Rob Krol

Guten Tag! For those of you I had not interacted with during various adventures and battles last market, My Name is Leopold Halle and I am a former Landsknecht, Former Horse Farmer, and Current Adventurer.

About 10 years ago I was awarded a plot of land in Northshire from the Duke as payment for my performance in the constant border skirmishes at that time. I had been a Landsknecht, a type of Mercenary, for about 10 years at that point and had just gotten married, so I decided to take all the pay I had saved over the years and the plot of land and started a Horse Farm.

Then about 3 Months ago, Undead Burned down my farm and killed my Wife while I was away. Since then I have moved my Daughter and I to Wayside and have taken up the sword again to pay the bills as an adventurer.

I took great relish in working with all of you to kill undead and necromancers this past Market and hope to continue working with you in future.

-Leopold Halle