January 2020 Favorite Moments


Hey gang! Here's a thread to throw some of your favorite moments from the event into a place where we can all read over and celebrate them together! Also please give shoutouts to any PCs or Cast members that you interact with that were particularly rockin this game for you <3
Oh man, once again I find myself questioning where I should begin! XD

As always, a big thank you to plot and all the NPCs who made this game possible. The big ol’ hecking town fight was amazing! I admire all of the players who were able to keep up the stamina to fight for a solid half hour!

Being able to be a sacrifice to stop the Blight was an amazing experience to have as Ira. She's going to grow a lot as a character from this.

-Daxter! Thank you for that great resurrection and the following character interactions afterwards. I had to legitimately stop myself from crying during the resurrection. I am so excited to see what happens between our characters in the future.
-Sandro, thank you for that great roleplay experience! You really made Ira think and come to a hard decision on whether or not she should be a sacrifice. It’ll be fun to see how these two interact from here on out :)
-Vespira, it was wonderful learning more about the dark elves from you. I have a great appreciation for how you bring the world and your characters to life!
-Oli, Resurrecting Val and Leto with you was quite the experience and I’m glad I could help out with your process! Also thank you for beginning my own resurrection later!
-Val, I am always glad to fight alongside you. I didn’t expect to be the one resurrecting you, but I hope that Ira and Val are able to talk more in the future :)
-Leto, heck man, you died twice in one day. I admire that. I am glad that I was able to help bring ya back and that I could be sacrificed alongside ya this game. No more dying though!
-Bluwolf!!!! I admire your ritual skills! I can’t imagine what it would be like casting a 30 minute ritual that determines the fate of the shard, but you did so well! It was a treat to get to see you do your work up close and also see your neat glowy face paint. 10/10 would become a human sacrifice in your ritual again

Thank you to the other mistwalkers who came to our aid! It was a pleasure meeting you and I hope we have a chance to play together again.
So much happened this game, I cannot wait to return. Until then, fight on my friends!
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Hey gang! Here's a thread to throw some of your favorite moments from the event into a place where we can all read over and celebrate them together! Also please give shoutouts to any PCs or Cast members that you interact with that were particularly rockin this game for you <3

I really liked when after the blight ritual we were all hanging in the tavern and Tibs and I were celebrating and we were goofing around being intoxicated and then he got silenced qnd we were goofing around. Evelyn laughed at me for when I rolled off the sofa and just started giggling.
I think just being back in general was a very happy thing!

As for specific events, I enjoyed chilling Saturday night with the scions and friends back in the cabin. I really enjoyed getting to know each of your characters a little more, Sunny rarely interacts with the scions back in Acarthia, so this was a fun and pleasant change.

The adventures into the blight was absolutely terrifying, in particular there was one point where I believe it was just Bluwolf who could move and managed to get the healers paralyzed. The return trip was intense, slowly trying to stay alive against really scary things was amazing! Huge props to plot and NPCs for that encounter.

The blight fight was amazing! The look of plot Dan's NPC face of WTF did you just do to me?! after I united blowed him. I was proud of the awareness everyone showed in the battle, the communication, how people covered each other for refits, that people would call out if they say a buddy stop moving. I REALLY enjoyed the mechanic at the end of the fight, and the RP and IC repercussions of seeing that happen. (It led to a non trivial number of great scenes in the tavern talking about it afterwards)

I appreciated the support from all the locals I hadnt seen in forever, talking as we were winding down, it meant the world to me that this is such a supportive community. Thank you Ilise in specific for telling me im valid! <3

Hey everyone I found bandits, we should go deal with them. Maybe talk with them and get them to just leave... learns they are actually slavers... whelp, murder it is then!

A moment of full on bard while rescuing Holt. A team full of stealthy folks, and I just get all the guards to pay attention to me while the rest of the group sets up to absolutely destroy them. In and out incredibly fast, everyone who was on that mission, I loved working with you!

