July Favorites


Tell me what you thought of weekend.

My favorite part was when I made you cry.

In all seriousness, my actual favorite part was how willing the PCs and NPCs were to really throw themselves into the story and give as much good RP as they got. It was a serious landmark on our road to November.
Great mods. Scary and unique, especially the Neverborn encounter.

I'm really glad that you guys didn't just do the 21+ scaling and actually scaled for what it was, a 40+ mod. That's a very challenging thing to do. You run the risk of bulldozing the PCs but managed to give the diesel but fair fight, one that certainly would've punished us had we chosen to be lazy or foolish.

My favorite part was Sevaria joining the club.

And, correlating to that, my favorite PC, who was already a member of the club, deciding to save someone by baseball batting an obliterate out of the air. Never have I been more proud.

Flyaway Bird

I am incredibly proud of the NPCs and staff members who absolutely busted their asses this weekend and the PCs for hitting the ground running with this plot. It was crazy and awesome.

Corey's handmade Beast of the Brine prosthetic (based on Ben Foster's wacky design) knocking it out of the park

Angel as the stone elf spirit and Avian playing out her awful rez story

Nivek/Ona/Hoja/baby funtimes, and poor Tabin's reaction to it all (particularly the drippy pickles)

Kainen deciding that instead of blowing up the Shiny Dreadfuls office, he would simply stage a coup and take over as editor-in-chief

Gebous finding both sets of hunting dogs and yelling "PUPPIES!"


Cedric sassing the shadow dragon and taking his rez like a champ

GOTEC family time, however brief

All the roleplay as Cerulean, both with the PCs and with my siblings. All three of us were weeping, not gonna lie

The end of the dragon fight, with a threat and a departure

Seeing the friends I dragged to game finding their strengths and enjoying their time with us

But my favourite moment of all was Ahurak's stunned, teary-eyed reaction to meeting Cerulean. It was a moment of absolutely brilliant roleplay: an adventurer realising that no matter how many adventures he's been on, how many foes he's faced, how many incredible things he's seen, there are still some awesome things in the world (and I mean awesome in the truest sense) that can overwhelm him and leave him speechless. True wonderment is not something we often see in game, so it was incredibly refreshing and reinvigorating for me as a plot writer. A+, Walt. Thank you.
"Are you frightened of me?"
"No. ...Yes. ...A little."
No being lazy now. If you don't put up your favorites soon I'll have to start finding other ways to get the event writers to work for free. :eek:hmy:


Asheville Staff
Huge thank you to the running staff and plot members who ran the weekend. You guys are running some solid stuff and you continue to add so much depth and detail to everything that goes out.

The NPCs! Loved the interactions with all of you this past weekend. The fights, the RP, and the out-of-game eye glares and fist shakes. You guys are awesome.

Finding puppies!

Fighting along side Joe during the bug fight. Those slays and hammers....oh man. Also, holy crap injecto arm.

Bug fight. I love the panic that hits when that air horn goes off.

The opening fight on Friday night. Absolutely loved the in-game shenanigans for it and it's dynamic. So fun and in-game, frightening as all heck.

Sean's mask and the roleplay side effects that occurred with those fights. Very badass and cool.

Mod full of assholes and succeeding so well on the encounter.

Getting to go on 2 full team mods. Huge thank you's to the staff for letting us roll with extra goons so we could all go as one big, crazy family.

Fighting on an APL 40+ mod with all the attending Hunters.

And of course, Vry baseball batting the oblit with Puriel.

Air Raksa

Great event, I'm dog-tired and broken, but great event.

Some favorites...

