Introducing The Compendia Acarthia

Greetings to the old friends and new of New Acarthia!

A great enemy has lurked among our ranks for the last five years, preying on both the freshest and most seasoned adventurers of Acarthia. That enemy is the spread of misinformation, the accidental hoarding of secrets, and the general clutter of most adventurer's lives and logs. As such, I've taken it upon myself (though joined by others, and if all goes well, yourself) to start the process of untangling the web of Acarthian knowledge. Which is why I'm very much pleased to announce the Compendia Acarthia, Acarthia's most organic piece of literature after the Tales of the Captain's Log.

The Compendia Acarthia is a conglomeration of all of Acarthia's collective knowledge found here in the Dreaming. It's primary aim is to create a space where one can find information on what they're looking for when they aren't at a gather. It can be used to find information on the creatures of Acarthia (with some very kind support by the Mage's Guild), the various plant life, and other objects of interest. Though perhaps most importantly is it's potential for Information Clusters. It can be incredibly hard to find your place in the rapid events and enemies that come barreling through Acarthia, and even harder to remember who stabbed who at the last Fae party. The Information Cluster's aim is to allow you, and those working along side you, to create a condensed recent history of what you're working on, and important information related to it. We'll touch a bit more on it later in the Ask a Scriptor section, which is pretty much right now.

Ask a Scriptor

What on Earth is a Scriptor?
A scriptor is someone who adds their collective knowledge to the Compendia, hopefully the number of scriptors will increase over time and the initial heavy burden of information addition should decrease over time. If you're interested in becoming a scriptor the first few steps are looking at formats, reading other entries, and asking for help.
What can I add to the Compendia?
Odds are that as an adventurer in Acarthia you have probably encountered something that no one else ever has, or have a piece of information that you might not consider important but is the final piece in a year long puzzle for someone else. While you might not be a formatter, or an organizer, or someone who's all that interested in connecting the dots, you are someone who has had experiences that are crucial to our understanding of the world.
How do I start a cluster?
Starting a cluster is most certainly going to be the hardest part of the Compendia. By the end of it's lifetime it will most likely be a huge web of information nodes and that can look daunting to someone starting out. The best way to start a cluster is early in the adventuring process, and building up as you uncover more and more. However, please feel free to contact someone who has experience in creating clusters to help you out, there's already several helpful articles within the Compendia on how to make a cluster.
I'm full of information, but I hate writing!
You are most certainly not alone in this point of view! If you don't really want to add to the Compendia no one is making you, however know that your information is extremely valuable to the town. You should try and contact someone who does utilize the Compendia and see if they'd be willing to format all of the information you have so it can be used. If you're not sure of anyone who would be willing to do that, I, Percy, would be more than happy to help you!
This is the Dreaming, all of the information here is readable by our enemies, why would I write anything here?
This is certainly a fair concern to have, and so as a first line of precaution I would try to avoid posting any specifics on things you are planning on doing. A current goal of: Kill the Bandits is great. Kill the Bandits at 11PM behind the mages guild using an elaborate combination of goats and explosive traps, is less than great! The Compendia also fully supports its scriptors in using ciphering techniques for more sensitive information, though we do ask that once things are all wrapped up that you either post the cipher key or decipher it to common for the rest of us to divulge in.

I have questions you haven't answered, tree!
Please feel free to post any concerns or questions below and I'll make sure to respond to you as quickly as possible, and then add them to above list.

Thank you all for your support and I'll see you all in July!

Percy the Dryad

The information presented on this wiki is In Game Information. This means that the things you read here can be false as it is entirely supplied by in-game characters. The plot team of Alliance Denver are welcome to make additions to these pages as they see fit, but no reader should take these pages as the word of plot. If you believe that information supplied in this wiki contains information that was gained through out of game means, please contact both a marshal and a moderator to correct it. Thank you.


Thank you goodman Percy for taking this upon yourself to set this up. I wish you luck on it!

By my hand,
Squire Kendrick Eisenhal


Goodman Percy,

I think this is an excellent idea for getting all of the people of New Acarthia on the same page. Too often do we waste time between gathers trying to find information somebody else already has, to say nothing of opportunities missed during gathers. For my part, I am willing to contribute what information I compiled about Sark in April, though I know that new information has surfaced since then.

Squire Demvarien Corinthus