July Ashbury Pre-Reg



1. Heidi Hooper
2. Cassidy Cording
3. Frank Coyne + prelogisted
4. Kyle Spriggle + prelogisted
5. Cole Angelo + prelogisted
6. Keir Sayenga + prelogisted
7. Robert Stoel
8. James Wright + $10 food donation + prelogisted
9. Bill Gibbs
10. Nicole Baynham + prelogisted
11. Kenneth Swartz + prelogisted
12. Patrick Malone + $10 food donation + prelogisted
13. Kate Fierens
14. Elissa Ward + prelogisted
15. Damon Brundige + prelogisted
16. Danielle Darwell + prelogisted
17. Jordan Krebs + prelogisted
18. Daniel Gelerman
19. Gabriel Obermayer
20. David Trapasso + prelogisted
21. Orion Duffy (owes $10 late registration fee) + prelogisted

1. Michelle Stagnitta
2. Scott Kondrk
3. Mike Ventrella
4. Joe Siegel
5. Jim Sailer
6. Will Mullally
7. Akiva Blickstein

Phoenix (4 beds):
Gryphon (4 beds):
Dragon (4 beds):
Pegasus (6 beds):
Gargoyle (8 beds): Vanguard
Wyvern (6 beds): Commoner's Cabin

Fire (4 beds): Frank Coyne
Water (4 beds): James Wright
Earth (2 beds): Cassidy Cording
Air (6 beds): Bill Gibbs
Spirit (7 beds): Healer's Guild

Note on housing: There are enough beds for everyone, but we ask that you be kind to those who may show up and don't have a reserved space. If someone has no place to sleep and you have a spare bed, please be kind and let them stay there. Also, please don't reserve one of the spots that has 6 or 8 beds if there are only 4 on your team -- get one of the smaller cabins instead.
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Good Afternoon Mike,
I just sent money to Reserve Fire for July. I also have an event credit I would like to use.

Thank you


HQ Staff
Please add Kyle Spriggle to play.

Lanna Rose

Public Relations Committee
We will have extra room in the Pegasus cabin again this event. We have the 3 top bunk available as well as the loft. Please message me if you would liken to have space with us!
Please put me down as an npc.

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Lanna Rose

Public Relations Committee
Pegasus cabin is available for public grabs. There was a change in plans and none of the Blythdale crew will be at the event.

Have fun!


James Wright and Nicole Baynham to PC. Also would like to reserve Water private room. Since it has 4 beds we don't mind sharing if someone needs a place to sleep.


Robert Stoel to PC Hal.


Kate Fierens to PC Mori, guess I'll hole up in the Commoner's Cabin!
Dan Gelerman to PC Tycho Marbury.


Gabe Obermayer to pc as Bolli, I'll be arriving very early on saturday morning (4-5 AM probably)
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