July Event Review- Something Wicked this Fae Comes

Discussion in 'Calgary: Out of Game' started by mythic, Jul 18, 2018.

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  1. mythic

    mythic Knight Owner Calgary Staff

    **NPCs - Do not post here. Let us know if you had any highlights or concerns in the NPC FB group. Thanks! **

    1. Post your favorite moments
    2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
    3. What you would like to see more of
    4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character

    Posting rules, respect everyone's views, no debates. Everyone sees things differently.
    Reviews get you 15 Goblin Stamps, so make sure you tag your review with your name.
  2. Josh Voorheez

    Josh Voorheez Newbie

    1. Post your favorite moments
    Meeting Orsellion, NPCing with Randy as a feuding family trading barbs with Jordan while Brook tells us to shoosh and behave. All the goblins and other crunchy things i got to fight Saturday morning and afternoon (some simple basic sword fighting was a nice change of pace) Watching Elwynd gain traction on his knights quests and hearing about the story of the medals. Fishing!!

    2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
    The confusion on Friday night at the start and within our mod. It seemed like no one had all the information and the confusion went way past in game confusion and into out of game we were sure what was going on at some points, having to call a hold so everyone could get it sorted on what they were supposed to do. After it was all over it hit the point where it seemingly drove half the players into bed and/or out of game due to real frustration.

    3. What you would like to see more of
    goblins, fishing, more insta mods with multiple outcomes,

    4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character

    Jinn paced to and from the fire pit in the commons, deep in thought on the mission that was to take place. The excitement of the days battles had worn off and now the dark reaches loomed over him. He had felt it a month ago when they first spoke of going to Orcellions, and he felt it again tonight. If his fears were to be true, he would be going out in his own way. His pacing had brought him to the bunkhouse, and he went in to find on of his secret stash spots. Rummaging through the vials and scrolls he found what he was looking for. Holding the vial up to, a chill went down his spine, death was not an option he would normally choose.

    and then a few hours later

    Jinn walked to the opening of Orcellion's den, seeing the trio he had sent out to the rebel camp return.

    "What news did they have for us? Something good I hope" He said

    "Not really" Replied Xamont "She keeps the staff in her chambers, and there is no way to get in there without her present. Someone is going to have to distract her and then we can grab it and make a run for it."

    Jinn's heart sank, his fear had been proven true, the only distraction that would work was to let her feed. He slowly took off his belt and handed it to Elwynd. "I told you a month ago that if Iwere to give you my things, you were to get everyone out of here. Well get them out of here!"

    The look of sorrow on the elf's face was enough to make Jinn turn, only elwynd and johm knew what he planned on doing.

    Hearing the hushed whispers of his team as they slowly prepared their escape Jinn turned to Orcellion and smiled "Well you've sold me... How could I turn you down, it would be rude"

    She lead him to her chambers to begni her ritual feeding, and as the world faded to black the last thing jinn saw was Johm slip out the door with the staff in hand...
  3. EmilyJohnson

    EmilyJohnson Newbie

    1. Post your favorite moments
    The Valnia mods! I loved singing Disney songs and following clues, the minotaur fight was amazing! Hi love both of them so much

    2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
    Town mods in Dark Reaches. I thought the point was that the Reaches were optional. It puts people in a really difficult situation

    3. What you would like to see more of
    I really liked following the clues! It was super fun

    4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character
    "Thistle!" Cyra yelled. "Take this and let me into the circle" she handed over her spellstore, containing a Life.

    They ran to the Earth Circle, feeling a spirits pull. The ressurection began before Thistle disappeared back to the fight.

    A few minutes passed, speaking slowly and calmly as she tried to ignore the sounds of battle outside when suddenly:

    "Voice Radius Spirit Forge!"

    She really had to start wearing earplugs when resurrecting.
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  4. Billin

    Billin Newbie

    1. Post your favorite moments
    The outfitter mods that are coming out.
    I delegated my first mission this weekend
    Being the defacto leader of the hammer outfitters and having a say on what we do along with the likes of Evo, Thistle and Hamish.

