July Favorites


First and foremost it was so good to be back. I missed LARP and all of my LARP pals. I’m glad to say we are staying in Minnesota so I plan To be making it to all the games moving forward. Thank you plot and NPCs it was a real blast.

Favorite moments.

- Sir Zihr casting one silence and it silencing the whole tavern.

- My dual with the Vampire during the second puzzle mod for the last Phylactery/spirit bottle. You know it is a good battle when it comes down to who has more resolutes.

- The look on both Ryans’ faces when I dropped a Bane on them as a fighter. Best 7 gold I ever spent on that Retribution scroll.

- Seeing Zenia get appointed a VisCount. Always fun to see people advance on their path.

- That jerky from N’kosie and Hjuke. Along with all the great food from sir zihr and squire edwina.
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- We gotta play dice to get the Dragon Orb from the NPC and the buy in is 5 gold. Halfway through the guy gets eliminated and wants to steal his orb back. Of course we beat him down and take the thing. And now we have to finish the game because my golly there's a 40 gold pot!

-"You're a terrible necromancer. You don't even use desecrate." Uses Desecrate next mod

-Killing the lightning Drake. Alpha team go!

-Shakes fist at flame elemental in Oathsworn

-Glad to see so many travelers!

-Hey Hildegarn. I'm here to tax you your dodges.

-RP with Rag's old friends. So good to catch up with folks as my first and almost 10 year old character! Special call out to RP with Ilana.

-Silp actually carries a piece of paper on him that says don't be a peeler. That's commitment.

-Alexander has wonderful comedic timing besides and always manages to make me laugh. doyouwannabannana? nonanasonlybannanas.

-I made Zhir/Brad cry by saying nice things to him

-This lounge brought to you by capitalism

-Ultra Instinct Silp
wow!! there are too many things to list , but a few of mine were seeing most of the old players and a few new ones with some interesting attire,as well as the rescue the duchess mod. ( good thing we were able to do that then the prisoner exchange.). learning some of the new effects that were brought in to the game, though the one i did not like was "corrupt", that one was unexpected and different from what i remembered.

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I had loads of fun at this event; some highlights of event in no particular order
  • The Duchess rescue
  • The roleplay at the beginning of the Hag fight with Bluwolf
    • Naughty child, leave the nice old lady alone
  • The Lich fight and being a hassle to the PCs as I was the only one who could spawn from the forge itself
  • The celebration of my Bday both in and out of game
  • Especially seeing Zenia receive her Title