July 18th Event


just wanted to give a good ole "¡yeehaw!" for the Chicago staff and players for the tookus-tingling weekend. i had a blast and am looking forward to the next event. some of my favorites: Effram's final farewell; chatting with Elysia, Marce, and Garmok about Life, the Universe, Everything, and High Orc/MyWE courting rituals at the crack of Sunday dawn; playing Earl Hayseed and "inadvertantly" insulting every intelligent female in a three county radius; and so many more i don't have the time to list. ¡booyah to all! i had a helluva time!
My faves:

Jail time with Garmok! Sounding off our wills, singing "always look on the brighside of death", Stoney's first kiss, seducing a guard, and Marce's oh-so-nonchalant "aww! You're jus' sayin' dhat cuz your gonna die."

Finding out that death marches makes my character giddy.

Opa! 'Nuff said.

The irony of the gypsies being the only silent ones in the room with an angry Thatcher kid.

The queen of Summer! John, you were ravishing! I wonder what shiney thing is in store for Marce....

Dancing for Stoneskull with Millie on drums.

Dram, Elysia, and Garmok chat on Sunday dawn.

The Sunken Temple mod.

Spoop for Regent!

Effram's death...first time she ever met him, too. :(

Seriously considering taking up Stoneskull's method of marriage proposal. Seems quicker and less frusterating. :p

There's plenty more, but I think I'll save room on the boards for others to shout out.

And a heartfelt thanx to all who double-hooked for us! Much appreciated! Thank you, Paul and Tom for being awesome NPCs all weekend and setting up some wicked cool plots and stuff.



Public Relations Committee
Thanks to all NPCs(Paul and Tom). I had a great time and had so much fun. Some of my favorites include:
- High Kobolds
-The Flying Flaming ****
-The Prision Pile
-Liddia's terrible love life
-Being one of the three best mommy's ever

Marcena said:
Can't wait for that things first words. ;)
You mean "Magic Death"?
Naw... more like voice radius arcane death... wouldn't want too many people surviving