Johann the Malevolent Identified


Seattle Staff

Before I depart with Asha-Ro, I wanted to ensure that the information that I identified from Johann was made public.

Johann's identification provided the following:

-Enslavement. Johann was under an enslavement, but this was cured. When he had been previously identified during his time under the ruse as our ally, he was not enslaved, so this is a relatively recent occurrence.

-Blood Magic ritual: Regeneration. He has the ability to Regenerate like anyone else under the same ritual. However, he's able to consume others to refresh it, long lived races providing more energy towards it. This ritual is of a unique aspect, so it cannot be targeted by a Destroy Magic.

-Unidentifiable bronze object, roughly the size of a pear.

This object has magic that isn't protected by an Obfuscate, but apparently possesses magic that cannot be understood. However, it does seem to possess the ability to protect Johann's wand from Destroy Magic, forcing an immediate backlash.

-Wand "Mindbreaker": This wand has a number of defensive properties, Arcane Armor, Protection Aura, Cloaks. It can also Shun 2/day.

This is the property that's important.

Johann can use his Healer's Resolve pool to channel through the wand. When he does so, he can apply -any- Command effect he wants.

Berserk. Sleep. Shun. Vampire Charm. Dominate. Charm.

I also expect that this means he's able to do larger bursts as well, as Healer's Resolve bursting is based on your ability to memorize 9th circle spells. If I assume he is capable of memorizing 10 Deaths, then I'd assume he could channel a burst equal to an Elemental Blast.

This is important from a tactical reason. It means that he can rip through anyone's armor with a single shot. Those who aren't capable of resisting or Cloaking Commands shouldn't face him in direct combat.