January 2015 Favorite moments


In no particular order:

Being out in the field the first night and having Ian come up to me and say "Sorry I thought you were some one I knew" to then whip back the hood on my black cloak and show him who I was. (Not sure how much of that was Daniel/Ian playing along but it felt pretty awesome!

Being Dark Vavarick and having the long Role Play session that followed with Orin, Amory, and Ian.

Meeting all the other family! Yaaaay!

Trying to have "The Talk" with Kizzy and then telling her to go ask Castiel about it.

Kel pulling out Iron-tooth's tooth and putting it on the table. Then telling him to put it away as Vavarick goes through flashbacks looking at the tooth.

Drinking with the family on Saturday night.

Vampire mod!

During the vampire mod heal-assassinating a vampire with a cure mort from two feet away.


  1. The highlight of my event RP-wise was definitely Castiel and Alcandar dropping the emotion bomb on Durnic about naming their child after his dead wife. It was very hard to stay composed during that entire scene, even though it was only a couple of minutes long.
  2. Toasting Alcandar and Castiel in the tavern.
  3. Vampire mod! Good work to everyone, PCs and NPCs for making that so much fun.
  4. All of the RP around Iron-Tooth.
  5. Late-night Saturday elemental mod. I had a great time and I felt pressed the whole time.
  6. Feeling like I am really starting to make something out of Durnic.
  7. Meewee Manor bullsh*t sessions. In-game and out-of-game.
  8. Yelling at people and getting to generally go into First Sergeant Mode on people. Always a pleasure to do that even though characters probably think Durnic is a jerk.
  9. Trying to have a drink with Shin and it never working out. We'll get to get trashed one of these days, my friend!
  10. Clutch parry to save Roscoe during the Vampire mod.
Great event!
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1. Entering town and immediately getting screwed with seeker marks.
2. Hearing bits and pieces of rumors, wildly over exaggerated.
3. Chats with Shin, as always a fine balance between being open with him and not fully revealing Roann's intentions.
4. Meeting new people and immediately figuring out who has heard of Roann and who hasn't.
5. Meeting Little, and that awkward moment where Roann refused to shake his hand and the strange look on his face. It felt like burning bridges yet uncrossed. Sorry Gabe!
6. Playing the world's worst bandit crew and ripping off Maven/The Great Rug Heist of 2015/Talking with my favorite Prashapti Gypsy during the field battle after dominating her into having a beer with us and giving up her coin/returning her coin after hearing her sob story/hiding in plain site/yakety-sax/getting away scot-free. Pots is the new bandit leader!
7. Being terrified coming back into play that people would think Roann and Pots were the same person.
8. Intimidating the newbie gypsy into offering to sacrifice herself after getting us all seeker marked.
9. Calmly and smugly responding to Alcandar's threats. I'm glad I got threatened, I was told to expect it and I would've been disappointed if he hadn't!
10. Actually having a reason to talk to Durnic, even if it wasn't a very involved conversation I've been looking forward to getting the opportunity since he came into play.
11. Punch-casting.


8. Intimidating the newbie gypsy into offering to sacrifice herself after getting us all seeker marked.
It's good I never got wind of this! Let's hope for you I never do!


It's good I never got wind of this! Let's hope for you I never do!
In poor, innocent Roann's defense, she mostly volunteered. :p


1. Vavarick coming back and the conversations with him, watching him slowly improve.
2. The Friday vampire mod and the RP fallout. Thanks to Landon and Oakpalm for making Orin be more reasonable. The conversation with Ardrick, the sacrifice, being attacked by Azik, telling Shin it was OK, etc.
3. TikTik being a great leader for the lowbies Saturday night, Yeah Yeah!
4. Being around for parts of "the talk" around the Gypsies.
5. "Rug fetish" and then trying to explain the word fetish to a baby High Orc. Followed by Story Time with Orin.
6. Great conversations with Arannin, TikTik, and Shin.
7. Being rewarded for holding on to my Portos Resurrection Certification!
8. Amory being made Rai!
9. Wondering if going for a walk would result in the Seeker going after Amory, and then it happening.
10. Hearing that Flame elementals had a message for me from Zakka "**** you." Zakka going from love letters to vulgarity! I am wounded.


