In-game library


Hi friends,

Alliance has been around for decades, so I’m wondering what in-game books, scrolls, or tomes have been created. (Or ancient real-world texts that fit in our game world.) Perhaps enough for to fill a small in-game library?

Please post:
* In-game books/scrolls/tomes you know of
* attachments or links to a printable file, if possible
* if applicable, any in-game restrictions to obtaining a copy (without this we’ll assume we can print it out for our personal libraries)
* I know some chapters have in-game players guides, newspapers, etc. If some part of it is applicable to all Alliance chapters (e.g. a basic adventuring guide, an in-game trapmaking guide, a guide to casting rituals, etc) please list the applicable parts here.

I’ll list a few for starters:

1) Mike V’s story series, set in Ashbury:

2) in-game spellbooks, such as

3) I recall 5-10 years ago the old Ashbury healer’s guild had some binders compiled about various creatures, etc. Maybe someone has scanned them?


Utah Staff
I am deeply interested in the results of this. I wish I had content to contribute.