July 6th - July 8th Check-In and Players List

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    Alliance Videa has a 3:1 PC/NPC ratio. Each NPC signed up opens 3 PC slots.

    This means we need NPCs to let us know they are coming! NPCing is free. Please fill out our Check-In Form and note that you are coming to NPC.

    Players who have filled out the Check-In Form as NPCs will appear on the NPCs list and are fully registered as NPCs for the event.

    Players who have pre-paid for the event will appear on the PCs list in order of time paid. In the event that there are not enough NPCs to support the number of paid PCs, a waiting list will begin in order of payment, and PCs will be confirmed as more NPCs sign up.

    Players who have filled out and submitted the Check-In Form for their PC who have not yet pre-paid for the event will appear on the Checked-In PCs list in order of time checked in. Players on the Checked-In PCs list are not yet guaranteed a PC slot for the event, nor are they yet in line for such a slot on the waiting list.

    Players who have both pre-paid and submitted the Check-In form are fully registered for the event.

    Pre-payment is here: http://www.alliancelarpnh.com/store.html

    Check-In (AKA Pre-Logistics) is here: http://www.alliancelarpnh.com/events.html#logistics

    Player Age Restrictions: The minimum age of players for the 2018 season of Alliance NH is 16. There are some restrictions for the participation of players under the age of 18. Players under 18 will need to have their legal release signed by their parent or legal guardian at Logistics, also they will need to have a parent or legal guardian on site while they are participating in the game.

    Legal releases will be posted soon. Check back later to print and complete your legal release. Please arrive at the event with your legal release filled out. Everyone must have a completed legal release in order to play. This is a one time form per player and NPCs also need to have a legal release on record.

    This event will be held at 47 Ellis Lane in Claremont NH.

    June 1 - June 3


    1. Dustin S.

    2. Brian D.

    3. Sean C.

    4. Ren W.

    5. James D.

    6. Patrick M.

    7. Kristen L.

    8. Luke N.

    9. Rachel



    1. Seth P.

    2. Nate K.*

    3. Stacey B.

    4. Thomas R.

    5. Nick C.*

    6. Adam C.*

    7. Ray R.

    8. Melissa G.

    9. Candon N.

    10. Kelsey E.

    11. Alex K.

    12. Gloria B.

    13. Meghan K.

    14. Justin L.

    15. Jon A.

    16. Susie G.

    17. Ashley T.*

    18. Dominic A.

    19. Gary M.

    20. Alyssa A.








    Waiting List:

    Checked-In PCs:

    1. Jena L.

    2. Mike L.

    Updated: 7/2/2018

    If your name has an asterisk*, we have your payment but not your PC Check-In.

    Event pre-payment is both refundable and transferable if a player is not able to PC due to inadequate NPC numbers.
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  2. Celebolwa

    Celebolwa Scholar

    Paid. I'll prereg tomorrow.
  3. Celebolwa

    Celebolwa Scholar

    My payment is under Jacqui Allouise.
  4. I'll be there! NPC :)
  5. Vox

    Vox Artisan

    Gloria and I have both paid/pre-registered! (Alex Koziak/Gloria Botbyl)
  6. KialdaLoa

    KialdaLoa Artisan

    Pre-reg and pre-logist complete!! (Payment from Michael Guarino is for me, Susie!)


    I'll for sure be singing my heart out as Vessa at many other events this year, but right now I'm just really hankering for sprinting around and beating up nerds real fast, so grumpy cheetah it is! :D
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  7. EffieBoneata

    EffieBoneata Newbie

    I have pre-registered a new character Alyziena.

    I pre-paid under the name of Allen Corson and shipping info to Alyssa Adams (I'm not sure which side of it you see).

    Also, I will be PCing for the first time! Cant wait to see you all there!

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