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  1. Yssenia

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    Hello, my name is Gabbie, and I am hoping to start playing with ya'll this year. I am new to Alliance, but I used to play in the SCA for sometime doing music and dance. I also do a fair amount of cosplay and crafting; I am looking forward to applying those skills to LARPing as well.

    I am really hoping to host some crafting nights with people to meet people and get expert opinions on what works well within Alliance (as opposed to in the SCA or for cosplay).

    Mundanely, I do software development for Riot Games, hobby game development, and play way too many games. (I accept that I have a thing)

    I look forward to meeting, barding, and crafting with everyone.
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  2. JakReaver

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    Hey Gabbie! I'm Jack, Alliance Kansas Head of Plot and one of two Kansas GMs, and I'd just like to be the first to welcome you to our forums. If they feel a little bit underused, it's only because we all populate the AK Discord server all the time.

    Here's a link and if it doesn't work, you can reach me at my personal email or more officially at

    Riot Games? That's far from mundane. xD We've got a 'few' people who play league in our midsts (as well as HotS and others). We've also a few fledgling developers, some artists, musicians, and even a couple voice actors/singers, so don't worry about having a 'thing'. :p

    As for crafting nights and such, I know the vast majority of our community (while a little spread out) absolutely loves to meet up and have fighter practices, art nights, and crafting sessions! So the more the merrier on all fronts!

    Again, thanks for taking a look at us and I hope to see you on the discord and at our opener in March!


    Jack Reaver (GM)
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  3. James Hunt

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    Hi All, my name is James and the kiddos and I are hoping to make a bunch of games this year, the first being Mod day. I'd love to get a link/invite to discord. That could be really helpful.

    Also, I have a few questions (I seem to have a ton of these, thanks for your patience :)
    1. Are there any fighter/craft nights in Denver? I live pretty close to downtown. If there are no crafting nights, I might be willing to host one sometime as I've got a fair amount of materials and space. I included a pic of some helmets and armor I made for the boys and I.
    2. With respect to Mod days, what are the logistics? Can you participate in both days? Do you get a motel room somewhere nearby for Saturday night (as it'll be down by Florissant)? How late on Sunday does it go?


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  4. Cedric

    Cedric Scout Denver Staff Marshal

    Hi James,

    I'm going to point our New Player rep, Casey in your direction. But until then I can answer a bit of your questions. For mod day, how it will work is that there will be a series of mods running both on Saturday and Sunday. Each one is about 2 hours long (they might go a bit for a bit longer). We will have one at least for new players while most others will be player submitted based on plots that are ongoing. You can also NPC for all or some of the mods as well.

    Hotel in Woodland Park or Florrisant will work, or you can tent camp (in march, it will be cold) or I believe Jesse is going to be opening up his basement for us to throw down sleeping bags. Once Jesse is moved into his new land (he moved this past weekend) and gets settled he should give us more info.


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  5. Horizonhawk

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    Hey everyone! My name is John and I have been looking to get into larp for a while now. I am brand new to Larp though I have played d&d and role-playing games for a while now. I am reading though the rulebook and other info about the game now but hopefully will be joining you guys soon in a upcoming event! Pleasure to meet you all and hope to be able to join you all soon in the fun
  6. Jesse Grabowski

    Jesse Grabowski Fighter Owner Denver Staff Marshal

    Hello and welcome!!!
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  7. Baldbeasty

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    Hi all!

    Just your friendly neighborhood bald guy, here. I loved the warm welcome on the Facebook group and now have discovered the boards here as well.

    In my real life, I'm a fitness professional aka personal trainer and group fitness instructor. Fitness is my passion, with gaming coming in a close second (e.g. at every gaming con I've been too, I made sure there was a good fitness center in the hotel and used it every morning) though sometimes the two have a showdown and man, THAT'S not pretty.

    Anyroad, I've been gaming since I was 9 (wow, almost 4 decades now) and LARPing in various forms since 1995, though I've never really done full immersive events like this that I can recall.

    I am an amateur chain/leather/woodworker as well.

    That said, I'm looking forward to making the move to Colorado (June most like, but there is possibility it may be a month or so sooner) as well as attending my first event.

    I'm starting on my character and looking for ties for his backstory/history. His name is Baldi Limbsplitter and he's a Pike Barbarian Fighter. His main focus, however, is crafting, like, building obstacle courses and the like for competitions.

    Thanks for reading and hope to see you all very soon! :)

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