January 13th Feast One Day


Chicago Staff
On Sunday January the 13th we are happy to announce our annual RP-Only Banquet Event. This will be centered around an In Game Feast which will be catered. Location: Friendship Center: 5100 Sunset Lane, Country Club Hills, IL 60478

The Feast will be lay on at 12PM-4PM. We will update with check in time and such as we get closer but we should have the room 11-5 but set up and clean up is why we are estimating 12-4 for game. This is a full one day for all purposes except there will be no combat mods for this event! Your welcome to not even bring your weapons. However there will be some light combat duels/contests, along with logic/physical puzzles, several rp mods and ofcourse the feast and auctions which will form the center of the event. This event is an rp event and thus not really 1.3 nor 2.0 rules wise.

The cost for this event for PCs is $35, however anyone who preregisters will only pay $30 and anyone who preregisters AND prepays will only pay $25. This is the final event of the 2018 Season Pass. Also due to the higher site and food costs for this event we are offering a pair of upgrade options- Upgrade 1 is $5 for a personal bottle of Sparkling Cider/Juice which IG will be a fine vintage wine given to you by a specific NPC. Upgrade 2 is a personal full slab of ribs for $15 (some folks may want to split one of these and thats fine, just have only one person order it in the prereg email.

Please submit your preregistrations via waysidelogistics@gmail.com -please make sure to include if you have a preferance between chicken breast or pork chop for the main dish. The full menu will be posted as we get closer to the event but the standard has been set and we aim higher yet!

Prereg will close Tuesday January 8th at 11:59PM.

You may prepay via paypal to Robertdautovski@yahoo.com

Look for the In Game posts which will explain the story and special mechanics for this event such as the Great Hunt and the Peace Aura.

1. Jon D (Aramis) Pork + Bottle
2. James F (Grimshaw) Ribs + Bottle
3. Nick P (Foss) Ribs + Bottle
4. Amanda F (Liddia) Chicken
5. Bryan L (Corbell) Pork +Bottle
6. Leanne L (Skylark) Pork +Bottle
7. Daphne P (Eve) Pork +Bottle
8. Matt M (Desylvia) Pork + Bottle
9. Andrew N (Rusty) Chicken
10. Dani C (Isabo) + Bottle
11. Vicki P (Aishe) Pork
12. Thaddeus M (Brian) Pork +Bottle
13. Seamus C (Benjamin) Pork
14. Emma H (New) Pork
15. Derek S (Sam) Ribs
16. Sam S (Beryl) Chicken + Bottle

1. Nate B Ribs
2. John G Chicken
3. David G Pork
4. Rob D Ribs
5. Amie W Ribs
6. Emma A Ribs
7. Alex M Pork
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Chicago Staff
As a clarification production will use 1.3 rules. Feel free to make plenty of things!


Chicago Staff
Reminder to get those preregs in!! Super important for an accurate catering order!


Chicago Staff
As a minor update we will be in the same suite as last year. That is suite C in the back Left corner of the compound.