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    Hello, my name is Gabbie, and I am hoping to start playing with ya'll this year. I am new to Alliance, but I used to play in the SCA for sometime doing music and dance. I also do a fair amount of cosplay and crafting; I am looking forward to applying those skills to LARPing as well.

    I am really hoping to host some crafting nights with people to meet people and get expert opinions on what works well within Alliance (as opposed to in the SCA or for cosplay).

    Mundanely, I do software development for Riot Games, hobby game development, and play way too many games. (I accept that I have a thing)

    I look forward to meeting, barding, and crafting with everyone.
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    Hey Gabbie! I'm Jack, Alliance Kansas Head of Plot and one of two Kansas GMs, and I'd just like to be the first to welcome you to our forums. If they feel a little bit underused, it's only because we all populate the AK Discord server all the time.

    Here's a link and if it doesn't work, you can reach me at my personal email or more officially at

    Riot Games? That's far from mundane. xD We've got a 'few' people who play league in our midsts (as well as HotS and others). We've also a few fledgling developers, some artists, musicians, and even a couple voice actors/singers, so don't worry about having a 'thing'. :p

    As for crafting nights and such, I know the vast majority of our community (while a little spread out) absolutely loves to meet up and have fighter practices, art nights, and crafting sessions! So the more the merrier on all fronts!

    Again, thanks for taking a look at us and I hope to see you on the discord and at our opener in March!


    Jack Reaver (GM)

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