July Favorites?


Lemme hear 'em!
In no particular order:
This was the weekend of players screwing up encounters in all the best possible ways.
Seth stealing the wave battle by playing dead on the ground. I tripped over him at one point and began to lean over to check him. Someone said “’he’s fine” so I went back to fighting and hoped for the best. A couple minutes later the hold is called and we learn he was playing dead to get a hold of the artifact. A grand return to the game, my friend.
Aisling choosing to absorb Necalli’s dragon juju, which he had JUST acquired. Along with that, H. and G. throwing blows back and forth with Necalli for what felt like an eternity (but was probably like 7 minutes) was definitely the combat highlight of the weekend. A close second was fighting Sean C.’s red dude (AKA: That which would not die).
JP graciously accommodating when I opted to take a little swim.
The back and forth mime games in the tavern.
That “you son-of-a-*****” look Ren/Ren’s character was giving while chucking spells at me.
Various discussions with Baron Grim. Tied for the best ad hoc representative for the nobles of Icenia I’ve met thus far.
Breakfast sandwiches
Rolling with the Hunt and co. was a blast, as always, but it felt really solid this weekend in particular. Teaming up with Gebous on the big bad is a strange mix of scary and exciting, scary because despite our resources (or what people believe about our resources) they have limits, but we still end up, usually by default, taking on things that are WAY. TOO. BIG. The excitement comes when you realize it’s working. And it tends to work out fine, despite when I do stupid ****, like dropping my sword (twice this weekend), because the Golden Sideburns has always got you covered.
Role play with Alyssa regarding a certain matter, and coming to a difficult but hopefully workable understanding…

Surion Maedhros

I had an absolute blast setting up and then doing the things this weekend.

I enjoyed scraping off the rust and playing All the Revives guy. Here's hoping I'll be a bit better next time.
I loved the trap mods, as always. They were a delight to set up, and that mod room is just amazing. Ye Olde Commons is an amazing site. Thank you to my legerdemain-havers for letting me do the thing.
Even the non-legerdemain uses of that room were sweet. I loved it when Albert kept hitting my golem with crossbow bolts, until eventually he got confused and went through the wall.
The final fight went very well. Thank you Dan, for taking on half of the town on your own. Thank you to the PCs for being patient, while we redid things so they were not in the sun. I did not expect Sunday to be that oppressively sunny.
I had a lot of fun at this event dispite yeah the horrid heat.

all leading up to the fight on sunday.
subjugating jp's construct and having him attack dan resulting in a spell strike prison, best thing ever.

even dan saying at closing ceremonies "I just want to say subjugate is the worst spell ever." lol
nah dan, its the best spell ever. ;P


Everything about playing Ruth, the grumpy Reclaimer dryad. Kailani's sister game is strong and I'm sad I was set to vent mode too hard to chat much with her. Aisling's apology that didn't come in the form that NPC wanted, but was good RP. Heresy, and all the patient listening and reasonable things he had to say.

Conversations about the Absence and other weird information as the dispatcher. Oh, look at that weirdness. Yep. That's weird. Have we all noticed the Absence lately? Also casually dropping information about the Absence on travellers like it wasn't nearly as weird as it sounds.

Hiding behind Necalli as a necromancer, then trying to flee from Vry while begging to be left alone. I wasn't going to attend that fight due to being tired and wearing sandals, but the opportunity to be on the same side as Necalli is not one to be missed.

NPC camp. I laughed until I cried a little at stupid o'clock. That was a fun bunch to hide from the heat with.

James Trotta

Diversity Committee
I had fun. I enjoyed in game stories from Deadlands, Ashbury, and 9 Towers. I appreciated Riddick filling me in on the local plots - super newb friendly. The undead (or not) fey was pretty cool because I enjoyed watching the "I hate necro more than anything crowd" lose their heads.