Starting near Psycho-Scarn friday night
Rolling with Ona, kicking names and taking asses
A Platypus walks into a bar holding a pineapple... (add punch-line here)
All things Ahurak, getting to hang out with Walt is always a pleasure
DEEP conversations with Shen about Power, Self Sacrifice and World Peace.
Suicide Missions, Unscaled Mods and APL 40+, i can't rotate my sword shoulder correctly right now
The NPCs, oh my god, you guys and gals rocked so hard, the make-up, roleplay and non-stop fighting was amazing, great job
Evan's Baron ultra-brief honor combat versus the Shadow Dragon and Shen spell parrying the final blow... and then paying the price for it
Killing the Parasite of the Beast of the Brine and rezzing for it!
I Consume my Pain One, I Consume my Pain Two...
The Withering Knight falling out of the portal during the Heirophan mod, that was hilarious and really good because Angel was kicking my *** up until the misstep
The Viridia mod, being a repentant liability and watching some great roleplay between Keely and Viridia
I hope nobody takes any offense to this but I vote NPC of the weekend was an inanimate piece of foam that caused all kinds of chaos and discord in town, Good Job Akanis for being part gazelle all weekend
All things Amaranthus Landcharmer, not bad rolling on everything together after Santet accidentally permed him... again
Pure-Lord Joseph Shaw... "what the hell did you just stab me in the neck with?"
Doubling the size of the collective in one weekend, looking forward to our group write-up, I hope you guys aren't as scared as I am about it

Favorite moment of Alliance... ever: Squire Vry REJECTING an obliterate like Dikembe Motumbo in a super market, literally the most bad *** thing i have ever seen at game, even the NPCs were shocked stupid by that

The whole weekend was great, I could write a book about it. Can't wait until the next one
-Brian B
and especially writers for this most amazing mind @#*k event ever!!

Friday night's battle in the woods was awesome! Even though I really didn't do much fighting, as Avalon was trying desperately to connect with Kainen who was all confused like he had back tracked to when he first started adventuring
Resulting in my resurrection. As Evan’s monster thing was copying me and not helping at all as I was trying to get Kainen to listen, so I went to shut it up, only it was stronger than anticipated. :p

I had just finished taking off the last of my stuff when Brian and jess came by and found my gear.

Avalon's refusal to have her resurrection started and the resulting confusion. Then her slip away and the rp I had with Kelsey (which was awesome!!).

And Saturday, oh what a Saturday to remember,

Starting with receiving a letter to meet an air kin outside of town.
Who was being played by Evan.
This is the best moment ever from that whole experience, which all of was amazing but this is the part that makes me giggle and still does on occasion.
Evan " I will now test you, prepare yourself."
I draw my elemental slayer blade, which by pure coincidence I had been carrying all day and I carry most weekends. Then cast I grant you the power of an elemental blade. And here's the particular good part, "10 STONE."

Yes, that's right I swung stone! Stone of all the things I could have swung! I swung stone!! >< I couldn't believe it! And neither could Evan, because his expression went from one of shock to one of fury in an instant he did the "this bi## just swung STONE AT ME!" face. Even in my own head I was screaming NOOOO!!! WHAT DID YOU JUST DO! HES GOING TO MURDER YOU!!! So as Evan took a step towards me pure murder in his eyes I drop sword and bend knee begging for forgiveness.
Later at logistical/dinner time it was joked that Avalon had huge balls swinging stone at an ancient air kin.
By some sort of good luck, Avalon was not sent to the circle a second time, and even granted the power of lightning. (Yay)

The cerulean mod, wow that was so great!
Part 1 guardian
We started out having a floating orb and all these ice elementals coming in and whenever they struck the orb, a resulting in a repercussion elemental dispersal of energy swept through the area. after a couple rounds, I got tired of it as I knew I was about to start draining resources, like I had when we had seeds to plant a month before so I looked to ciarraha and said "can we draw a circle? Let’s circle it." as it closed around, a hold was called.
Part 2,
All of us had to put on blindfolds. I couldn't see anything. And we also under the effect of a silence. We had to find our friends and grasp their hand and not an npc's then raise our hands up. I didn’t move from my spot knowing Kainen was in front of me somewhere, Galloway to my left and scarn, and hoyce and ciarraha to my back. A couple people started to snap their fingers but still I held out hoping Kainen would come and find me, and when I felt someone near I reached out and brushed them, and I didn’t feel skin, but instead what I was pretty sure was Jesse’s under armor shirt as he reached past me and found my circle rep rope then came back for my hand.
Part 3 -futility
That one was difficult. I had hesitated at first and got a resulting attack of elemental damage, but I continued on, in the end though I fell and was bleeding out. I could hear Evan bring up the next pc who turned out was Kainen. Evan said “she’s dying, what are you going to do?” in my head I thought “you had better do what I told you to do before, never give anyone anything to save me, especially something as important as this” Kainen reached down, healed me and grabbed me by the arm with monster strength leading me (I’m still blind) down the path, holding tight and definitely not stopping for anything Evan said.
Part 4 was we got to meet the sun spike dragon cerulean, trying to get her to come and at least talk with her siblings. Telling her who we were and myself and scarn talking about our own siblings. How mine I was on opposite sides and is now lost to me, though I would give a lot to get him back. She agreed.

