Invitation to Attend

Fellow Adventurers,

Count Ferrant will be hosting an aristocratic function prior to the next gathering and I would like to formally invite every adventurer of Erabella to attend. There is no need to change your dress or your mannerisms. Simply come as you are. This will be a show of strength in unity after the trying times of years past, to show that, despite everything, the people of Erabella can come together and stand tall. If you are not busy with other matters I would urge everyone able to attend.

Thank you.

Zen Mallowbrooks

(OOG notes: this is intended to be a wholly IBGA event. If you would like your character to attend simply say that you are attending as your minor action in your IBGA)


Chicago Staff

I will be in attendance. Count Ferrant started me on the path I follow today, and I want to reassure him I intend to keep my oath to find his daughter and return her safe.

Squire Cass