In need of arrows

Squire Tanis,

While I strongly suggest you work an arrangement out with the local merchants and crafters, should you be unable to do so we can see what is available in surplus from the Sedovian armory. The cost may be higher than you're used to if you work directly with crafters elsewhere, however we will likely have whatever you need.

Squire Travis of the Sedovian Silver Blades, with authority of Baron Ser Hivius
Squire Travis,

If I have not heard of anything by my arrival, I will come looking to take you up on the offer.

Squire Tanis
I keep a stockpile of arrows for the Militia to use, but if you are in need Squire Tanis I will be able to supply you with some.

Killian Flyte
Squire Tanis,

My supplies of arrows are not overflowing, but what I have is yours.

Vartane în,
Sir Durnic Daeron