July Event Review "Time is of the Essence"

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Dramm a'dan

It's that time again, give us your review of July's event Times is of the Essence.

1. Post your favorite moments
2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
3. What you would like to see more of
4. Gives us a moment from the perspective of your character

Posting rules, respect everyone's views, no debates. Everyone sees things differently.
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Favorite moments:.
1) Having the hair on the back of my neck stand up as I heard something phasing in through the cabin's ward. Having the shadow stand behind me as I shuffled through my things, and then deciding that maybe leaving the enclosed space was a better idea. Casually checking to see if my liquid light would make it go away. 2)Being escorted to the front of the during the final battle-trek by Stig, so I could throw alchemy. Sleeping two gnolls in the fight-trek, and feeling useful. Watching Scarlett trip the trap-wire with his throwing knife :D I also really liked the format of the final fight. 3) Seeing the various reactions to Garridan's baby. Also watching people smile as I walked my pony (Stella) by the cabins. 4) Dawn: as the mint dealer and the bounty hunter. Not sure who else she played, as I missed a bunch of Sat afternoon.

Less favorite moments:
1) Heat exhaustion. Got taken care of, but I only heard of the coldest places (tavern floor and chair room) after I had recovered. 2) Hearing people's reactions both IG and OOG of the arcane sanctum mod. It was quite alarming to see who was the most upset OOG, because some of them have been cooler heads in the past and I knew that it had to be *a thing* to see those people so upset.

Things I would like to see more of:
1) More water. Free water. Cold water. I have a clear acrylic water dispenser that I would like to bring out for next event and put beside the juice and coffee; I'll see about figuring out how to pack it and who of my pod has space to bring it out. 2) If the weather continues to be crazy-warm, OOG spaces to recover from the heat. I was wondering if no-armor times could also be times we designate the chair room to be an OOG place to cool down on the floor? 3) Posted notices that are more than just wanted posters. Liked Rovinder's ad, even though I found the text slightly illegible 4) Dawn playing more RP parts. Dawn the bounty hunter and the mint dealer were both hilarious.

A moment from my character:
"Come with Stig!" The burly tribesman points a finger at me. "I.. uh.. ok". I follow up the trail beside him, passing some of my better armed companions. "I bring Kai!" He announces, clearing a wider path for the two of us. The front of the line is crowded and jostling. A few folks with shields try to block arrows from hitting anyone in the rows behind. I duck and weave, manages to avoid the arrows, but I'm still not close enough to be useful. The last of the group falls, and the front line continues forward through the woods. I stomp along, keeping pace, and suddenly find myself right in front of two more gnolls on the path. I hurriedly fling two sleep globes, both of which hit their marks. "Kill the sleeping ones" I holler, falling back into the mass. Others dispatch the gnolls, who are asleep on their feet, and we push on towards our goal.
1. Being treated to Morgan's amazing miming abilities! The extremely adorable teddy bears who ALMOST convinced me to drop my sword and give them a hug! Stig charging in to the rescue when a group of lowbies got in over their head.
2. Waking up early Saturday morning to be ready for adventure and finding absolutely nothing to do until 4 PM other than wading through poison oak for an hour.
3. Some more word of mouth as to when town-wide adventures are going to occur.
4. Essentially being feared of being feared by the roaming shadows - having one stare into our front cabin window, then jumping out the rear window to avoid it "I'll come back for the rest of you later!".

Coltin Grison (Zeelo Mantiskin)
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1. Being treated to Morgan's amazing miming abilities! The extremely adorable teddy bears who ALMOST convinced me to drop my sword and give them a hug! Stig charging in to the rescue when a group of lowbies got in over their head.
2. Waking up early Saturday morning to be ready for adventure and finding absolutely nothing to do until 4 PM other than wading through poison oak for an hour.
3. Some more word of mouth as to when town-wide adventures are going to occur.
4. Essentially being feared of being feared by the roaming shadows - having one stare into our front cabin window, then jumping out the rear window to avoid it "I'll come back for the rest of you later!".

