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Mar slips into the earth weavers library and after finding a book picks out a spot to read in. The events of late had left him feeling troubled and thus he was here seeking refuge among the books. It felt comforting to him the sound of the pages the initiates in quiet study around him the unmistakable smell on the air from thousands of old tomes.
A young messenger enters the library, and looking around, spots Mar reading. He approaches and quietly greets him, "Hello, Are you Mar?"
Mar nods putting the book he had been studying aside "yes I am how can I help you?" He asks softly sitting up
"The Fatespinner would like to see you in her study. I am to bring you there." The boy replies.
Mar nods and bows retrieving his weapons from the librarian "i like to keep them close" he says warmly "lead the way" Mar follows the messenger glancing about as they go. ((moving too the fatespinners study thread))
-Bota enters the library

He goes toward the library's staff " Good morning, I am Bota Bioforte and I would like to read about vampires. Unfortunately, I do not have a lot of time left to research. I want to focus on their abilities and especially their vulnerabilities. I will get myself settle at that table over there and get a few books of my own. I am sure with your experience you can make a better selection.

Thank you very much for your asssitance. "

-Bota is looking around tries his best to find books to help himself. Now that he knows the Breach has been dealing with vampires. He feels he knows too little about them.
Thistle enter's the library, she has never seen so much written information in one place before. At the librarian's desk she see's a page and remembers that she wanted to send a note to Master Wayanwood while she is here as well. She quickly writes out the note and hands it to the page. "Please ensure that his is delivered to Master Wayanwood. If he has not yet returned, please return to let me know. Thank you."

Thistle approaches the librarian, "I was hoping you could help me gather some books for research. I am looking for information about Treeants. More specifically, I would like to know about the history of them in the Parson's Breach area. And if there is time, I would like to research the location of any known Treeants as well."
Bota enters the library and sees Thistle talking with the library staff.

"Hello Thistle, I presume you are here looking for information about the Treants. I am actually coming here to help you with your request for assistance. I contacted Master Wayanwood about this but I have yet to receive a response."

May I join you in this research? I'll help you as I can but I will be required to leave to continue my training or if I am required somewhere else.
"Thank you Bota for assisting me with my request for research. I was uncertain as to how long I would be in Calenhelm and their is much to learn, with little time to do so. How about I research the History of Treeants in the Parson's Breach area and you research the location of any known Treeants, specifically in the Parson's Breach area as well?"

Thistle turns back towards the Librarian, "Would you be able to help us gather research materials on these two topics? Your assistance would be help us widen our knowledge base."
*A messenger from the Earthweaver guild approach the table*

"Mr. Bioforte, I have a message for you."

*Bota takes the message and says : "Thank you"
*Bota opens the parchment and starts reading*

*He then raises his eyes and look at Thistle.

*Thistle I have 2 news that may be of interest to you.

Firstly, it seems a man in the area of Kalstrand allegedly saw a moving tree. I'll have to look into this further. I'll take care of it and will let you know once I have more details.

Secondly, Fern has to leave the grove for a few days next week. She is asking if you and I can help her with taking care of the grove. I would appreciate if you and the group from Parson Breach helped with this. I'll have to go away for now and will be in contact with you if I find more information .

*Bota stands up and place the books back in a neat piles*
"Thank you Bota, hopefully this information will help in the search for the Treeant for the King. Would you say Kalstrand is a 4 day journey from Parson Breach (thru the mountains)? As for watching the Grove while Fern is away, anything I can do to assist the Grove, I will do. I would not like for Fern to worry while she is away.
When I am back in the Breach, should I listen for the Grove to tell me when I am needed?"

"Anyways, thank you for taking time away from your studies to help me with this research. Please let me know if their is anything I can do for you as well." Thistle also starts putting her books to the side in a neat pile. "As Fern needs to be elsewhere for a few days next week, I should make my way back to Parson's Breach now in able to be there in time if needed. I bid you farewell and wish you well on you travels brother."
"I believe this may be correct. However I'd have to ask someone who travelled that way to confirm. I'll make sure to get in contact with you. I have a few things to check about this first"

Your bound with the grove will let you know when to visit it. I am not sure how to explain it. Well when I took care of the grove before, I simply could fell certain things and I knew what to do a little bit like you can feel hunger."
"Thank you for the offer. I do not seek anything in return for helping you. We all are roots of the same tree and we make it stronger by working together"
"I wish you have a safe trip Thistle and I must leave now"

*Bota leaves the library*
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Deep in the oldest stacks of the library, Isawda patiently continues his search. Older scrolls and more modern bound books all are carefully examined. So far all he had found was confirmation of commonly held knowledge, but surely as he continued he must find what he sought. Wrinkling his nose against the dust from the old documents, he pulled the next toward him. Some of the records and not felt the touch of a living hand in many years...
Thistle approaches the Librarian, so far she has had no luck researching the information she is looking for. Hopefully with the librarians aid, her search will be more fruitful.
Stretching to ease the ache in his back , Isawda, looked at the stacks of notes he had gather through the weeks of research in the library. Hopefully when assembled they will give him some hint of where to proceed to unravel the mystery of the Duke. How his power might be abated or destroyed. It seemed unlikely that the and the Breach could continue to spar for ever.

Perhaps he need to also look within himself. (taken to IBGA)
Looking up from his ledger at Thistle, "What can I help you with?"
Stepping back Isawda looks at the stacks of notes he has compiled. Some of this inquiries has led to nothing. Either the questions he had started with were to vague, or the information he sought too old to be held here.

But some might still lead to something of value, and now he could narrow his focus to those areas.

First a message to his homeland. While a library of wooden shelves and paper might not hold the answer he sought, perhaps the memory stones of his people might.

And then back into the dusty books and scrolls. For they hinted that there might be more to be found within a narrowed information quest...
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