In Between Game Actions (IBGA)

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Sometimes you want to do something with your character between events. Usually it is along the lines of research or exploration. Now we have the forums for IG chat and general shenanigans. Just remember when you post on the forums you cannot speak for another PC or instigate any IG actions (such as combat).

IBGAs run in “real time” meaning when you say you are heading to Calanhelm and back, this is possible on foot within a month. However, traveling to Kanask is not.

One of the main things IBGA will be used for will be research. Many players have questions on “stuff” that they have seen or may have heard about IG.

You can only do a limited amount of research or exploration in a given month. We want to help your characters along, but we also don’t want to be answering 1000 questions either. (Contrary to popular belief we actually DO have lives outside of the LARP).

If you wish to research an item/person/thing etc you MUST have Craftsman ranks in a LORE pertaining to the item/person/thing. As an example. The Zombie Bloom plant. If you want to research a bit you would need Herbal Lore, Craftsman Botanist, or something along those lines will allow you to email our person and ask a question. You need to ASK a question. A Specific question. If you send “please tell me about zombie bloom” your answer will be just as vague.

The more ranks you have in a skill (or multiple complimentary ones) will allow a more detailed answer. As well for each RANK you have in a primary ability (so for instance you have Botanist 5 and Herbal Lore 1) you may ask an additional follow-up question to . Again, these follow-up questions should be specific. If you have Read/Write your answer will again be more precise as you are using a Library in Calanhelm, Carrasville or possibly in Ral’Endas or Faybridge. Your character has to travel to these locations.

You can ask for assistance from other players in research. Basically you are pooling your resources. Maybe one of the Scouts knows a shortcut? Maybe someone has a complimentary skill that they can help you with. This is all up to the players to coordinate.

Lastly, if you are doing research, you cannot engage in IG chats on the forum. You are NOT in Parson’s Breach as you do your research. You can start an IG chat looking for help researching, but once the email is sent to the thread will be locked and your character is on his/her way to a library (or find a wise sage etc). Likewise, if players are helping out, they too are on the road and cannot chat IG until they come back.
Not open for further replies.