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Due to issues revolving around water supply and construction on our preferred site we are having to move the October 4th Weekend to November 15th. Unfortunately no other options have panned themselves out in order to keep the event as originally scheduled. I am really sorry for this issue and feel bad for all those I know this effects, but the issues at hand will be resolved well in time for our Halloween Event (November 1st). The rest of the dates for the season have been confirmed and WILL have no issues. The weekend of the original event will now host a Feast Event on Saturday October 5th.

Remaining 2019 Schedule now looks as follows: October 5th Feast of Hope, November 1st Weekend: Totems,Tribes,OhMy!!, November 15th Invasive Invasions!!, and January 19th King's Feast.

Saturday October 5th: Feast of Hope will take place in a banquet hall accessed via the eastern bar side entrance of Old Sawa's Warsaw Buffet. We have the banquet hall from 4PM-9PM, Players are encouraged to get there at 4:30PM with folks going into a lay on as soon as processed thru logistics which will be heavily streamlined. This event takes place IG (ingame) in the spirit realm and thus allows several oddities. We have discussed running an event like this for a long time and are taking this opportunity to try this. Please come with open minds and just have some fun...
  • All Magic Items, Production, Weapons, Ritual Scrolls, Coin and Such should be left at home as they do NOT exist at this event, Spirit Effects are still active, and all Spirit Links/Locks should be represented by hand drawn tattoos on your hand or forearm but do not manifest in their normal form.
  • You are NOT required to represent your race As you are present at the feast in spirit form and only your persona manifests clearly. (We expect garb to still be fantastic!! But make up and elaborate prosthetics is discouraged as we do not have a dedicated bathroom for such things.)
  • Workshops are NOT available for this event, but you may make production if you send an email to logistics.
  • The hook for this feast will be posted
  • This event will be credited as the Oct 4th Weekend and thus is 2 blankets still, we are not penalizing you for the shortened event. You will also get your CO money as if it was a two day as well
  • The buffet is all you can eat, and includes ham and roast beef freshly carved off the bone, and numerous other awesome options. Soft drinks are included.
  • All attendees will receive a Gift of Fortannis (aka bag full of treasure :p) If you travel more than 3 hours, or have a season pass you will get an upgraded bag!!
  • For those who travel farther than they are comfortable driving home after the Feast we do have several crash spaces available -just let us know you need one.
  • Full In Game Explanation and Teaser too follow but can be found here... Feast of Hope
Please prereg via the CMA to make crediting your character and paying out your COs, however to make sure we have an accurate head count for the banquet please prereg via an email to - Just let us know your coming and state production if you have any.

The Price for this event is $40 for PCs, and $25 for NPCs. However anyone who preregisters will get a $10 discount. If you have a full season pass and are attending we do ask for $10 to help offset costs also please keep in mind this is the 2nd event (3 blankets) added to the season. To save hassle on site we do encourage prepay....Paypal to

1. Amanda F (Liddia)
2. Brian L (Corbell)
3. Leanne L (Leanne)
4. Grant O (Tellen)
5. Daphne P (Eve)
6. Nadine V (Neolani)
7. Thomas M (Bart)
8. Jon D (Aramis)
9. James F (Grimshaw)
10. Derek S (Sam)
11. Sam S (Beryl)
12. Matt M (Desylvia)
13. Andrew N (Rusty)
14. Brian G (Thaddeus)
15. Eva S (Daisy)
16. Ib (Regnar)
17. Nick P (Foss)
18. Vicki P (Elle)
19. Dwayne B (Shen)
20. Luke N (Migs)
21. Ranee J (Smalls)
22. Matt S (New)
23. Ian S (Draco)
24. Dani C (Isabo)
25. Jared M (Glenn)
Registered PCs
1. Rob K (Leopold)

1. Nate B
2. Carrie B
3. Rob D
4. Emma A
5. Amie W
6. Melaina F
7. Luke D
No more NPCs needed for this event due to unusual nature. Normally love ALL the NPCs!!!
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Chicago Staff
For Clarity putting this here: Saturday October 5th at 4:30PM Feast of Hope --9200 W Cermak Rd, Broadview, IL 60155


Chicago Staff
Who has crash space? :)
I have a couple folks who have volunteered, let me know how many are in your car aka needing space and I will let you know.


Public Relations Committee
Since it is our persona manifest can we wear mask, or slight make-up? Facial tattoos and such? I have a strong image if my character's spirit and persona and would like to represent that if possible.



Chicago Staff
Feel free to take some liberty as this event offers a bit more freedom then normal.


Chicago Staff
To answer the question "When should preregs be in to get the discount?" Let's make that deadline the usual Tuesday night at 11:59 PM

Please get those preregs in so we can have your "gifts of fortannis" packs prepped and have CO money and production pulled. We are trying to really streamline logistics for this awesome but oddball event!


Chicago Staff
Yes garb/costume is required. But you can do feast dress IE no armor would be fine.
So yeah i set out for traffic that didnt materialize and wound up running pretty early, im gonna hang out in the bar until 430 if anyone else is burning time. See you guys there.