A letter about [redacted]
First off, a shout out to the NPCs!! I had some great conversations with a few of the townsfolk and I really enjoyed the stories you had to share while in the tavern. I really enjoyed hearing your story, why you were frustrated, why your hope was gone. Hearing about your family, and your lineage, and the situation you were in with your field being blighted and food running short. Hearing about your family and realizing why you felt it was better to die a swift death. It was this conversation in particular that really grounded the whole situation people are in and sharing your story I believe many other adventurers also realized the consequences the blight being allowed to persist as long as it did.

Playing a dark elf, I really enjoy the reactions of people. Some view us as an intimidating presence, while others see us as a challenge, yet others a threat. Of these interactions, all my interactions with Val are among my favorite. Val is not a dark elf, but knows how to play the dark elf game. Our cryptic conversations are always a highlight.
This was my first time NPCing and let me tell you it was wildly different from playing a mild housewife with a disgustingly unbalanced spoon and some basic healing!! It was a lot easier to be bold with my attacks when I was playing a bulky Blight turtle or a slaver bandit instead of a character I cared about.

This was the most I've ever interacted with the plot team and you guys are hilarious and super clever! I got all sorts of ideas to play with for once I finally sit down and write Daysie's backstory. Spending time with you guys also really helped me understand the world better on a "how it works" level that I imagine is in the rulebook, but damn is that a slog to just sit down and read just for the flavor text.

The fight with the mimic was fun, but even better was coming back to NPC camp to report that three people died and seeing the utter disbelief on Plot's faces. We had a great time talking about that one!

The Blight Turtle Salt Run was super fun as well! I got hit with a 500 body at one point, the players were getting so fed up with us. And then there were two more attacks before they reached the end, seeing the exasperation on their faces was great. When the players passed us to head out of the Blighted zone and thanked us it took just about all I had not to laugh at them. "Thank you NPCs!" No, thank you for making this last ambush that much sweeter!! You're lucky the ladder mimics were just a joke.

I had such a blast roleplaying during the Blight ritual! It was fun to take a moment or two to menace the triage circle before going back to the main ritual. I made it to the middle six times, the longest one was the first for about a minute. Then you players wised up and got me within seconds every time after that! I'm so proud :')

The party afterwards was an absolute riot! Bluwolf is a great singer. The drinking contest between Skreek and Fredrick was so much fun to watch. Poor Oli with his headache and us making all this noise. So many toasts! To my trampled fields! To my dead blighted cows! To Frederick the sheep shagger and his dead hoofed lover! To paying Cedric gold to take off the mask, and then paying him coin to take off more! (Although that didn't happen, damn) And getting adventurers to investigate the "ghosts" in the field! I'm so glad it was so dark because I was not keeping a straight face for that.

EDIT: I forgot about some of y'all killing the poor fey goats. They just wanted to eat your production! :'(
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HOly heck this event was so good where do i even begin?
First off major thanks to NPCs and plot ya'll really are the heart and soul of these games and its because of you that this game was as good as it was, so thank ya'll so much!
Fredrick the sheepshagger and shytslinger was amazing and i had a lot of fun drinking him under the table! ;3 as well as hearing agetha yelling at both of us durring that bit!
Also my little bro joined as an npc this game and it was so gr8 to hear him yelling across the feild before coming to attack us, sorry not sorry that i used both of my slays on you my dude =p
big mad the Acarthians killied our goat fey friends tho, hecking rude yall, they just wanted to eat our production!

~Ira! its the little things that make a roleplay great and you are amazing as Skreeks sisterly figure, from the little hand holding moments before and durring us getting sacrificed, to me almost bowling you over when you first stepped into the tavern, you are so good at being there for this dumbass borb of mine!

~Daxter! Sorry again for yelling at you, but Skreek was big mad. You handled that interaction wonderfully my dude and i cant wait to roleplay the ramifications of certain events from here on out =p

~Bluwolf! great to see you again my dude, you're always so nice and a good ally to skreek! also the interactions we had leading up to and durring the big ol ritual we're very good, you made it apparent that you didn't veiw us as a means to an end and appreciated us giving up our lives. 11/10 would be a sacrifice again! Also need that song you sang after the drinking competition, that was gr8! Next up, lets go sieze a keep!