When all the dragons came together, it was a pretty intense moment. 4 dragons on the field at the same time was unnerving. The 3 siblings found it difficult at first One in the center of two being mad at the other. When viridian finally admitted to the feud being her fault and apologizing, things finally started to work out between the dragons and they all hugged. A lot of power in that group hug.
Now, the fight before we stopped for logistics was so intense. My mind break when I saw the craziness of the parasite was I had no emotional restraint. This in actuality was a pretty good pick for me. As Avalon is a pretty emotional being sometimes.
And during that fight I was all over the board, anger, sad, hopelessness, love, scared, happiness. It was crazy. Even when Kainen got feared. (that was his break, no longer immune to commands).
Crazy head band of hate!! Stupid shard. When Kainen picked up the shard for a while, it was particularly hard on Avalon. To have her head say one thing and her heart another.

Sunday’s major fight with the beast of the brine. I thought for sure I was doomed a couple times, especially when I was prisoned and NO ONE, not even Sean turned around, and I thought, wow, if I wasn’t prisoned right now, this could have been amazing rogue sneak attack moment as his back is to me. I was also annoyed the line enveloped and fell back twice around me and still, no one noticed until I had 3 mins left to go and nova ran up on me.

Unleashing the thunderstorm paragon path was great. Though when I had done so, Sean had gone away, but I waited for David the gazelle to run back past which he did eventually. And I cast a number of bolts and destruction at the dragon. Even tossing a long ball, desperate move that missed Sean by a foot ><
Sam/koi took that opportunity to cast a magic storm next to me. Which was amusing. She ran though when Sean came stomping up, I stayed, forcing Sean to whoop my *** down to the ground. When I also started a magic storm short time later, I got my resulting injury (no worries it stung like the dickens for a while, I’m thinking of keeping it with makeup.)
Sean as the beast of the deep, called keely and collan to the circle and gave them ultimatum’s and then flew away. And there was much rejoicing.

A most amazing and stunning event Dan, Sean and evan. Thanks for writing such crazy shenanigans!
Thanks npc’s for rocking hard core you guys are great!!
Thanks deb and Brian for letting us crazy people run around on your land again!
Other staff people, thanks!
And thanks Gary!!
I can’t wait for next event!!!


New Hampshire Staff
Diversity Committee
-Vry swatting down an Obliterate to use his spell shield. Holy crap.

-The Fallen King flustercluck in the tavern. Seeing people stand up to his demands, especially Sevaria hitting him from her knees, was something else.

-The Legion mod. Getting hit with Kentarch Sir Landon's clue-by-four regarding self-fulfilling prophecies, and an overwhelming opportunity. Feels.

-The waves of commoners charging into town. It's cool that the high stakes of commoners' lives on the line is on stage.

-The makeup and masks, and the stellar advertisements for whatever acting school all the NPCs went to were really great.

stonegolem said:
My favorite part was when I made you cry.
Whichever one of you meanieheads sent out Mourgrymm made me cry, just a little. There weren't (m)any witnesses, but I think you deserve to know so you can update your tally.


This was my first event at Deadlands, and I have to say, it really didn't disappoint.

I know everyone already said this, but seriously. Dat oblit shutdown. I've never seen something so perfect or flawless. Ever. I'm just gonna give up now, because nothing I ever do will be that amazing. Golf claps everywhere.

On top of that, everyone on both sides of the fence were amazingly cool to me, as it was my first time leaping head-first into the Deadlands gameworld and I pretty much had absolutely no idea what was going on. Thanks, guys. You're all seriously amazing roleplayers and I can only hope to get that good in time.

Thanks for the great time, everyone. See you in the fall!


