July event pre-registration: CLOSED

Tom Haswell is preregged to play Ulthoc, and I'm preregged to play Thurisaz!

(also, Tom says the captcha requirement to reset passwords is still comimg up blank, so he's unable to log in to say that himself)
Frank Willig and Nate Gill to NPC.
I just paid a 1E/3M membership + event pre-reg for Wyn Wilson. She'll be coming up from Xroads. :)
I'll be likely arriving on Saturday midday-ish...I'll know more on Thursday.
Can we please have gryphon cabin for gilded claw/Nordenn pre reged are Diana , Alex ,Dan, and bobby , as well as some Nordenn member ... Thank you
Edited: set up both cabins per pc requests based on pre reg to remove confusion and handle customer concerns. Private room Earth is now available!

- Kyle Customer Service.
If you PC'd this past weekend at CT, NJ, or NH. Please bring your card. It will most likely be more up to date then what I have in my database.