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1. Post your favorite moments
Some of my favorite moments from the weekend were having the breach come and save us and watching Scarlet throw a dagger and set off a trap
2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
The heat (which we cant fix but the no armor day really really really helped Thanks you) and having to be saved by the breach which I did get in game mad and OOG mad about until I talked to Cory and he explained a few things to us which calmed me down OOG, IG Sarryn is still a lil grumpy about being tortured
3. What you would like to see more of
I would like to see more of the big weekend mods starting out from a IBGA like what happened with Ember, Keith, and I going and ambushing the gnolls at the alchemists house.
4. Gives us a moment from the perspective of your character
Waking up chained to a wall, I lift my head and notice that all of my companions that had come with me to the other plane to see about the Titan were stripped of all gear as I was. Looking around the room I notice that there is one of Al'zoons higher ups walking in front of us with a dagger, she walks up to Boris and asks him "What are the defenses of the Breach?, What do you know of Kara Vale?". Boris lifting his head laughs at her and says that he will get nothing from him and that she might as well kill us for all we are going to do. She just grinned and thrust her dagger into his heart, then she moved onto me and asked me the same questions, even asking how much we knew of the Titans and why we were there. We all said we were on a Sight seeing tour and that she wouldn't get anything from me. Feeling the cold blade against my neck I was ready to die for the breach, as she cut my throat I just smiled knowing that none of us would talk. As I felt myself being drawn to the earth circle I was brought back to life by her, she said that she would torture us for forever until we told he what she wanted to know, in unison we said we would tell her nothing and laughed at her while making crude jokes, as she went and killed each of us in turn again this time I took a dagger to the heart, after she brought us back to life again I lifted my head to see the members of the breach carefully making their way to us to save us and grinned, knowing that they got nothing from us and that we will be saved.

Anthony Percival (Sarryn Remmington)
1. -very entertaining mime leading us to our mod was so fun!
-Zeelo jumping out the back cabin window to avoid a shadow
-Silvered dagger...yay!!! I can hurt more things..teehee nice kitty :)
-Battles of epicness (Sunday Morning)
-Bandit assassin hunting at night...almost got you! NEXT TIME!
-Screaming and running for my life out of game because I thought a coyote was after me at 4 am and having it turn out to be just Rory snores
-Watching Dawn in her many NPC characters...Bravo you were brilliant!
-Having our butts saved by Stig was pretty great, he didn't hesitate when I told him we needed help he just asked which direction and ran

2. - capture the flag, pretty much impossible with the small eggs...and yah covered in itchiness...

3. -Knowing about mods we are going on, I like to join in as much as possible but most of the time I don't know the story (could be just that I am a noob)
-MORE LATE NIGHT SNEAKINESS, what's a rogue to do when there's no bandits to stalk in the dark
- Friday night more things to do

4. -Hey look a mime, ARE YOU FRIENDLY? ARE YOU GOING TO KILL US? Awww I made her sad!!

Aurora B. Alice aka Samantha aka 145 aka horny Tari-Nor
1. Post your favourite moments

Seeing the sheer enjoyment of our newest members, getting to try new things and live large. I cannot wait to see how everyone changes the game with their own energy.

2. Post your less favourite moments

Interpreting the letter of the law can be a difficult job at the best of time, with roleplaying the sheer anguish of Mobeus' experiences at the hand of AZ and the Time Elementals, I have started to make him veer into almost accepting somethings as necessities of war. (Quickly adjusted this view too) When information needed to be retrieved from people, it's importance seemed so great that even the idea of torture wasn't beneath getting it... I clarified the importance of the information and the authority, and I may have put too much stock in those answers, rather than seeking higher authority. Razing a Gnoll Village? I brought it up on the behest of some of our younger members, but I don't think I can control this mob when some of our other leaders feel it is an act of war and justified. The clarity of my position and my role is somewhat eroded from what I see in the book, I may be responsible for interpreting the law, but I am often sought to investigate crimes (Sheriffs), pay bounties (NPC Boards), or sanction actions that already have happened. None of those are my purview.. I feel our council might be loosening it's ability to lead justly, and I just want more clarity on authority. Between the Knight Errant, the Sheriff and myself, whose word is the last, and if it isn't followed, who makes the decision? At the moment it is seemingly small stuff, nothing worth losing lives over, but I could see it going in a tangent way, and then because I hold the title of "Magistrate" it might be me blamed because of something one of the other city officials have done.. I know this is a deeper issue, but if I am having this issue, I can imagine what new players must be going through.