1. Alcandar and Kel having very different methods, but a deep understanding of each other despite it. They were short moments but deeply touching despite it.
2. Kel completely misreading how Vavarick would take Iron Tooth's tooth.
3. Amory and Kel's planned celebration of Iron Tooth's capture completely falling through.
4. Being woken up at 2AM by the Southwind tribe. "You could have put on a shirt you know." The chief was very close to seeing angry Kel.
5. Vampire mod. Whoa... just... whoa. Well executed blue team. I am impressed, and happy to have been a credit to the team.
6. Handing TikTik a STACK of Disarm and Shatter scrolls. Working with TikTik... just about everything TikTik.
7. Getting drunk as a skunk while trying to explain sex to Leonin.
8. Starting to feel like family with the adventuring group.
9. Mixer and Kel planning exotic chocolate vials for alchemy/potions.
10. The look on people's faces when I offered peppermint blueberry brownies... followed by the look after they tried them. That recipe is going to be made again.


1. Everything with Ardrick and Azik was awesome. Great RP, and damn you people know Ashok so well. =)
2. The Blue Gem vampire mod was great. Returning with a real plan, and real preparation was great. We worked really well as a unit, and as individuals. I love the design, Rob!
3. The community in Oregon, both in game and out of game, continues to be incredibly awesome. I love seeing the tavern loud and busy, even if it gets hard to hear and sometimes hard to find a seat.
4. Conversations with Panda. Looking forward to developing that relationship and more awesome scenes going forward.
5. Great scenes with a lot of people: Little, Fix, Orin, Ian, Durnic, I'm sure I've forgotten some, but I had amazing RP all around.
5. I love the sheer diversity of available plot. It seems like there is something for everyone, which I really appreciate.


*Being named Rai to the Band of the Fabulous Pants. In character and out of character, I can not express enough how happy I am about that. ^.^
*Discussing with Orin how it's a terrible idea to go walk in the woods with the Seeker about. Going anyways and running into the Seeker. Alone. With a long run back to town. Hooray for the Orin shun-cushion and all the endows!!!
*All the Dark Vavarik rp.... Really had to step carefully with that one, there were things in character I wanted to say, but couldn't at the time. Then going to the tavern and having surprise Alavatar confirming everything Ian, Orin, and Amory were saying ~.^
*Emotion talk with Ashok. Always interesting, and we should definitely talk more!!
*Iron tooth and the Kin.... I have never been so angry in character. So much so that I surprised even myself by claiming responsibility for their actions on the path to rehabilitation. Gotta love Snow's "brat" sister, I sense fun times ahead with that one!
*The sheer amount of stuff going on. Never a dull moment. Holy crap the NPC's rocked! No really you guys were bloody awesome.
*{almost forgot one...} The conversation that didn't happen with the Earth Guild Lieutenant, it may very well be the reasons Amory needed to join the guild.
*All the new players!!! At least new to me/Amory >.> Can't wait to see you all in March!
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Oh my god. So much. Many favorite.

First of all, many thanks to everyone in the community, participating or not, for allowing me to conduct research at this event and for welcoming my team of friends/researchers into the community so wholeheartedly. You guys are the best, seriously, I wouldn't trade any of you for anything.

Even with all of this, there was a lot of RP to be had and I still managed to fulfill all of Little's goals and then established many more in the coming months.
- Little's first ritual with his new adviser, Alavatar -- much research, such academia
- The BEST POSSIBLE RESOLUTION that could've happened between Barrett and Little -- totally unintended but damn that was good, totally could've gone the worst possible way for Barrett -- Evan, you're lucky Little's been doing a lot of thinking
- Being offered to sell a bottled wylderkyn magic item by the Crimson Fist/Merchant's Guild and the conversations on ethics that followed -- really? Wylderkyn in a bottle? That's no way to recruit Little at all.
- Being told that I didn't have to stay at the limited CoP guarding prisoners, coming down the road to stand five feet behind the line of NPCs to surprise both NPCs and Tiktik's army alike with an explosion of elemental damage before duckingbehind the line -- I can see why the rogues love doing that kind of stuff; it really makes you look like a badass, but then so does a pile of elemental damage to be thrown at anything else before that big fight
- The huge conversation of personal philosophies vs the celebration of being Professional Killers that occurred after the big battle between so many people and then taking that conversation out to the fireplace later on in the evening -- NOW what does Roan think of Little? Whoooo boy....
- Getting to double hook for the green gem group with other really experienced players -- surprise for you green gem group! Hope we didn't push you too hard! And damn it was good to pick up a stick for the first time that weekend.


