Invitation to discuss Building a Team, 3:00, Sat, 22 Jun 419


While visiting Darbyton, Ungsteen at the invitation of His Grace Duke Tassis, I invite interested parties to an open discussion in the style of our Chivalry School in New Acarthia.

Continuing in the 419 series about Leadership, our topic of discussion is: Building a Team.

We will question and suggest methods of team selection from an adventuring group for light-hearted immediate exploration -- or the more serious adventures with potentially high stakes. We will also examine the particular needs for long-term team building such as among a baronial court, or organized adventuring corps.

Who do you bring when you don't know what skills you need?
Who do you bring when you need to "bring your best?"
What are the benefits and risks of bringing someone untested?
Discuss instances when you want trusted companions, your close circle.
Discuss opporunities when it's good to adventure with those less well known.
What qualities do you look for in long-term companions for your court, or team?
How do you communicate what qualities you're looking for to others?​

Discussion is open to all interested parties.

Squires and aspirant leaders of any kingdom of origin are strongly encouraged to attend.

Weather permitting, please join us at tables outside the tavern at Darbyton, at 3 bells in the afternoon on Saturday.

In service to Acarthia,
Baroness Katherine Rivervale
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