3. What I'd like to see more of

I know this isn't the easiest of requests, but I did like that a horde of mostly younger players were helping some of the eldest characters during the Arcane Sanctum Mod. I realize there were issues, but seeing people take charge of the situation and getting to be true heroes by helping us... really made me happy.

4. Seething with Rage, it seemed the dreams returned upon Mobeus, seeing his friends and family die again and again, all under the hands of Al'zoon and his minions. Never would he give them what they want, they could tear the skin off his flesh.. again... break his bones to meal, make his face his greatest nightmares, but he cannot.. he will never win. They suffered so badly, and yet refused to give out anything they knew.. falling again and again. When suddenly from afar we could see them, Parson's Breach en-mass, coming to our aid. Ushering to our side, they released us and bade us leave.. but our duty was not yet finished.. many more were wounded, but we had to get the information for the Arcane Sanctum, the Titans needed to be freed.. Athusa must be freed of her curse.. Al'zoon must never win, but is this just a continued dream... like a yo-yo showing the light to dash it with darkness once more.. frankly in the end, only time will tell.
1. Post your favorite moments
I enjoyed how the breach came down to save us. Then since I didn't get a chance to put my armor back on instead of people telling Aezir to get back behind protection. Someone handed Aezir a shield and a sword and let him run around and help fight.
2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
How the Capture the Flag (find the hidden egg) Mod ended up going. It was a great idea but the execution wasn't the best. It ended up turning into a giant treasure hunt game of find the needle in the haystack. With one team having an easier time to find the egg then the other since one egg was bright pink and the other was a light green.
3. What you would like to see more of
I would like to see more of where a group had to split up during a mod. Even with smaller group mods. It would be interesting having to figure out the best way to split your group in half where its more likely you don't have more then one person that can do each ability.
4. Gives us a moment from the perspective of your character
Aezir was fighting along side the rest of the breach against some gnolls. When he felt a force knock his shield from his hand onto the ground. Not having time to pick it up he quickly ran back and repaired his armor and healed up a little. Turning back towards the fight he saw his shield was in the middle of the battle. As he started moving towards it an archer caught sight of him and started firing off arrows at him. Aezir axe in hand managed hitting all of the arrows fired at him out of the air with his axe or just dodging them. Finally getting to his shield Aezir picked it up then turned to the Archer let out a smile and a growl, then rushed towards him to put him down.

Bryan Weir (Aezir Yukimura)
1 the truth or dare game and seeing Issawda do and win a dance off. Scarlet throwing a dagger to set off the trap

2 always walking around trying to find Lairs and never finding any

3 more warnings for when we are going on whole breach missions.

4 my goal is to be the best healer possible -willow
1. Post your favorite moments
Watching the fight between Stig and the High Ogre (Logan) in the Ironroot module. They both did a beautiful job of making the fight look almost choreographed! With both in great gear it would have made an outstanding recruiting video!
Watching the joy that Dawn took in playing a big baddie! I think maybe she was having just a little too much fun! :)
Having a little fudge (thank you Ember!) and remaining soooo sober that no one knew. Right?
The dance of in the Truth or Dare game!
Showing folks how to make sweat angels on the tavern floor and drop your core temperature a little! I was a fashion setter for the fashioned challenged!

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
Nothing in game.

3. What you would like to see more of
Mods that build from lair where players are rewarded for seeking out adventure, rather than waiting in the inn or commons for it to come to them.
As near as I can tell folks, very few adventures start under or in the bunks in our cabins!