    2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
    Having to make decisions on behalf of the hammer outfitters. As the others have said the mod Friday night was very confusing.

    3. What you would like to see more of
    Mods that happen almost at the same time and that affect each other like the outfitter mods. The first room collapsed which dropped the circle of power in the second room.
    Mad science!

    4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character

    "Artisan" grandmaster Rodan called out to me. He seemed slightly less grumpy with me than while I was casting the dawnsteel key. "A side tunnel was just opened up and you need to make sure it's clear. Also, fixit is investigating that circle you found and an outfitter needs to be present with that group."
    Sigh "ok, when will that group be heading out."
    "Within the hour"
    " alright, Bogar can go with that group and I'll go investigate the new tunnel." But as I say this I see Bogar leave with another group. Frack it. "Zamot! You are now in charge of this group now."
    "What are you doing?" Zamot asks me surprised at the sudden change.
    "I am needed elsewhere" I tell him, then I turn to Rodan " is that satisfactory?"
    "It is"
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  5. Stig

    Stig Artisan

    1. Post your favorite moments
    I feel I floated most of this game. No real favorite moments but I had fun completely. Well done plot and NPCs

    2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
    I'll echo Josh in this one. Tyler did a great job trying to get it sort for us so thanks to him on that. Confusion can happen so I'm in no way mad about.

    3. What you would like to see more of
    PCs working together. It's starting to happen and I just hope it continues.

    4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character
    Stig places Nazrats swords appon the wall in his small dwelling
    "Yous do vell at ma side for dis past day. Now yous rest as him does"
    He steps outside into the morning sun and hears evo call for him
    "Stig! Time for the ritual!"
    He nods and mumbles to himself
    "Good. Nazrats death not in vain. Now ve fix her"
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  6. Thistle

    Thistle Newbie

    1. Post your favorite moments
    Walking into the Pawn shop sitting the Silver Rose mod. So many cool and fantastic items surrounding us. Helping Celeste batter with the shop keeper was fun as well.
    A close second would be the mechanics behind the 'blue' Valnia mod. They worked very well in keeping things together but separate.

    2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
    All the confusion on the Friday night Dark reaches mod. Being rushed to go, no time to plan. A bit more coaching, clarification or explanation to the NPC's might have been helpful.
    And those who have been to the Dark Reaches before also should have spoke up against bringing so many, even if someone so respected says otherwise. We are adventurers! We've learned the folly of obeying others without thought. Remember how the kill all goblins on site order worked out....

    3. What you would like to see more of
    Multiple choice/consequences for the same activity.

    4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character

    "Where did he go? How can he move so fast! He's behind Evo!!! ...."

    The Minataur swings, Evo tumbles away, the huge hammer barely missing him. The Minataur swings again, misses. And another swing! Evo keeps tumbling and rolling away until he is far enough to get back on his feet.
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  7. Liz_S

    Liz_S Newbie

    1. Post your favorite moments
    The PvP between Bogar and Johm after the town mod. Tensions were high afterwards and it was really emotional.
    Consoling Kai when Nazrat dissipated from existence. She really took it hard.
    My first meeting with pretty much all of the high-ranking members of each of the guilds. Arlyne feels important!
    The insta-mod with the switching of battleboards. I fondly remember that on my second event doing that and had a lot of fun with it. Oh how I miss dual-wielding!

    2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
    IBGAs. For a week after game, I was very involved in getting IBGA's prepped and ready to go. For it to come back about a day prior to last game or some none at all, kinda put a damper on me being invested last event.
    The town mod was a little confusing.

    3. What you would like to see more of
    I think I'm ok for now.

    4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character
    "Thought I might just drop by."

    Arlyne feels a cold chill down her spine as she turns and sees Cato's body on the ground. She then see's a form of Nazrat, a shell of what he once was, lanking beside his Master. She recognizes the voice and quickly averts her eyes....."Dam..." she thought, as she looks at her comrades. They too, seem to move away, unsure of what to do. "Go Nazrat, have revenge on your former comrades and kill them ALL." Everyone around Nazrat, backs away, not wanting to engage their friend in battle. Mar then draws his sword and with a few swift strikes, Nazrat becomes dust. In disbelief, Arlyne crumples to the ground, trying to not lose composure.