~Oli! You are good bean! good friend! so glad skreek was able to kidnap you away for a little vacation! hopefully Lady Hezrah doesn't kill both of us and Ira for the shenanigans we pulled this game!

~Leto! You're not allowed to die any more, twice in one day is enough!

~Val! You are good bean and im sorry we didn't interact more but every time we do skreek just ends up loving you more and more =p

~Lilliana and Ilise! Caravans really are family and ya'll both showed that in your interactions with Skreek this event, from just little conversations to showing up to rez Skreek, I love you both so heckin much and Skreek will always be there to guard your back if you need her!

~Sandro! Dang i did not expect us to interact as much as we did but you were on point every time, from our convo about maybe kicking Game masters butt to you pulling Skreek and Leto aside to talk about being sacrificed to your obvious frustration to Ira stepping in in your stead, and then your hour long argument with the rest of us who were still up at midnight about gnolls. I loved every hecking second of it.

Thank you also to the Acarthians who made it out to help us, and much love to my fellow rumerians who i didn't get to interact with as much, ya'll are good wonderful chaotic beans and I cant wait to see what trouble we get into next event!
This game was so much fun, it's been a while since I've gotten to go and there's a lot of new faces. eeeee, so much happened

Oli: OOF, so many res's for you too do, thanks for mine, very poignant. Good job helping obtain important items and with the triage circle, I think we should do that more often. Much fun having conspiratorial conversations with you

Ira and skreek: I love you both and I can't wait for next game, your being there for val's res meant a lot to her and I'm sooooooo sorry she didn't end up being able to be there for yours ToT I hope we can actually hang out more next gather, she respects you guys a lot

Lilly and Ilise: You are amazing and I look forward to working together with you. Lilly fabulous job getting everyone to work together. I enjoyed having conspiratorial conversations with you Ilise I didn't get to talk to you as much as I'd like but I fully intend to have many conspiratorial conversations with you too

Madrigal: I didn't get to see you much, but vals res ToT don't know if you caught it but I literally was thaaat close to tears. Val was very moved.

Sunny!: I'm so happy you're back! I hope your brain is nice to you and lets you keep coming out!

Leto: I'm proud to call you my companion and hopefully by now friend. I had fun having conspiratorial conversations with you in the middle of the crowded tavern while everyone else was loudly discussing treason

Vereth: Back at you man, spider-dancing was definitely one of the best parts of the weekend. I enjoyed matching wits and look forward to continuing to do so

Vespera: I think we are beginning to see each others value, I hope you will join the dance and also have many conspiratorial conversations in the future

Sandro: I'm glad we got the chance to kickstart a war together, and that your opinion of val has seemed to improve. Honestly, your hatred was far more painful to her than any death or punishment she'd suffered. I can't wait to see how Holt and Godfrey react to your kind invitation

Adintel: we didn't speak much but I hope I gained at least some small bit of respect from our brief interactions. I anticipate many conspiratorial conversations with you as well

Tibs: good to see you again! I had planned to have conspiratorial conversations with you but unfortunately I had too many scheduled and couldn't keep up, plus some people were getting back in line before everyone got the chance

Aoife: I think we talked enough, but definitely plan to interact with you more

Daxter: ... "you jingle, you should fix that"

Anyone else who feels left out of the conspiratorial conversations, don't worry, dm me and we can fix that ;)

Scions: SO glad to have you here. Val respects the heck out of all of you! Loved training with you, disappointed I didn't get to fight the gnolls with you. Hope to see you again, maybe I'll come out to acarthia
Just a huge thank you to all the locals that put up with my shennigans this entire weekend. We can't stop raving about the game out there. Thank you so much!

This was such a satisfying event!

