In the Tavern

Rohnan enters the tavern towards the notice board. There she hangs a poster;

Looking for help!
Any and all who have previously ventured into Sedrith’s Tower; the Lux needs you!

If you have previously gone to Sedrith’s Tower please see Rohnan as soon as you are able to, for an exciting opportunity to help us against the Dark Reaches!

She shrugs at her own words and heads to a table ordering a drink and setting her staff against the wall. Taking out her notebook she started to do some work hoping that someone would be able to help her.


Cassiopeia saunters through the Tavern and notices the poster right away. After reading it she turns around to see Rohnan sitting at a nearby table and makes her way over taking a seat across from Rohnan, "Hello my friend. You know I'm always happy to help, what do you need?"


"Ah'dunno 'bout excite'n opportunity." Baibh exclaims as we plonks down in a seat beside Cassiopeia, "But Ah've bin there, whatcha need Rohnan?"
Rohnan smiled at Casie as she sat down and snorted at Baibh’s comment. “ Well going there might not be overly exciting, I don’t know I’ve never been. It what we can accomplish if we’re successful. According to Stern, Sedrith’s Tower is one of two possible sites to build an observatory that will allow us to peer into the dark reaches. What I really need are people who’ve gone there before and get any information about the place and about Sedrith himself. And hopefully come along with me to try and get permission to build the observatory there.”


Solveig walks in and grabs a drink before walking over to the table.
“May I join you? I’m always interested in helping out in any way.”
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