Information sharing and Town Meetings for December.


First off, I wanted to thank everyone that went through the portal and help recover the artifact to help Stradyn. A job well done. Things where not as expected when we got there but everyone banded together and we where able to accomplish our mission, sadly the elves we accompanied where not so lucky. I did want to tell people that Jianna the elf woman who helped us and was turned into a werewolf was not all gone. As I exited the portal she defended me from an attack. I hope she finds some peace with her husband in there. Naga's fate is unknown but he spirit recalled away from some attackers before we got to his aid. This likely damaged his spirit but his body didnt reform. So I believe he still lives.

Town Meeting

For December there will be a town meeting at 3pm on saturday in the tavern, timing to be flexible as battles arise. At the meeting, we will try and update everyone on the goings on of the gather. Pass around important information, it is a good time to ask any questions of the guild leaders or town nobles. We will try and keep it brief. Attendance is mandatory for Aspirants, Esquires and Squires.

Keep in mind you dont need to wait to share any information you think is important to our cause or Stradyn in general. Feel free to find myself, any of the Local Knights, Esquires and Squires or Guild Leaders.

I wanted to also thanks everyone for the great information sharing during last gather. We where able to piece things together very well. As well as working as a team to gather and pass out the gold spirit orbs. No one suffered any spirit damage on the way out. I know we had a rushed exit, but if anyone has an questions about things that happened in Aberwick feel free to ask myself or Squire Eldor and will do our best to fill you in.

Speaking of Aspirants, Esquires and Squires, I would like to see you all friday night around 10pm in the tavern for a talk of those working on the path to knighthood. Some assignments will likely be passed out.

If you have any questions comments or concerns feel free to put them here or message me privately.

Sir Tantarus Andrada, Knight of Stradyn