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  8. Ruki

    Ruki Artisan

    Do you have an example?
  9. Sage of Legaia

    Sage of Legaia Scholar

    I can't be sure, but I know I wrote several Insta-Mods that made you pick one choice or another, and each outcome was different. Some didn't have a "leave it where you found it" option, requiring you to make a choice and deal with the outcome.

    Kathy's fishing mod is also an excellent example, and it was great fun to watch you all fish. :p
  10. Third

    Third Newbie

    1. Post your favorite moments
    Tag teaming nightmare-lings with Billin. At one point we were pounding on one of them like convicts breaking rocks.
    The fishing instamod was amazing. I found it, alone, well before the larger group of PCs joined me, and I spent 10 minutes just....relaxing in the morning sun and fake fishing. It was surprisingly pleasant.

    2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
    I kinda feel like I passed through this event without really making contact with any part of it. All the mods I saw go out, aside from lairs (which I missed), were invite only. Silver rose, dark reaches, etc. Partially that's my fault, as I don't really push myself into groups or onto mods, but it still felt very clique-y.

    3. What you would like to see more of
    Anything at all happening in town. Other than Sunday's big fight, nothing at all seemed to happen in town. Some undead wandered in, but after the alarm generated the first time, it wasn't even interesting. Just get up, give it a poke, go back to sitting by the fire. This combined with not being able to go on any mods made for a very dull Saturday.

    4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character
    "Healing arts, how long until you resurrect?"
    "Ten seconds."
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  11. 1. Favourite moments.
    The lair I went on where we went in and took all the loot from the "asking to be robbed" warehouse. we pretty much knew going in that we were not going to keep anything we took, but it was more fun to run around collecting everything than to just walk away and get the loot. it was one of the funnest mods ive been on.

    Teaching the trap disarming class.

    2. least favourite moments.
    Friday night. many of our resources, were used up to the point that we were out of life spells. it was just too much too early. This being said Saturday did just seem to get better and better as it went on.

    3. Armed traps. 4/4 traps i encountered were not armed.
    organization; the sanctum mission was missing both the cipher and the key that were supposed to be in it. being the person trying to decode the message, we didn't know we had missing information. it made it very frustrating.

    4. Moment from the perspective of your character
    opens chest, and looks inside trying to spot traps. Thinks to myself, there is a piece for paper in the way. looks like a scroll. Why do people never put these things flat on the bottom to make it easier on those trying to get into these chests.
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  12. Mechtofd

    Mechtofd Artisan

    1. Post your favorite moments
    - seeing azkaine crack up before the dark reaches (thanks tyler)
    - the minotaur fight
    - becoming an emergency hook for a mod was fun
    - fighting the spiders to get the orb base (are you ******* kidding me! I hate webs! XD)

    2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
    echoing the others Friday nights mod was really rough. Fights where it seems like everything is swinging hard and we're powerless feel really common lately. The rest of the event felt a lot better balanced in that regard. That said Friday night was incredibly rough for me having played as long as I have and feeling that helpless really wasn't fun.

    I get wanting a fight to feel challenging or keep us on edge. But that fight was too much all at once. A positive challenging fight from that same weekend was the minotaur fight. A creative mechanic made it challenging without feeling overwhelming. The entire time I felt challenged but I also felt that there was a chance to win. I didn't feel that Friday night

    Also echoing the problems with IBGAs we're asked to get them in within a week if we receive any reply its been on the Friday. I am grateful there is now an autoreply that does help me at least know if my email was received. However I'm currently having an anxiety attack trying to figure out which of mine were received in the past month and which vanished into the ether.

    3. What you would like to see more of
    basically how Saturday went? sorry I can't be more specific but I had an amazing time that day.

