation. Quivers may be rented for 2s by guild members and 5s by non-members. If all fletching is returned at the end of the gather, all but a 1s lender’s fee will be returned to the borrower. (OOG: This does NOT refer to the corresponding tags. This is strictly to assist those who lose their arrow reps or don’t bring enough - tag donation is considered a separate donation and counts towards the 50pp=1gp guidelines set forth in the guild handbook. The guild will keep no more than 100 reps on hand at any given time. All other reps will be “banked” - i.e. given to NPC camp for their use. You will, of course, still receive guild points.)

- Donation of Production: As we are the Order of the Wilde, our expertise is related to exploits that facilitate our knowledge and traversing of the forest. The Order accepts the following for production donations:
* Crossbows (Heavy and Light)
* Bows (Long and Short)
* Weapon Coatings
* Bolts and arrows
* Furs, pelts, and skins

ALL MEMBERS will be very strongly encouraged to have a proficiency in tracking (OOG: at least one rank in Craftsman: Tracker) or any other relevant skill in order to ascend to Journeyman. Speak with me if you have a preference other than excelling in tracking. I want us all to be competent in our travels and activities. There have been some...embarrassments as of late, and I would like to avoid them in the future.

Thank you for your interest and, for those current members, your dedication. The forest stands a safer place because of your efforts.

Walk softly,
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