January Event Favorites!


Seattle Staff
I wasn't there, so I have no favorites to post. Therefore, I must live vicariously through your memories. Please, show love for your favorite raccoon, and gift upon me your moments of glory, tragedy and/or comedy.

I look forward to hearing of (reading?) them!

Surion Maedhros

New Hampshire Staff
I was only able to attend the second half of the event, but I enjoyed it! Favorite moments and big thanks include:

- The Panthergaunt Party. A chaotic battle, with something to do at every turn? Yes, thank you.
- The Trap Mod. From climbing over and around things to getting exploded underneath a bunk, it's been a while since I've been able to do one. Thank you to the NPC who ran that, and to my fellow trappers.
- Thank you so much to the people doing the meal plan. On top of making stressful out-of-game logistics much easier, dinner was fantastic.


Oregon Staff
- The Panthergaunt Party - Fighting the Silver Wolves, Fat Ponies and Luke Bluewolf as a terrifying undead.
- Afterwards on the retreat as Polare just dumped a bunch of Magic Storm flame into my much dumber harasser undead.
- Clan Talix negotiations. Thorg appreciates people who want to kill vampires.
- Tall Tree Ent is Tall.
- Paragon Sebastion gives it his all.


My favorite was about 3am when Dexter and I were the only ones left awake. We had in depth discussion on how magic works and why it's so difficult to determine the physics of it. We also discussed things that we would be interested in doing if the standard practices of magic could be modified to change the results.


Seattle Staff
There were so many.

  • Playing Kevar as a dwarf....worked pretty well I think. It was fun to have some different interaction and be offered a race change in case I wanted one. It gave some great chances to develop some character depth and reasoning.
  • A really really really awesome moment with Norin about Dwarf things.
  • Marriage discussions! Always fun!
  • The signing of my Will was super fun to have a few people participate in and got to have some interesting RP with folks I don't often get to talk to as much as I would like
  • Pantherghasts and dwarven beat down time was great
  • A new aspirant has entered the arena! :D
  • Root fight was AWESOME - and meeting the Anazatae Prince was really dope. The sacrifice and buildup that it created made that fight even more awesome
  • Everything involving the Artifact Vault - from learning a lot about it on Saturday morning, to going back with all the items late Saturday night
  • Getting to lead battles - its just always so much fun.
  • EPIC White Wizard / Paragon Sebastian ritual fight. So many people were in the market. The 3-4 folks that were defending the circle just kept looking at me with the rain pouring down like "It's really just us out here?!" Heck yeah it was, and it was awesome!
  • Getting told by Bjorn that we needed to talk - and it turned out to be a ploy to force cigar time! <3
  • Getting to auction some AMAZING gear - like really dope treasure!
  • Meeting and getting to talk to (even a little) Sam for their thesis was really enjoyable! It is always fun to be able to share stories about the hobby that has kept me hooked for so many years.
  • Double-Hooking shenanigans with Matt :D

There are more, but I will stop. :) Someday I will get to play and finish a Royal Game of Ur - but it was fun to at least play half a game with Thimble this weekend.


Seattle Staff
- Finally getting the fight with Tal of Hargroth that I was preparing for about the last year. I don't think I have never felt so good after a fight.
- The hit and run tactics that were used by skirmishers on Root while it was burned to the ground by evocation. That fight was a blast!
- Capturing a mechanical rat... for reasons.
- Talking about White Wizard conspiracy theories.
- Making time for cigars with Kevar.
- Watching Cashia keep communication lines open between groups in the midst of a super chaotic fight.
- Being smug and then getting dropped by a warder glyph.
- Being approached by an incredibly nervous Coin for a heartfelt conversation.
- Getting corrupted and told to kill the elf behind me, then turning around and dropping Firion before I was paralyzed by Zane.
- Finding out that Kevar had been turned to undead and instructed to walk off into the woods AFTER everyone had retreaded into the barn. Then running out to go find him with Tipper and Vanrin.
- Jumping out of the swamp I walked into on the engineering guild mod and latching onto the side of the bridge.