Scions, seeing y'all in Rumeria was so awesome! I, personally, really enjoyed having you all present, and I've been so excited to hear that you've all had such a great time. Drinking Blood Lust together, and the Sleeping Blow incident was hilarious and fun, and was such a nice bonding moment. And even if Maddy wasn't conscious for it, the little confrontation with Aoife was really funny. Your presence really helped Madrigal chill out, and all the compliments after we sealed away the Mother meant so much ig and oog. Getting into commanding I never realized how much just being a battlefield commander could be, but I've really enjoyed it so far, and compliments like that really keep me going. I'm also super digging my new middle name XD, Thanks Alis for coming up with it, and thank you Arlen for fighting Nytillit for her vote :p. I hope we get to see y'all over here again some time!

The tender moment Sandro and Maddy had outside the tavern was... amazing. And uh, thanks for teaching Maddy a few things! Sorry I didn't use the crossbow, it just never felt like a good time for it!

Lilliana, our walks out to the Grove are always nice, and I'm glad we're Seekers together! Next game should be pretty interesting!

Speaking of, Seekers, Daxter sorry we didn't chat much this game, but our little meeting with The Watcher and following rift into the tavern was fun! And now Maddy doesn't have to worry about the Blight whispering in your ear :D. Also, it was a joy downing you and Mia after you two went crazy in the town fight, and then yelling at Adintel for killing blowing you and demanding he heal you XD.

Everybody had so many Laws questions! No laws, only anarchy!

Val's resurrection was... wild. I ran across that field after I heard about it, and feeding Oliver that day in the snow was... amazing. I'm really glad I made it there in time.

Speaking of resurrections! I looooved getting to meet John Bond's chimera, who I had the immense pleasure of dubbing Orpheus. I'm really hoping to see Orpheus again some day soon, after all, he knows exactly where to find me! The chimera are such a good reminder to Madrigal that not everything needs to be solved by just killing it. Gathering information is important, too, and that requires talking a lot of the time. I'm also just really excited to get back into that plotline. And I always enjoy Puck's spooky big monster fights. Honestly? They're really great, and I'm hoping to do more Big Mob VS Hunting Party fights in the future. They're kind of my favorite right now :p.

Rowan, dude, you were amazing! I really hope you enjoyed your first game npcing with us, and are thinking of coming back out cause interacting with you was epic! During the Saturday fight, yelling out at you as the ritual Saturday night neared an end, and engaging you just as the hold was called and you died was hilarious and dramatic, and I hope you enjoyed my little quip over your dead body :p. You were so full of energy and seemed to be having such a blast, it was so good to see! Super awesome to have you!

Tavern Staff and Volunteers, thank you guys so much for all that you do. Shell, you did so many dishes and your espresso stuff was so good. Thank you all so much for keeping us all fed and comfortable!
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this was a fun game.

The salt run was of note. Throwing a purify across the field at the Scion shield fighter was real fun and then if the charm hadnt worked on the blight creature... I probably would have left Aoife and just grabbed the salt barrel. But it did, so noone got left behind! :D

IRA! Why you gotta break my stone elf like that! Stop dying! And tell me next time when youre going to sacrifice yourself to save us all. But really, the rez after that was... intense and I got to really push some things that I hadnt had a proper opportunity to do so previously. The lessons on draconic were fun as well later that night.

Vespera, I hope you enjoyed our small chats and Daxter will miss you.

Archie, I'm sorry youre getting fed up with Daxter's crap. He seems to have a lot of it to share.

NYTILLIT! I love the interactions between us! I think my favorite was when you swiped at me in the tavern and I just stopped and told you to calm the heck down. I'm surprised you let me close to you when you were carrying Allis, even though I was pushed away by archie. Fun times :) I'm starting to get used to keeping track of you when fighting in the same wall as well; I'm not sure if thats a good or bad thing.

Also, Allis, it was a small conversation, but I enjoyed the thank you on the Nytillit matter.

Illise, I'm glad you got the package, now you just need to learn the caravan code so you can read them, haha.

ALSO! Wizard School! much excite to do that with Bluwolf and Vereth

Im missing a lot im sure, but thats fine. lots more great events to happen.