July 2019 gameday teaser


Seattle Staff
Do you like GAMEDAYS? Do you like TEASERS? Well feast your little eyeballs on THIS:


In the deep forest of Gallinholme, a monster is born.

A heavy cloud has settled over an area of the Wood Sea, radiating strange colors. The field of this cloud is quite impenetrable from the outside, and presumably whatever is inside has become trapped.

The heroes experienced something similar to this in the past, with the birth of a Mistral within the borders of Barstow. These magical creatures, somehow related to the benign glow-clouds, form a field of multi-colored fog around the place of their creation. The fog persists until the creature is destroyed, or moves on from within the borders of the cloud.

Hunters familiar with the deep Wild will tell you this typically lasts a few days at most. The Mistral either encounters something within the cloud that is strong enough to slay it, or consumes everything trapped inside, before moving on and becoming another roving Lusus Naturae within the deep forest.

This particular phenomenon has persisted for more than three weeks.

Needless to say, the curiosity of multiple parties has been piqued. The crown has dispatched a pair of seasoned Bounty Hunters to lead the effort of investigating the situation. The Bounty Hunters are gathering near the border of the cloud, waiting for it to dissipate, and have called for interested heroes to join them. The nearest town, Bristleburrow, is small but willing to host adventurers who are interested in investigating this strange event.


We got a gameday coming up on July 27, get your pre-reg in! Stay tuned after the July gameday, when your normally scheduled periodicals will return with "This Week In Barstow". Ronathan Thomerson has been writing up a storm!