January 19th Feast One Day!!


Chicago Staff
On Sunday January the 19th we are happy to announce our annual RP-Only Banquet Event. This will be centered around an In Game Feast which will be catered. Location: Friendship Center: 5100 Sunset Lane, Country Club Hills, IL 60478

The Feast will be on Sunday the 19th roughly 10AM-2PM. The Site however will open at 6PM on Saturday (Jan 18th). Anyone who wants to come out early to do weapon making, packet making, talk about 2.0 rules, talk about the game world, and or just generally hang out is welcome. There is floor mattresses for anyone who needs them just bring a blanket and pillow. Anyone who shows up on Saturday night is just asked to chip in 5 bucks for pizza. This is mainly to benefit folks with longer drives, but anyone local is welcome as well!! Please note we will have showers available and WIFI as well. Anyone who comes early is also welcome to prepare there dessert for the IG competition in the Kitchen.

The cost for this event for PCs is $35, however anyone who preregisters will only pay $30 and anyone who preregisters AND prepays will only pay $25. This is the final event of the 2019 Season Pass. Also due to the higher site and food costs for this event we are offering a pair of upgrade options- Upgrade 1 is $5 for a personal bottle of Sparkling Cider/Juice which IG will be a fine vintage wine given to you by a specific NPC. Upgrade 2 is a personal full slab of ribs for $15 (some folks may want to split one of these and thats fine, just have only one person order it in the prereg email. Please note NPCs and New Players all pay full price for this event.

The Menu:
Choice of Pork Chop, Chicken Breast, Beef Brisket, or an Upgrade to Ribs!
Macaroni and Cheese, Grilled Potatoes, and Other Sides based on turnout plus soft drinks!!
There will also be assorted desserts based on what folks bring for the IG competition!!!

Please submit your preregistrations via the CMA Feast Event -Make sure to list your upgrades and meat choice in the Notes-

Prereg will close Tuesday January 14th at 11:59PM. Prepays must also be submitted by this deadline to earn the discount.

You may prepay via paypal to Robertdautovski@yahoo.com

PCs -Paid
1. Sam Swanson (Beryl) Chicken
2. Ben Budnik (Xanian) Brisket + Bottle
3. Aimee W (Raquel) Chicken
4. Melaina F (Kat) Brisket
5. Daphne P (Eve) Brisket + Bottle
6. Amanda F (Liddia) Chicken + Bottle
7. Dwayne B (Shen) Chicken
8. Vicki P (Aishe) Chicken
9. Stephanie P (Mila) Brisket
10. Ethan R (Iggy) Pork + Ribs
11. Luke D (Marcus) Brisket
12. Dan D (Badwolf) Ribs + Bottle
13. Peter B (Sae Azaka) Chicken
14. Nick P (Foss) Ribs + Bottle
15. Brian G (Thaddeus) Pork + Bottle
16. Brian L (Corbell) Brisket
17. Leanne L (Skylark) Brisket
18. James F (Grimshaw) Chicken
19. Mia L (Kai) Chicken + Bottle
20. Jared M (Glenn) Brisket + Ribs
21. Ib A (Rengar) Pork + Bottle
22. Jon D (Aramis) Pork
23. Derek S (Sam) Pork
24. Warren M (Fain) Brisket
25. Ian S (Draco) Brisket + Ribs
26. Matt S (Mao) Ribs + Bottle
27. Ranee J (Smalls) Chicken
28. Lynn S (New) Brisket + Bottle
29. Tamara S (New) Chicken + Bottle
30. Kyle H (Edwin) Brisket
31. Jesse M (Ronir) Chicken

1. Nate B -Ribs
2. Emma A -Ribs
3. Rob D -Ribs
4. Alex M -Brisket
We will officially Cap NPCs for this event here!! Due to the nature of this event being a Feast!!

Ribs: 9
Chicken: 11
Pork: 5
Brisket: 13
Bottle: 11
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Even though this is an RP event, for those of us normally armed, should we bring our weapons for costume/continuity sake or is there an IG reason why we would not have them?

Additionally, say someone has a large item (perhaps a shield?) spirit linked to them, do they need to bring those items or is there a work around for the event?

Thanks in advance!


Chicago Staff
I would bring spirit links for sure, and maybe some other basic gear but if you tend to tote multiple weapons feel free to leave those behind.


Perfect. Thank you!


Mmmm a Feast sounds like a great idea. I think I'll throw my mug down for such an event. Hahahahaha


Chicago Staff
Final 24 hours to get those preregs/prepays in!! And secure those sweet discounts!!

Registrations after the deadline are more than welcome, we do ask you to make sure to give us a heads up if your attending as the catering order will be placed on Thursday and we want to make sure there is plenty of foodage!!!


Public Relations Committee
We will have Bad Wolf. This makes me happy.



Public Relations Committee
If we want to show up early on Sunday. What time would you suggest?



Chicago Staff
Well since I will be on site overnight anytime really. Just dm me on Facebook or the discord if the door was too be locked


If anyone else is showing up for the hangout Saturday night, the 3 of us (sadly Lynn can't make it) are bringing our fuzzy onsies if anyone wants to join us in the fun. :p

Raneé aka Smalls