Asheville Staff
Great event guys! Here's a quick list.

New Legion members and the classic meat grinder style Legion mod that followed. Good long and challenging fight.

Resurrection role play trying to bring back another one of the tortured spirits. Talking to Angel afterwards and her telling me she had no Idea what was going on with all that but she had had a lot of fun.

Ritual casting with Keely and Koi, and getting to see years of team work finally culminate.

Friday night's first encounter was really fun. It was different than any other encounter I have been on. I like how it created great rouging potential, and the NPC mosters were not super intelligent so it allowed for some cool sneaking around. I would love to do that again but across an even larger section of the woods. The danger there, knowing that if you did die off alone you were probably toast. All the same it was an exciting encounter.

Dragon fight, not knowing how long it would go for, and just knowing I wasnt going to give up no matter how tired I was sunday afternoon.

All the good random RP conversations with various players.

Great stuff Deadlands.

- Jeremy


I had an awesome time coming back after a few years away. I hada great time hanging out with my friends old and new in NPC camp. I was doing a lot more stick jockery than rp this weekend. I could def use the practice with such skilled players that frequent the Deadlands!

-Got a chance to fight almost each of my team one on one at some point over the course of the weekend. It's always fun to engage them from the other side whether its rp or combat. Love you guys.

-Speaking of one on one. Santet systematically dismantling my pantherghast was pretty freaking awesome and hilarious. Brian always find a way to let me ham up a role - even a genocidal extra-planar death-machine. He stunned each one of my limbs and left me a writhing anger stump flopping like a fish out of water. But of course not before hugging me and having some bro time while I literally tried to eat his face off. Oh, good stuff.

-La's makeup all weekend. She stated clearly and proudly her goal was to inspire folks to step up their makeup game. The bar has been raised ladies and gents! The scale stencils she and Dio brought made the three dragons she, Samara, and Evan play really come to life. They looked amazing!

-And so did Sean as his Beast of the Brine! He owned that role. He owned it so good. I stood next to him as a CD just before he fell and the Dragon emerged. Each blow and spell that was delivered he roleplayed for you. It was a little thing but an awesome detail that helps make the world more immersive.

-Given the opportunity to go RP with Jaimi as Lady Sentinel Stonebrow, and subsequently the awesome Dorn, Deborah, and Ivar. It was a very touching, brief moment. It made me so excited to come and play as my PC Dwarf in the coming months.

-Sevaria getting her spirit forge!

-All things Evan Tessier. The man is an inspiration. From mumble-singing kissed by a rose in NPC camp while he belted out the lyrics like a boss, to boosting my confidence and making me feel like a really important part of the weekend. He's the man. There was a moment when some people were trying to get his attention and ask questions. I noticed his tone of voice completely change, and his demeanor become more grim. I didn't sense that he was actually angry though. Then I realized I was just witnessing a legit actor getting into character to go entertain the hell out of some lucky PCs.

-Gary explaining Germanic customs, and legitimizing creepy behavior. I mean; he had to know if they were effing with him! It makes it ok.

-Breakfast with good friends.

-Catching up with Deb and listening to some really beautiful stories of the enchanted woods. Man I missed this place so much. Thank you for sharing.

-And of course it goes without saying Vry's epic denial of obliteration. You have come such a long way, Albert. And on top of being an amazing player you're a pleasure to hang with OOG. It was nice getting a chance to talk with you for a bit, dude. Looking forward a real lot to PCing with you soon.

-Having a chance to see and hug the Battle-Wife Kate, and her adorable kiddo Morgan. I had a blast (literally, like every kind of blast) with her sparring and just messing about acting like a little kid.

There are a lot more but I'll type forever. This is an outstanding chapter with such skilled and creative folk at helm. I am definitely going to enjoy coming up here to play both my characters in Sept and November.

Thank you guys for doing what you do, and creating an epic place for people to come get down being all they can't be. Thanks every one.

Justin Coggin


WOW. It took me a few days to clear my head and come back down to a place I could put these moments into words.
First a Thank you to the writers of the weekend and to the staff and NPC's. You guys rocked it. From the first moments in game to the last, this was a huge world altering weekend.