As always, had a fantastic game with everyone! I was elatedly happy to see such a great turn out and so many new faces!

In no particular order
- Running off into the night to go find trouble, only to have missed it walking into town moments later
- Zodiac boys weekend alone, unsupervised.
- Interactions with Shin and Kai always have a particular tone and they always amuse me to no end.
- Tea time. All of them. More tea than the body has room for.
- It's always an interesting day with Roann and Dab are in town.
- Shin meeting Rufaro on the field and having that moment of familiarity, followed by dread worry. Surprise Surprise!
- Also, Kiba, Shin is going to tag you back so hard. Just wait for it...
- Reading Black's old notes from the book and having a very emotionally difficult time of it.
- Totally getting caught in an awkward position by PanDa and having to explain himself.
- Shin meeting TikTik and nearly going deaf. I still don't even know what to make of that. Shin's brain just erased that moment from memory.
- It was both strange and wonderful to have a role reversal at being the 'elder' one to whom other younger characters came to ask questions. What a trip for Shin.
- Rufaro's whole crew: you were all awesome.
- Late night meetings with the saddest people: That entire scene was an exercise in not just rushing forward and seizing the NPC and hugging them. It's always awesome getting to prove one's self and having worked to this point, stepping up the challenge.
- A plan actually going together relatively well and working, for the most part!? What?!
- Super late night introspective conversations with PanDa and TikTik. Then staying up all night and scaring the poor myotonic goatkyn. That was both the best and saddest thing ever. Shin felt super bad. But, I mean, hey! Welcome to the deep end!
- All the other Great RP moments with: D, Tannis, Kell, Mixer, Spook, Luke, Roan and the rest of you. There were so many great moments all over.
- Orin Story time!
- More vision, more woes. Not like impossible ever stopped anyone.
- Playing Shin at the end of his literally worn down threads.
- Stealth Howling, after everyone went the hell to bed. Oy people in Oregon stay out crazy late!
- Even though it was just a few words, the interaction with Alcandar was intense and awesome. A great cap to the night.
- The disapproving and concerned looks from Roan, as ever, probably thinking Shin has somehow gotten even crazier since the last time they spoke. Thank you Carmen!

See you all next time!
- The disapproving and concerned looks from Roan, as ever, probably thinking Shin has somehow gotten even crazier since the last time they spoke. Thank you Carmen!
haha.. I try to make Roan wear her emotions on her non-existent sleeves so I'm glad that's coming thru at least! : P


All things Roan. Kai is extreme special in so many ways and Carmen gets to see most of them. From the most awkward hug ever to circular Dark Elf logic and all of the moments in between.
Kiri and the rest of my Racoon friends. It was hard work OOG figuring out how to hang around you and still maintain character as Kai. Thank you for dinner and always being awesome.
Arannin. The stories I could tell, sadly most things are better left to be found out in game.
TikTik and the apology. Probably one of the funniest moments for me at the event, even if IG there was no change in tone or facial expression.
Nova. Almost hugging me and then realizing that she does not know me and we are not friends.
--My dark elf posse. OOG I love it to pieces.. Roan is a bit exasperated though. And pretty sure they are going to get her in trouble! Cymryc as Kai is such an OOG joy.
--Arannin! Always so worried about Arannin..
--the late night talk with Nova, Raganzi, Alavatar, and later, Little. OOG.. good times.
--the somewhat impromtu Saturday night elemental fight. Good fight, I liked our little group for that.

I had some really great RP moments over the weekend, I'm sad I lost my ability to talk to even more people!


Oh oh Oh! I almost forgot.

- Arannin's Smile is the Scariest thing in the World. Hands down. Ask TikTik.


*Tiktik army.
*actually contributing to the Iron Tooth fight though nearly dyeidyeing.
*all the RP!
*getting rare meats from the raccoons.
*putting the total beatdown on the seeker.
*contributing to awkward conversations about the birds and the bees and fetishes.