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Strava Plot

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Hey Everybody, Head of Plot here.

I know that there has been talks of people wanting to start Guilds within Barran. Plot would like to let the players know that the old Greater Guilds of Barran will not be coming back into game anytime soon. We are keeping the information on the Alliance Forum only as a historical reference to the old Guilds. Plot plans on introducing Guilds in the future following changes to the current rule set. The first 2 Guilds that will be introduced will be an Earth Guild and Celestial Guild. Players are free to interact with each other in game to make groups of like minded individuals, but when Guilds are introduced, they will have to apply for membership to the Guilds. There will be no special consideration for Guild officers or officials for people who have created groups in advance. Player made groups will not be assisted or run by NPC's. Player made groups will not driven by plot. When the Guilds that return to the game, there may be plot line driven around those Guilds, and there may be 1 NPC linked to the returning guilds.

Please note, one of the main reasons for this is due to the next 4-6 events will not be held in Barran, but a Fae Plane known as Port Morgan. After we return to Barran, the Guilds will be returning.
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