The opening fight... Mass confusion in the dark. Very scary and very effective in setting the tone.

Looking for the Forge, trying to come up with some angles and having a very unexpected resource provide the information we need to go further. I figured Tattercloak was going to take the drinks and head out not to be seen again. Asking him about it accomplished two goals and I was thrilled to see that pay off on both counts. I was hoping it would bring out that facet, and it was a blast to see that happen.

Seeing Jaimi again in game and out. IT was great having her around for the weekend. Missing her company and conversation already.

The brief RP with Jaimi, Justin, Deb and Brian. Yep.... You broke Duorn. So immersed that I could not bring out so many of the things I wanted to say because I was fighting back the emotion. Haven't broke down in game like that for quite a while. Awesome and I can't wait to see how it ends.

Talking with Justin about his dwarf coming to Deadlands. I can not wait to meet him, and look forward to the chance to play with you again man. It's been a long time.

Santet approaching Duorn about joining a thing. Duorn being very unsure of the choice. Mark being thrilled at the RP opportunities on this one. Let the Shenanigans begin.

The conversation with Baron Landon and finding out afterward that we kind of let the cat out of the bag. Heh, that's what happens when I don't know all of the plans. The stubborn Dwarf speaks his mind.This whole plot putting Duorn on the fence with ALL of the nobility of Eire. Seeing so many ways that this could play out. I am about 50/50 on who the culprit(s) will be.

The fights with the beast/parasite/shadow dragon..... OMG I'm fighting a Dragon! We are so dead. Feeling very good about how we did, but at the same time, very nervous about how this will end. Mark knows the story about the Shadow Dragon leaving the field once before and what that meant.....Do not meddle in the affairs of Dragons for you are crunchy and good with Ketchup :)

Looking forward to how this all turns out. Very excited.... Now just too long before I can step back into that world:(


Well, after a pretty long break from game (*whaaat - concussion last year and I was playing it safe...? ), I was really glad to come back to game with not only a warm reception from new faces and old friends alike, but right from the get-go, all the parts of the event I was a part of were great! Alright - here are a few favorites:

-Right after opening ceremonies, having to sneak by the shadows of npcs, hearing nothing but the noises, and said npcs shifting focus toward me every other movement, until someone else walked nearby as a distraction - really made for a unique atmosphere to gameplay

-In the tavern, just sitting down for dinner on Saturday, and overhearing a conversation eventually shift to the subject of "Sexy books" - I immediately started wondering in my head what a sexy book physically would look like...and I'm sure everyone in the tavern at the time can agree that the following conversation was funny, and the look on Nerium's face of embarassment, along with the "please don't tell my parents" line made it all the funnier

-Sitting outside just before the end of the events Saturday night, seeing a row of NPCs, then even though I was getting ready for a charge, hearing the blast of that horn and everyone panicking...

-*with a tone of amazement* "Strago - you killed him? WoW!* ...followed my my natural response of "I told you I know how to fight" :D

I'm sure there would have been more favorites, but alas, I wasn't at site as long as I wanted to be...next event though...next event... :)

Look forward to seeing everyone next time, and hey - awesome job plot team & npcs!

-James aka Strago


Vry, you know what you did. It was awesome, even from were I stood in the NPC line.

The whole conclusion of the Veridia mod was pretty special for me as an NPC. Between the feels between Keeley and Veridia, as well as the other PC's in attendance (Vry, again, with the handshake. That was a really great moment) it was once of the best moments I have experienced in game ever. Coming onto the field again to see my dragon sibs and having you all by my side was really intense, and gave me a peek at what I can expect if I jump fence to PCing someday. Thank you for that.

And NPC camp, y'all are rock stars. Thanks for letting me paint your faces when I could. That is always my favorite part. (I'd love the opportunity to run a make-up workshop with you all someday if you ever want that.)


Asheville Staff
Tetsu said:
-Got a chance to fight almost each of my team one on one at some point over the course of the weekend. It's always fun to engage them from the other side whether its rp or combat. Love you guys.
Dude, I got so excited when you rolled up to me on that mod with a short sword and spear and we got to square off for a minute. And then you started swinging 20's and my brain went, "oh sh!t." Love fighting with you, always a fair and solid fight.