4. Gives us a moment from the perspective of your character
On his knees on the edge of the Arcane Circle, Isawda was not sure if the burning of the circles energy or the lashing of the Arch-mages tongue was the more painful. It seemed that they had all fallen too far from the intent of the law, and must cleave closer to its letter in the future. Perhaps if Azcane's concerns could be address immediately, the penalties could be lessened. Perhaps...
1. Post your favorite moments
My ibga turned into a mod!!!
Truth or Dare, especially the Dance Off
Isawda on Fudge, especially that giggle. Oh that giggle. (Nick's idea for the fudge by the way ;) )
Borris coming after Briony when she was being a little bit cheeky. Just a little.
Garridan's new baby. Congrats Papa Garridan!
How much inter-character stuff there was!
The Deep Irregulars have begun...now let's see where they go.
All in all I feel like this was a really good weekend for getting to know Briony as a character for myself. I feel like I fell a bit more into her personality, between how she fights, her sense of humour (I'm glad Borris didn't put me down! and not long after I was pretty sure Hammish might.), her sense of right and wrong, and the things that irritate her.

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
I second (third?) the capture the flag thing. I loved the idea of it, but it felt a bit unbalanced. One side had far more brush, and that also happened to be the side that had a green egg. I don't mind challenging games, but there was a lot less direct competition and a lot more shuffling through some pretty rough brush hoping to trip over what you were looking for.

I'm a bit torn on the torture and rescue mod. As a rescuer it was a bit disheartening to get down there and realize only three of us could actually damage the creatures. The initial falling back of all the new players behind the lines to watch made me cringe. Once we started getting our friends free, it felt like we were finding more uses for ourselves, but I think I was lucky in the feeling useful side because I have a shield so I can literally just stand and take hits for people. It takes away the feeling of being a hero and reinforces this idea I keep seeing that the high level chars are the only true heroes. While I get it, they are more powerful, it makes sense, and they should be recognized as being stronger, in a huge rescue mission where we were all told to stay put because we will be needed, and then finding out, oh, no, actually only a handful of us are needed, the rest are audience, and we don't even really get to be privy to the conclusion IG, can be a frustrating experience.

Also, there were a few times when people were less than kind or downright rude to each other when being asked oog clarification. People don't know things until they know, and people like me who learn by doing may not remember something if they don't encounter/use it often. Asking for clarification isn't meant to be argumentative, it's so they can gauge how to react. Pausing to think, even as a PC, is trying to math real quick or run through defenses and I believe we're allowed a couple of seconds to do so (not long, but a few seconds.) and being given a snarky remark oog about it doesn't help and can ruin a potential rp moment if the person was just taking a second to register what happened. If we stumble on something we don't actually see and we ask about it, it's just so we know we don't see it and can move on. Though we have a lot of props and costumes, this is largely a game of imagination and sometimes people need clarification.

3. What you would like to see more of
Instamods and lairs! Always. I'm for sure writing up a bunch of instamods this month, it's on my to-do list so I don't forget.
In-game games like Truth or Dare that allow us to see the personalities of our characters more.
RP! We're constantly doing better and better and I love it.

4. Gives us a moment from the perspective of your character
Why in all the blue balls of every gnoll did things tend to explode near her? Briony nearly jumped out of her skin as the chair the man had been sitting on let out thunder and fire. She coughed and blinked rapidly, clearing her eyes of smoke. Lowering her shield she saw the man they had rescued and Borris who had been helping him up, standing naked. Alive, but singed and in mere scraps of what they once wore. A slow grin danced across her lips as she stared at her friend. "Oh Borris, you all right?"
He grumbled and nodded, "Thankfully I've spare armour and weapons in the Breach."
The grin grew wider and she began to walk up the path. "I'd better go warn the Breach for you, y'know, spare you the embarrassment of walking into town naked."
The Dwarf glowered at her and the rest of their group were giving quizzical looks between the two. His low voice rumbled, "Don't you dare."
"Oh, it's fine, Borris, I'll just warn them and they can look away for you."
She was, by now, running back to the Breach. From behind her came the yell, "I'll kill you!"
Briony couldn't help but laugh. "I know!" she yelled back over her shoulder, and then she was charging toward town. Ohhh, she was going to pay for this later.
1. Post your favorite moments

