Jan 2020 Thanks and Favorites


Cory and I would like to thank everyone that came out to The Shatter Realms Opener.

Thank you PC's for a great time. Braving the snow, and making the long drives, or the short drives in! It was great playing with every single one of you!

Thank you NPC's. We would not have been able to do it without your tireless help, braving the small area we had for NPC camp, so we could have more area for the Pc's. And Just in general being super awesome.
Rob for helping us set up Friday night, late into the night, and then killing it Saturday.
Moon, thanks for working so hard, and super sorry about all that role-play prep for a npc you didn't get to play.
John, thanks for driving out! and changing your plans so we wouldn't be down an npc. We appreciated your go get'em attitude and helping changing up the mod area after each mod.
Matt, thank you for logistics, and helping npc while you could. It really was nice having you at the start, made a huge difference.

I personally would like to Thank Cory. When I asked, "hey you want to run an event with me" and he said "sure". I don't think he really knew what he signed up for. But he was with me every step of the way. Making props, staying up really really late, and doing crazy set up. All with a smile on his face. The keep going attitude you had, kept me going.

Thanks to my Pen Pal larping buddy @Feldor for let me bounce ideas off of you for three months. All your suggestions were great, and helping in the homestretch stating of PC skills to add to select monsters was on point. He was a big help for the for the Light in the dark mod.

Thanks to Matt Waller, for talking general ideas concepts of event running, it really helped shaped some fun for the event. Discord is really great.

Thanks to the SOMI owners for opening up your game to let others run. I know it's a scary thing to do, because you have been running for ten years, and SOMI is your baby. I still can't believe that, you guys are crazy. It was a nice refresher to remember how much work goes into running a Larp weekend. Thank you for SOMI, it is truly a great accomplishment. It was super helpful working with Chad and Chris to balance the cards for 2.0. I'm an old 1.0 warhorse, and 2.0 cards do need a lot of balance, but boy is the pay off worth the work.

I also wanted to give a shout out to the Kalinthas crew, running this one day, made me reflect on just how awesome of a job you guys really did!

Oh, thanks to Travis for letting me pull you when I needed just "one" more npc. You were a pretty scary sight! Guys, NPC'en is really important. Please please offer yourself up to npc, it's fun and it just makes the game so much better.

If I forgot anyone, I'm sorry. I look forward to this year of SOMI alliance!


First off thanks for everything Brooks and co. If this didn't build excitement for what's to come, I don't know what will.

I really had a lot of fun for the one day. There was a ton of content, maybe even too much!

The light circle room was a super fun mod, and I'm glad I got a chance to play hero.
The prop monster fight was super cool, never had to fight our way into something.
It was great getting to interact with a ton of people as a pc finally!
I had a great time though it might not seem it later cause I was exhausted. I noticed this at afters that most of us did cokes for the caffeine. Seemed like a great compliment to the plot and npcs. ;)

Favs in no particular order!

The props - I remember seeing that gear machine and my brain was like "Cool! I am so not the one for that prop but COOL!" Then just moving around the corner and finding the lights and such. The prop monster was awesome too even if there was confusion on butt vs. head vs. both. Was interesting trying to time dives in (up?) so fighters would have a healer inside. Blew all my weapon shields and poison shields and was very glad I memorized those.

NPCs - As always I love our guys that come to play monsters and really get into things. I'm looking at you John! Even as a "cow" you throw yourself into it.

PC Mom moment - Oh my god I got mom feels from PC's this weekend. Having to let the pandas and new folks go by themselves was murder. Just handed over what healing potions/alchemy I had and crossed the fingers they wouldn't die. Felt like I was letting the kids go off to kindergarten again. Almost stayed there so I could wave and be like "Make good choices and don't die!"

Owner Shenanigans - I'm not sure which one of you three worry Blue more! You got the hulking weapon of mass destruction that can go off whenever and kill everyone. The green guy that I swear cast something funny but I can't be sure. Then you have the weasel who was busted twice conning and robbing people. Making Blue's life hard being a squire but Becky was having a blast from it!


I legit got sucked into what I like to call 'The Upsidedown lights' Radi and I spent way too much time looking into a twinkly abyss.

The high magic string ball was fun, Jane went to town on it.

I really enjoyed running into the mouth butt of the beast to take out an undead.

While mostly others occupied the gears, it was a really cool looking prop!

Thank you so much to Brooks, Corey, Rob and all of our awesome NPC's who made the event possible!


Family, if I could select a family to have, it would by you all ~ my highly dysfunctional, ever inclusive, always accepting, warm-hearted, tough love, ecstatically fun ... SoMi family.

Sad that Diane & Jayden didn't get to attend due to the roads, but very glad they didn't, it was risky, slow, and uncertain travel that I would not have been comfortable exposing them to.

Afters ... I've often asked myself if it is the event or the afters I look forward to the most, I still don't have the answer.

Learning ... getting to NPC without Diane or Jayden there allowed me to relax and have fun; maybe a little too much fun as Brooks cradled me into his lap when we were cows ... Looking at Becky who cared so much, and TC who got her foot **** upon.

Moon ... gosh I loved talking to you, learning about your business, your hopes and dreams!

