July 14 Gameday, OOG information


Seattle Staff
Hey folks, here's a bit of a heads up about our July Gameday and how things are going to work.

First half of gameday: Public hearing regarding the fate of the Lich Tiffany.

Second half of gameday: Adventure!

We're going to start the gameday with Lord Longshadow and Ser Albright hearing statements from the public regarding the fate of Tiffany. These statements must be submitted ahead of time!
An IG post will be up shortly advising the residents of Barstow to submit their statements if they would like to make them. If you are going to be at the gameday, are going to PC, and want to make a statement, you will be able to make your statement yourself, but it still must be submitted ahead of time so you can be announced and the proceedings can be kept orderly.
If you are not going to be able to PC the gameday, but still want to make a statement, you can! The statement still needs to be submitted ahead of time, but an NPC will read your statement in your stead, and will identify you in their announcement. These statements are not anonymous. If you do not identify yourself in your statement in-absentia, it will not be read!
These statements are not being censored or filtered, you character will be allowed to speak their mind, but this effort is intended to keep the proceedings orderly.

Pleas submit your statements to plot@alliance-seattle.com and include your character's name so they can be announced. Please include whether you will attend the gameday or not. (If you plan to make it, but it turns out you can't last minute, feel free to reach out to a plot member to give them a heads up and we will have the NPC read your statement.)
While this is an RP-centric portion of the gameday, combat is not prohibited OOG (unlike our last gameday). Everyone is free to carry their normal weapons and gear, and NPCs will be statted for combat.

The second half of the gameday will be an adventure module, so if this particular RP does not interest you, we will have some more activities once the RP is concluded. Similarly if the combat does not interest you, the first half of the gameday may be more up your alley.

Hope to see you there!