Mine are probably (in no particular order)
- Seeing Aezir shake his tail for the faeries :D
- Running clear across the field during the big bandit attack and rapid firing out three knifes then my spear and seeing the bandit just drop.
- Learning a new way to assassinate monsters from mister Evo :D
- and when I set off the trap with my throwing knife. It was pretty bad ***, probably gona milk that one for a while :p

2. Post you’re less favorite moments (if we don't know, we cannot fix)

- Capture the flag... I mean egg... I mean... the easter egg hunt that ended in a rugby match. Next time how about like, capture the tabbard.
- The rock golems in the one lair that kept exploding for ten "voice cast" hitting anyone that could hear it for ten damage. It was a bit over powered in my opinion, I guess I could be wrong. But I mean, if the marshal didn't make a call that took back the last blast, literally all of us were on the ground. and all, I think it was 7 of us would have been going to the red circle because there was no one left alive to run for help.

3. What you would like to see more of

- More fairies (I know, I’m a broken record)
- I wouldn’t mind some more diplomatic lairs/mods. It is quite possible that I just wasn’t on any that were going on over the weekend, but it just kindof seemed like every lair and every encounter ended in some sort of fight. Now don’t get me wrong I love combat as much as the next guy, but I mean when we were heading down to the “hostage” situation on Saturday I was looking forward to observing the more experienced players be diplomatic so I could learn more about role playing that type of situation. Then when we got there it just ended up being an ambush.

4. Gives us a moment from the perspective of your character

Okay breathe, 1… 2… 3… 1… 2… 3…” Scarlet thinks to himself getting body ready to run. “Miss Thistle will disarm her, and then all I have to do is run” He takes a couple deep breaths as he paces around the circle the necromancer had put in place, honing in on his target. The necromancer says something about wanting him to join her ranks. He feigns interest, acting playful and stupid so she does not realize what is about to happen. The wall of power makes a hissing noise as it drops. "I SUMMON A FORCE TO DISARM YOUR SATCHEL!" Scarlet hears Miss Thistle yell from behind the necromancer. With all the strength he can muster he launches himself forward with the speed of the wind towards his target. The world around him dissappears into a blur of colors and sound, within seconds he comes back to reality as his eyes focus. His hands shake as he attempts to will his body to calm. He looks down and sees his target firmly grasped in his hand. "Excellent" he whispers to himself as he kisses the luck around his neck in quiet victory.

Oleksander "Scarlet" Konopelka of house Vanmil - aka
Logan Stevenson
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1. Post your favorite moments
When Xelo jumped out the cabin back window to avoid the shadow, when in the gnoll lair other players came to help me out and I didn't die.

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
Fireworks going off at midnight on Saturday... woke me up with earplugs in.

3. What you would like to see more of
insta mods - I saw one all weekend. and it was in town. We had a group look for things to do after breakfast Saturday morning couldn't find any. Around 11 tried again... nothing. Around 2 I went a little ways from the commons by myself looking for a lair or mod... couldn't find one.

4. Gives us a moment from the perspective of your character
To no one in particular... "Everybody sooo scared of shadows. Look shadow is sooo scary. Watch it follow people...." I start shadowing the shadow in the commons with a boisterous walk for 5 minutes or so. Stops when it stops. It starts turning towards me... I turn immediately towards other peoples conversation and ignore it. Then I continue to follow it around another 15 mins or so until I get bored. "See not so scary."
Favorite Moment
Yeah, gotta say it. The rescue mission. Way to commit yourselves to the role boys!

Least Favorite Moment
When I kept being scared away from the fire pit by monsters every time I tried to go have a cigarette. I was getting OOG frustrated with that. I just want a frigging smoke!

