July Favorites


Is this a regular thing? I love posting shout outs to all the cool stuff I saw. feel free to ignore if that's not your bag :)

* General vibe of multiple ways to solve this issue.
-Having spirits fight and talk and go in and out was a great choice

* Leadership from Squires: Desylvia and Rusty
-I was not sure how I wanted to portray my characters reaction to nobility and the system but the Squires made it easy to get on board with leadership! Bravo on having the aura of responsibility throughout the event. Also omg life spell save by Rusty <3

* Drive by healers : Sooo many
-During the big battle at closing it was a hoot to see and receive healing by the experts. Drive by healing multiple people while i muddled through a couple pick ups was great encouragement oh how to get better and quicker. Specifically got to call out Dustie as being a go to example and inspiration.

* Teaching the new fish
From blacksmithing 101 to advanced studies in Earth magics I was loving the variety! I went into game knowing spellsword isnt "optimal" but it was the type of rp I wanted to chase and you all gave it in spades. I was running on fumes after game and forgot to jot down a note about my teachers so thank you so much I will find you again!

* Ogre Honor Duals : Sam and Iggy
Thanks to genuine interest in player improvement got a quick Ogre Honor dual going with honorary ogres since no others were present. Much love for the thoughtful advice and tip!

*General thanks for the warm welcome and overall great community game! I look forward to playing many more events with you all!


Thanks NPC's, was a fun weekend despite the severe heat.

In no particular order

"I'm wearing SPElf" Isabo

All of the new players!

Amazing props for the rewards as the gems were completed.


Chicago Staff
I love an appreciate anyone and everyone who came out, despite the heat.

first and foremost to Nate... for quite possibly having the hottest costume to deal with and kept a cool & Hydrated head.

* New players
\ Nick: "All of you are necromancers... Hey! Im a High Ogre.... Okay, you come over here with us - all of them are necromancers"
\ Starting out against nobility is rough in any game, and especially can be as a new player. That player rolled with everything dealt to them and still kept on having fun.

* <3 Isabo, Nothing beats the sunscreen of playing a full makeup race... Sometimes the task of makeup and its removal is worth it... SPelF is totally worth.

* Everyone's patience with 2.0 Pre Reg Logistics
* Everyone's patience with 2.0 Magic Item Conversion.
* Taking the time during downtime to see everyone continue the RP despite the heat. Especially in discovering adventurers who wished to learn skills and teach it to them.


We survived mini-sweat-megadon!

-Loved all of the newer faces! Nick your high ogre RP was fantastic. Jesse, you are my fellow sarcastic alchemist! Grant, you're a brave, brave man. Hope you had fun stirring up the pot!

-Fun NPC moments, Emma got to enjoy a mini-film studies story structure lesson. Alex's 'small animal abuser with a stick' aka a hunter, extending out an epic parry to protect Isabo, and I don't even remember the reason this time, but what definitely should count as the middle square in my larp bingo board, Nate and I at some point breaking in the middle of combat and laughed for 10 seconds.

-As much as i was hating the final battle by the last 10 minutes, super awesome idea by players to set up picnic table barricades.

-Accidentally giving Beryl a Fae favor and turn around to see white headband Nate grinning like the big bad wolf.

-Having my longtime high school table top gamers come out for my bachelor party weekend and play a ridiculously fun cult Order.

The Owl

Okay, this was one of the coolest things I've ever done and I think I'm in it for life now. Thanks everyone, especially plot and NPCs! :)

Shout out especially to Lady Fallingstar and Squire Rusty (hopefully I got the names right) for trying to figure out just how my boy Tellen ended up as the person he is/was. Starting to unpack his backstory and motivations was a really awesome and surprisingly emotional high point! I was kind of worried that LARP would be more live action and less roleplaying, so having those in-character conversations was awesome!

Getting to steal things (yes, that's plural...I didn't fail that badly) was fun too, although it's stressful enough that I'm glad Tellen swore to quit the business! Shout-out to a fellow rogue who I won't call out...you know who you are...

My other favorite moment was the hanged man's ghost going "shopping" in the tavern--great RP, and let's be honest, I was psyched to solve an encounter (and solo an "enemy") through pure quick thinking, especially because I'm still super weak in combat. Plus, seeing the surprise on everyone's faces was really cool!

Oh, and speaking of moments in the spotlight, roleplaying Tellen's confession in front of the whole company made me a little nervous, but I'm an actor and it was actually awesome to have everyone watching! Hopefully if it happens again, it'll be because Tellen did something heroic. :)

Thanks again! Can't wait to see you all at the next event!