New folks [Ben, Austin, Mallory] (apologies for not calling you all out by name --- names and faces allude me).
It was great chatting you up before the event on Discord then seeing you at afters just made my day, I sincerely hope to see you ALL in February! Maybe for a bit more of the "end of mod sparring!"

Brooks ... You did such an incredible job! Reeling in you neighbor was so cool. You've set a very high bar for the year. You dealt with my naive and overzealous mistakes like a saint, I'd walk beside you anywhere!

Travis ... you are the epitome of what SoMi is, NPCing for the big event, looking the part of an invincible MechWarrior, even though you were fighting your way out of a worms **** hole. (and the fun we had at afters talking about that)!

Matt ... ever the behind the keyboard glue holding all us together - THANK YOU!

The puzzles, Oh My, those were incredible.

Tolerance of my roll play ... I had so much fun as the Goblin looking for pretty ... it boiled over into an uncontrollable, impromptu jester ... who Brooks handled with great skill.

Waller, bringing the stainless steel chain mesh for me to wear all day was such a great thing, for those of us on a tight budget, getting to try out something like that is a true gift.

Chris ... with the insight of the Pandas your aluminum chain will be put to very good use, thank you!

TC & Travis ... the next time I do the noob "A frame" clobber me ... ok? No 322nd chance! and when I charge just give me a knuckle in the chest ... Kidding of course, my point, thank you for continuing to help me!

Cory ... you're such a great guy, I really enjoyed working with you and hope we can do so again soon!

Rob ... You're such a great person to larp with, I still think about how you spent time with Jayden the first time we visited SoMi ... it was only last May, but it feels like a much longer, and happy time ago.

Taking pictures ... I used to be an avid shutter bug, my point and shoot doesn't make for the best of pictures ... but it does make for some fun ones ... stumbling across the river crossing mod was so much fun.
I am happy to always have my little camera on my person at future events, if ever you have a request, don't hesitate to ask!

The "old" plot team members ... watching you all, seeing the smiles, hearing about the joyful roll play ... warms my old nooby heart.


I had a great time this past one day. Let me hit my highlights:

My primary does not do puzzles, or hardly ever does them for reasons. Finally playing a character that will and getting the mother of all puzzle mods was a great treat for me.

I thought making use of every scrap of indoor space as a mod building was pretty inspired and functional.

The puzzle props were above and beyond. Its possible it was too much for us to keep moving at a good pace but I loved each part of it. More than that I enjoyed that multiple puzzles were part of an answer to another part, such as the UV light being a great surprise.

I really liked the pools of light mod. I liked that we could wildly adjust strategies for an answer to it.

I loved that the prop monster was an interactive part of the building. It's only the second time ever I have seen that done, and the only time the point was to go "inside" the monster. Very creative and makes for a great story.

I had a good time roleplaying with everyone so some XXI High notes:

I achieved immortality when hitting the front line with a defender on either side. Fear the mobile dragon entrenchment!

I'm so glad I wandered over to what I am now calling the "Chuck the Irani Wagon" elemental mod. Shoving those boys to possible doom on a skateboard raft is going in the story hall of fame for me. In time more Oregon Trail jokes will be worked in.

While the pacing got disrupted I don't see how it would have been possible for it not to with puzzles at this scope. I think plot compensated as well as they could on the fly and it worked out great.

Excellent work. I had a great time.


I thought making use of every scrap of indoor space as a mod building was pretty inspired and functional.

I have to admit. I was worried when @Brooks talked about how we were only fighting inside.

I hope this is the first of many times, I turn out to be wrong about assumptions in Shatter Realms.


Thank you for welcoming me warmly to my first game! (Rodarr speaking)

Favorites -

Having newbie adventures with an impact on overall outcome, very appreciated thank you Brooks! And generally feeling impactful on the field my first game was very pleasant!
Also rolling with my 'oathsworn tingle' question :)
The worm encounter was pretty neat! Diving into the opening when I got a chance, A+ experience
Echoing what others said, the level of props prepared for this was incredible, didn't feel like a one-off one day at all!

Naomi torture talk gave me chills ... plus something to look into in future events
Chats with Ardos, Finch and XXI were really good
Number of folks pitching in to tear down! As a percent of the player base, 2 thumbs up for the chapter as a whole.


I have to admit. I was worried when @Brooks talked about how we were only fighting inside.

I hope this is the first of many times, I turn out to be wrong about assumptions in Shatter Realms.

thanks Chris. Living 3 mins away is why I decided to run the event in the first place. It allowed me to check it all out. Before I volunteer, my neighbor let me into the building so I could look at it. I have one of those laser measuring tapes. It really helped Me understand the space. and then used one of thoes nifty online programs to chart it out. The addition of the second pavilion was a last minute add. My first idea was to use ropes to hang tarps off in the main area. But the pavilion worked sooooo much better.

the only thing that was not expected, is it made the pc area really hot. I’ll ask about opening the windows or turning down the heat for February.


I love the two-way conversations here, it's a teaching platform for us newer folks that I don't think was anticipated.
Our May plot team has great support, but hearing the stories of things learned, and things thought out (like the laser measure) give a level of insight I don't think this forum has been used for in the past ... What an exciting year!
An excited May Plot team member.
PS: @AvacynIronRose ... Please check our team discord, we have a question for you.