In-Game Board Policy


New Hampshire Staff
This board represents public communication by characters. It is primarily intended to represent an actual tavern wall public postings board, in the tavern at Mournstead. Otherwise, posts will state at their beginning where the information is located.

Any character who is in Mournstead can post on the tavern board. Characters who travel away from Mournstead, especially off the island of Unmei between games, cannot access the tavern board, and the plot team requests that you only use the tavern board when your character's in-between game actions take place nearby.

“Dreaming” is a cross-chapter concept that the people of Fortannis can broadcast their thoughts while they sleep, both to any dreamer who is receptive or to a specific individual. A person can plan to enter this Dreaming when they prepare to sleep, and can then hear public or personal dreams. This means strangers and enemies can hear a public dreaming as well as allies, if they successfully attune to dreams. There is a National board for all of Fortannis for cross-chapter communication that you can use at your discretion.

When posting on the tavern board, please note this at the start of your posting. When dreaming, please note that your character is doing so. Anonymous posting is allowed, but you may not forge or impersonate any other character.


[Tavern Wall]

Greetings my fellow travelers! I have recently travelled from afar. I have a personal trinket I would not like to lose, and hope to Spirit Link it to my person. Does someone have a Spirit Link scroll available that I could rent for Spellcrafting on the 21st of Zaran [Jan], 2380? I also require to purchase the specific components for the Spellcrafting. Please post here if you can make this transaction.

-Faniel Reslan

[Tavern Wall]

Faniel Reslan,

Welcome to Mournstead. I can lend this scroll to you and sell its components to you at cost of 8 gold, in this tavern at 10 bells on Zaran [Jan] 22.

-Seamus Neal

[Dreaming: Cinderfel]

Razlee has been attacked by Owlbears several times in the past week. Look out for yourself and your neighbors. Please see the town guard leader if you can help patrol.

-Natalia Rin (town guard)