    4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character

    Mar clenches his teeth unable to even look at dam "I have to destroy him" he says softly looking at the twisted skeletal version of Nazrat "I won't allow one of my friends to be a puppet" to his surprise damn seemed fine with this ordering nazrat to attack. "rest my friend" Mar whispered to himself as his blade cut through this horrific mockery of Nazrat turning it to dust. That was the final confirmation no body meant no hope of raising his friend. Kneeling Mar retrieved Nazrats belongings and will to begin the process. Outwardly he looked cold inside Mar was screaming in pain another friend he had failed to protect.


    -an opening!- Mar grinned launching himself forward and unleashing all the energy built up in his flaming sword a 30 flame slay...….that cut through air the minotaurs form fading as if dispelled by the glowing blade "where did he...…" Mar hears the beasts heavy weapon swing through the air narrowly missing one of his friends "there you are!"
  13. Mcfly115

    Mcfly115 Newbie

    1. Post your favorite moments

    Having a few Goblins around to beat up on now and then is nice. Even if it's questionable for the slightly more seasoned players to be tuning up on them it's a good outlet, and siccing the newbies on them seems like it could be fun too.

    Getting into it with Bogar, after spending a month ankle deep in vomit. (No hard feelings Alex!)

    The tracking mod I got to go on was awesome. Though you can never use too much flour.

    2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)

    I'll leave my bootprint on the *** of the dead horse that is friday night and call it a day.

    3. What you would like to see more of.

    The insta mods were cool this month.

    Stuff that relies on practical skills. I know it's be all you can't be but sometimes it's nice to be challenged outside of my battleboard.

    4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character

    He stole into the room as the Succubus turned her back, darting into the darkest corner he could find. It was with a wince he realized how exposed he was, as Jinn's horns began to illuminate the room, however the fae was too focused on her meal to notice or to care. As the horrific sounds of her feeding began behind him, he rose and looked to the staff. He knew better than to look to his friend, Jinn was dead already, had been once he made up his mind a month ago. Now he was just taking his time getting there. There was nothing there to see that wouldn't keep him up at night, if the sounds were to be anything to go by. Best stick to the plan.

  14. Josh Voorheez

    Josh Voorheez Newbie

    I just want to clarify my thoughts on Friday after reading a few other reviews. My only frustration came with the lack of information out NPCs seemingly had about the mod going into it, stopping half way through to get it sorted, and then not knowing about if it was a portal or a rift then suddenly being told we couldn't rejoin the fight even though we had no idea what was going on having passed an invisible barrior.

    The rush of getting a rescue party together, the whole town being involved, us blowing through all our life spells and other resources, all that in game confusion is all on the players. If you look at it from an in game perspective we shouldn'talways able to formulate a good, well thought out plan, and sometimes have to wing it. Thats how an adventuring life would actually work. This is when leaders need to stand up and say hey the dark reaches is a bad place and its confusing to take a large group, we will take 6. Or hey let's make sure that we take people who will listen and not run off in the scary places. Or who will say screw it let's take eveveryone and see where the dice land.

    Not every fight will be well balanced and fair or stacked to our advantage. There are times where we will be the weaker ones, and once again that requires planning on our part. Means a different set of skills may be needed, or we distract the bad thing so a stronger one of us can hit it. Do I get frustrated when my 4 normal swings do no effect, yes, am I scared when something swings 10s, or chaos, or deaths, f yes I am scared. But that means I approach it from a angle, not get mad that its stronger then i am.

    I'm glad Friday's rescue went the way it did, sans losing a person of course. It showed us how unprepared we are as a group when poop hits the fan. Then look at Sunday when we actually held the line, and people followed orders. It worked out very well in game.

    All I'm saying is take Friday for the learning experience it could be. Also think of stuff from an in game point of view. We are adventurers. We are fighting necromancers and fae and magical creatures from beyond. They will he stronger, there will be more of them, and they will put number us. But this will help people learn to control their panic and think on thier feet more.
  15. Ruki

    Ruki Artisan

    Wonderfully said.
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