Things I would like to see more of
Ways to cool off when it's hot like that

A Moment From My Character's Prospective
As the hour grew late Becky's eyes began to droop as she makes her way sleepily to her cabin. She is stopped by a warning from Aurora, "Be careful there is a shadow over that way." Blearily she blinks her eyes and sees it, the shadowy figure right...by...her...cabin...door. "This is going to be a long night" she sighs suddenly deciding she is not quite THAT tired. After awhile the shadowy figure appears to have moved off but she is still too scared to approach the cabin by herself in the dark. She makes her way to the tavern instead. In the tavern she finds a party of 3 sitting at a table and joins them. She then realizes she is sitting with 3 Celestial casters. Fan-FRIGGAN-tastic! Realizing that beggars can't be choosers, Becky explains her plight to them. One of the wizards offers to escort her and she gratefully accepts his company to that of the Shadow's. Safely at her cabin door she thanks her gallant escort and says goodnight. Perhaps chivalry isn't dead she thinks to herself as she finally drifts off to sleep.
1. Post your favorite moments
Being a fairy..twice! Delicious homemade cinnamon rolls! 7 cold showers. The bright green rear of a Mantiskin *hightailing* it out the back window..Fear, sweet fear!
"goodnight" *crushing blow one, crushing blow two, crushing blow three* 2 hugs at the teddy bear picnic! Making that mean grouchy Dwarf blow kisses until my new fairy sisters forgot he was mean to them.

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
Tripping up with Bob.. scary 8 seconds until he woke up. Next time,land on my leg, not the pavement? please?
The extra glowsticks lighting the steps were great, thanks.

3. What you would like to see more of
OOG clinics.. Lorne's leatherworking one was great. the spar is helped me immensely. Sorry to the many PC's who have found out the hard way..not! :p

4. Gives us a moment from the perspective of your character

War Gnoll said it best: "All your meats are belong to us" nom nom nom. - Gnoll #325
"Bubbles!!! New Friends!!!" - Periwinkle
1. Post your favorite moments
* The chance to finally challenge another High-Ogre.
* RPing stalking Scarlet around the breach waiting for him to use necromancy.

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)
* The chance to finally challenge another High-Ogre and getting my *** handed to me; lol was still fun though.
* The AS module to get information on the Elemental Titan; not a fan of text boxed events where there is no chance of success. Yes I got angry about it, but after I finally got to use the bathroom after waiting for nearly 2 hours and having a cool shower due to the heat, I realized that you can't win every battle. I spoke with Cory afterwards and apologized for being a delicate flower at times and I understood that sometimes it has to be done this way to provide us the experience / excitement we are looking for.

3. What you would like to see more of
* Chaos / randomness / insanity - throw us a curve ball, have more events that are intended to make us laugh or that challenge other skills than combat or casting. The PC dance off is a prime example; challenges like singing or juggling or balancing.

4. Gives us a moment from the perspective of your character
* Standing near Scarlet "scenting" for necromancy and having him turn to me and blowing a kiss, nearly started laughing.
* Tied to the fence, having all our gear taken away and Ashir piping up that they hadn't taken all our stuff yet and stripping to his briefs; then all of us following along - A line of almost naked men and one woman waiting to be rescued by the entire town .......
1. Post your favorite moments

- Having the opportunity to undertake further research into what I thought might be Gnollish, finding out from a Charmed Gnoll that, lo and behold, it was Gnollish!
- Being presented with a map written in Gnollish which gave the opportunity to employ the Gnollish Lexicon in game, circumventing the hours of frustration faced last event
- The "huggy bear" fight, definitely. Running outside, finding a PC that had to be brought back to life due to a crushing blow, and realizing this could be a bad time! With the darkness and the slow moving yet deadly nature of the bears this had the feel
of the zombie apocalypse since they just didn't stop coming.

