In need of Weapons and Arrows


As I look through my old weapons I realize I am out of arrows. As well as a new spear. If any of you travel to dock side please let me know I have very little coin as I use most of currency as furs and leather. However, I could use what little I have to purchase these items. I am looking for a regular spear and at least two quivers of arrows. You may respond here or leave me a message at the tavern in dockside. Also, If anyway has seen the were abouts of a young mystic woodelf please inform me she has been missing for a few days now and I am unaware of her where abouts. She would be wearing red and black carrying a sword and dagger with her.

Thank you,

Gwen and I are traveling together, we are going to be in Dockside shortly on our way back from Home. We will be in Dockside for a short while as I will be visiting some more with my new mystic wood elf friend, Pippin. I have no way to help you with weapons however I do know that Lord Ulthoc of Nordenn is able to make arrows and I am sure would gladly help you if you sent word to him.

I hope I will see you soon
Be well,
Guardian Ruis,

Thank you for keeping Gwen safe. I will be traveling to Dockside in a few days to trade my furs I will pick her up then. I will keep a look out for weapons and perhaps speaking with Ulthoc. I glad to hear he is still alive and helping the heroes.

thank you,
Crap in a hat feller theres a run on arrows lately. Look fer me at the ducal army barracks in Fairedale. I'll supply ya proper.

Goodman Grim,

I will not travel that far from home. As I stated before, if someone happens to be in Dockside I will meet them there. Thank you for the consideration. I will look elsewhere.

Be safe,
crap in a hat!!!! I finally get to rest my eyes and I hear my little brothers voice!!!!!! Where have you been? got lost in the forest again

hey little brother,you know all you have to do is ask. aubry and myself will send you a Gilded Claw care package, you know the ussual, 2 quivers of vorp serious arrow, gasses, potions, and a toy for you to play with.its been a very long time you need to travel the mists and come visit us.

may your enemies be blind to your presence

big brother thank you so much it is nice to still have the claw to look out for me! until we meet again!


I got a little distracted by a shiney on a boat....I didn't know it was a boat, but when I realized it was too late, and I couldn't see home anymore :(, I ended up in a place called "home" but it was not home cause you were no where to be found :(. But I ran into Ruis and we match :) so I followed her back hoping to find you at home..... I'm sorry I'll be more careful in the future. Oh and I found things and made some friends and ...... well just wait and see when i find you :)

Be safe, and if you are near by I hope your traveling with "Birdie" so I can find you fast :)
I vill 'ave to double check, but zere iz a pozibility I 'ave a zpear. I vill zend you a dream iv I do.

Take care dear.

thank you everyone for looking.

Daniel I haven't forgotten you, I was deep in meditation. No, I haven't gotten lost in the forest. If you wonder my where a bouts are you wont have to look hard. We have been here before many cycles ago. Well, I'm just north west of it. I believe it was where we first met. Never the less, I frequent Dockside to trade my goods and do some odd jobs for the towns folk when needed. I do hope to see you there sometime. Please stay safe.

In my dreams I've heard the tails of trolls about. Please learn what you can about your new foes and be smart.

Greetings Cuar,
long time no dream I will be travaling and can meet up with you! The new fairdale merchants guild can supply you with what you need! I will see you soon
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