January 2018 Pre-Registration


(Friday, January 19th - Sunday, January 21st, 2018)

This event will be at Millersylvania State Park ELC

Pre-Registered Price: $70*
At-the-Door Price: $90*

Food Cost: add $20

*Verify if you qualify for a $10 discount off your January event by visiting the page below:

Pre-register via our amazing form!

  • Meal Plan is only available to those who both pre-register and pre-pay. You must do *both* prior to the pre-registration deadline, or you will not be able to participate in meal plan. Both PCs and NPCs may participate in the meal plan.
  • You may send in your payment for the event fee early as well, as long as you send it in before the pre-registration deadline. Please do not send in payments after the pre-registration deadline. Payments can be sent to paypal@alliance-seattle.com
  • Both PCs and NPCs may register for the meal plan. You may not participate in the meal plan unless you have pre-registered for it. We will not allow additions to the meal plan after the pre-registration deadline.
  • PCs who do not pre-register will be asked to wait until there is no more line at logistics before they are helped. Please pre-register to avoid being asked to wait until everyone else has gone through logistics. If your pre-registration is incomplete you will not count as being pre-registered.
Pre-registration closes 1/12/17. For out of chapter players I will need your transfers by this date to ensure your cards are up to date.

John Potter
Andy Stowell
Shane Renner
Adric Forslund
Ryan Wessner
Layn Holman
Joseph Walterbach
Kathryn Renner
Benjamin Thayer
Erik Oberlin
Chantell Wagner
Matt Wagner
Tyler Wagner
Echo Stowell
Kyle Johnson
Craig White
Paul Trujillo
Bryan Gregory
Amy Gregory
Harris DeBruhl
Elle Vaughn
Anna Straughsbaugh

Nikki Blount
Jorbie Kelley
Brent Woodward
Lauren Hagen
Jessica Gigante
Evan Rawson
Anthony Gourdine
Shane Macomber
Justin Lemire
Samantha Lemire
Alain Leon
Luke Doyle
Adam Staiger
Rollin Frank
Travis Juetten
Jamilyn Rodriguez
Lisa Osborne
Brad Lewis
Rachel Miller

Emily Muno
Tony Mungo
Matt Hertzog
Stephen Stana
Paul Newton
Nathanael Sleight
Morgan Low
Jason Thomas
Denise Brown
Alex Pinder
Michael Reed
Alice Marion
Bill Marion
Glenn Meeks
Sabrina Sanchez
Cynthia Sleight
Jim Osborne
Jennifer Stratman
Amber-Rose Hemm
Kristin Woodward

Meal Plan (Requires Prepay - names in red still need to prepay the $20 for the meal plan)

Emily M. - Meal Plan
Tony M. - Meal Plan
Elle V. - Event Fee
Adric F. - Event Fee + Meal Plan
Kyle J. - Event Fee + Meal Plan
Bryan G. - Event Fee + Meal Plan
Amy G. - Event Fee (we owe Amy $20)
Ryan W. - Event Fee
Matt H. - Meal Plan
Jason T. - Meal Plan
Craig W. - Event Fee + Meal Plan
Paul N. - Meal Plan (owes $10 - $10 discount does not apply to meal plan)
Matt W. - Event Fee + Meal Plan
Chantell W. - Event Fee + Meal Plan
Tyler W. - Event Fee + Meal Plan
Ben T. - Event Fee + Meal Plan
Skylar P. - Event Fee + Meal Plan
Frank G. - Event Fee + Meal Plan
Evan R. - Event Fee + Meal Plan
Andy S. - Meal Plan
Echo S. - Meal Plan
Anna S. - Event Fee
Harris D. - Event Fee + Meal Plan
Brent W. - Event Fee + Meal Plan
Denise B. - Meal Plan
Lauren H. - Event Fee + Meal Plan
Jessica G. - Event Fee + Meal Plan
Anthony G. - Event Fee + Meal Plan
Michael R. - Meal Plan
Rachel M. - Event Fee
Alex P. - Meal Plan
Gabrielle V. - Meal Plan
Adam S. - Event Fee + Meal Plan
Nikki B. - Event Fee

Pre-registration updated 1/13/18
Pre-pays updated 1/13/18
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Meal Plan Menu

Friday PM:

Chicken Noodle Soup

Saturday AM:

Saturday PM:
Shepherds Pie

Sunday AM:
Assorted Hot/Cold Cereals


Seattle Staff
Just an FYI. I’ll be arriving late, late Friday and leaving Saturday night.