2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix)

- The quarry lair with merging voicecasting elementals. Most of the people in the group had no idea of what a voice cast was and when they popped off two or three in rapid succession there was no hope of survival for us lowbies.
- Saturday was very light on action, something I would chalk more up to the heat than anything else. Capture the egg was a great idea but turned out to be a bit frustrating in the hunt through the foliage...

3. What you would like to see more of

- Perhaps more time filling events like capture the flag to keep people occupied during down time. Stuff that doesn't take that long to play but still keeps people entertained and feeling engaged!

4. Gives us a moment from the perspective of your character
It is getting late when another member of the Breach runs up
"Tengu! You had wanted to ask a Gnoll some questions did you not? Thistle has one charmed over behind the tavern."
"Yes," I replied. "Give me a minute to retrieve some items."
Grabbing a pre prepared note and a box of cookies I had obtained for this purpose I went looking for Thistle and this Gnoll. Finding them I introduce myself, surprised to find that this Gnoll was surprisingly well spoken for one of his feral race.
"Can you read this?" I ask, handing him the note.
"What is this?" he asks.
"Read it," I respond.
He looks it over, chuckles, and reads, in broken Gnollish, "What is this language. Cookies for truth. This is Gnollish, the language of the Gnolls."
Hearing this and having no reason to doubt the word of a charmed Gnoll I thank him and hand him the box of cookies.
"What are these for?" he asks with surprise.
"Cookies. As I am a Biata of my word these are the cookies promised for your response though I had expected much more resistance in obtaining this information."
With that I thanked both Thistle and the Gnoll and took my leave. I do not know what happened to the Gnoll though I believe this one was spared death; no matter to me, the information was obtained and thus research can continue.

Tengu Tietzsche, Templar of the Earth Weavers
(OOG) Tim Lunn
1. Post your favorite moments
- I really liked the huggy bears! It was kind of an encounter you couldn't brute-force easily - keeping the lumbering (but deadly) bears away from the trapsmith and ourselves was a fun but tense puzzle - especially to manage in the dark!
- I'm sorry it was delayed on my account, but the initial new-character encounter with Ascain (sp?) was rather cool and sort of "grounded" me a bit in the setting with this simple scene so that I could start playing my character and have some idea of what to do. It was also fun to learn that this nice old wizard we met in the woods is the Archmage/Regent, widely reputed for his nasty temper... hahaha
- Just generally, thanks to everyone who was so friendly and welcoming: answering all my questions, lending me phial props, giving me a band-aid, etc.

2. Post your less favorite moments
- I realize (at my second Alliance game) that it's a more laid-back player culture, and that here, players are quite free to slip out of character when they feel they'd like to. This is okay and totally fine. I dig. The only times I found it significantly impacted my experience was when it was used to complain about a scene... *during* that same scene. As a couple examples, this happened at the quarry lair (complete with verbal dogpile on the Marshall) and again around the rescue scene. Maybe I'm missing something in the play culture again, but to me it feels like issues with certain encounters or storylines could be taken up with the organizers at another time rather than extending those ill-feelings to others who participated in (and may have enjoyed) the scene..? This review forum is probably an especially great place, because one can write up their comments long after the heat of the moment has passed.

3. What you would like to see more of
- Although my character abstained, "Truth or Dare" and similar games like "Never Have I Ever" are pretty good tools for fleshing out your character! Kudos to the player who suggested it.
- I was so happy to see all the traps! I kept getting shooed away from them though... next time I will have to be more pushy!
- I saw some and heard about some more, but I'm going to say it just to have it known: I love problem-solving, puzzles, and roleplay! That's really why I made a weapon-less character - if I don't have a sword, I can't be tempted to solve my problems with it!

4. Give us a moment from the perspective of your character
Was Kova out by himself in the dark? I stepped away from the Thistle's table only to see if I could spot him. Only a few paces out, I spotted a figure in the dark, coming towards me.
"Kova?" I asked. It never slowed pace.
"Typh, run!" Kova said from a different direction. I ran. I heard a pounding of swift footsteps, and half were not mine. I screamed. A searing pain pierced my back and tore straight through my chest, and I felt my body crumple to the ground.
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