In the portal room

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Bota enters the portal room, Carrying bags
He tells the attendant that he is going to visit the Lux. He's heard they were translating ancient text and that he may be able to help with some.
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Coming through the portal in the other direction Tengu looks around and notes with a start that the Master is here. "Master Bota, it is good to see you. I was hoping to have an opportunity to speak with you. If you have the time may we find a more comfortable, and hopefully more private, place to speak?"
"I can put my bags away for now. I was just about to send a couple of letters before I left but if we go I can probably drop them on the way. "
He grabs his bags and follows you and you can notice he's holding a letter addressed to Isawda and one addressed to the Fatespinner.
As they walk Tengu begins to speak. "I am not certain what has transpired over the past several months having been occupied in assisting on the former Remmington lands. Needless to say much of what has occurred has left a bad taste in my mouth and a numbness in the pit of my stomach. You were on the road earlier in the day than the rest of us so you may not have heard what had transpired after your departure; the Marquis had asked us to leave and it was decided by those above me that we should Spirit Walk to Nelix instead of traveling by more mundane methods. As the ritual was being cast, however, the Unspoken attacked and with none to defend we saw him fall just before we faded to spirit form... It is truly beginning to feel that no matter what situation this group of adventurers find themselves the end result is ruin and desolation for everyone else while we make a hasty retreat. It is my feeling that actions such as this cannot continue or there will be nothing left to protect in the coming war."
He looks at you with a sad look. "I agree with you. Do we know if Marquis Xerxes survived and if anyone suffered from the attack?" He opens one of the letters he is carrying and shows it to you while walking toward the closest isolated room where they can discuss this matter calmly.
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[Just an OOG note: the EW do not have a "portal room". You would end up in the AS and then depart from there.]
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