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  1. Alliance SoMI

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    Thank you all so much for coming out to our July event of 2017.
    We look forward to hearing what you loved and didn't love about the event.
    We want to hear your suggestions on how we can improve.
    We also want to hear about the highlights of your event.

    As a thank you for your feed back, we will be giving out 6 Dragon Stamps to one random person who leaves a response to this thread before Friday, July 28th.
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  2. jwconvery

    jwconvery Rogue

    I had a really, really great time.

    Special shout out to Ian and plot for dealing with my late character swap. Thank you.
    NPCs helped tell the amazing story. Kristie, Louis, Alex thank you.

    While the overall concept of a self-contained, everyone on the same long-mod style of play wouldn't work all the time, I think it really hit the mark this event. There was a universally accepted thing that needed to get done (Saving Silverstar), and everyone was on the same page of 'this is what needs to get done,' from both plot and players. That overall story would not have been the same, spread out in 2-3 events or tried to be completed in a regular 'open' weekend due the nature of herding cats.

    The open ended planning (OMG map), gave a huge amount of player agency and really let the PCs take ownership of the plan. Some one please post a picture of that map, or someway that those reading this can get a sense of how awesome a professionally designed, printed map can be. I'm terrible with sizes, how big was the printed map? 18" by 36" ish? It was the binding prop that kept everyone on task and really made the plan seem real. The site had it's immersion breakers every once in a while, but the map really helped keep my mental head space in the game.

    I loved treasure being doled out after each objective. Yes, we waited until the end to actually split it, but the encumbrance and general planning required to not loose it was a fun added obstacle.
    Also, it let us use that sweet Latex sword rep that went out as treasure. Very cool stuff.

    Kudos for fully repping SilverStar. Not rescuing a tabard on the ground, but a fully make-up'd and tied up dude, who kept the role play going while we tried to save him.
    Reps in general were pretty awesome, that blood magic book looked sweet.

    While on an IG level, I'm not excited about the new issues that have arisen from our victory, on an OOG level I like how interconnected things are in the world.

    No real gripes. The other people around were not ideal, but I think keeping our play-area back in the woods was great. Again that map really helped us use the same OOG location for different IG ones.

    The only rules thing that irked me was the varying results of disarm on a shield. Some people dropped it, some did the 'behind the back for 5 seconds' which I know is fine if the shield is spirit linked. It's a minor point for sure, but those giant latex shields are becoming pretty common. They look great, I just want to know what I can expect with a landed disarm on them.

    I was trying to think of how to prevent that "under 10th level" flaw from being DFM'd off. Maybe something in the notes? I like the idea behind those items, but it's completely within the rules to just remove that flaw.

    If anyone reading this is curious how to take some recently earned goblin stamps and turn them into spellstrikes on their sweet two-handed sword. check out this link https://alliancelarp.com/forum/threads/goblin-stamp-uses.34113/

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  3. ecrath

    ecrath Newbie

    Frankly this was the best one day I have attended. Everything felt smooth and cohesive. Getting to actually plan our actions was an awesome liberty that made this feel like our mission, not some random NPCs idea. Joe took most of my comments, mostly on reps and making things feel time sensitive and NOT having a resting point.

    I really don't have any complaints.

    Amazing job plot.

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  4. Geistbrenner

    Geistbrenner Newbie

    I had a great time! Good story, lots of action. I think the plot team did an excellent job especially with limited time and having to share space. Lots of fun! Great job, guys!!!
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  5. J'rajj

    J'rajj Newbie

    I had a lot of fun npcing on this one-day. playing crunchies is okay, but I really enjoyed getting to be the blood shaman and I'm happy that people enjoyed it. From my experience, having a map to give to the players really helps visualize and give players agency in deciding what to do. And even though J'rajj wasn't there, having pickable locks was baller. I like the style of npcing that chad has us do, and it was well worth the trip.

    Like others said, the site wasn't ideal, but it was a one-day so It's understandable and about what I expected.
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  6. brconvery

    brconvery Newbie Traverse City Staff

    I really enjoyed the one day. I really like Proud Lake Park and getting to use more of the woods and fields was nice. I didn't like walking through the Price Family reunion, but lesson learned about cabin rental.

    Good things:
    - The map! It was beautifully detailed. All the trials were marked by difficulty or openness to possible be see/alert the Thirsters. It was great to say "we are going here" and be able to point to it on the map. It also really brought me into the game and setting since we've played at the camp before and there were MANY civilians around (again, not something you could control).

    - The timeline: being told you have to be at X place at Y time is always difficult in a LARP because things never seem to happen on time; game starts late, questions take longer than anticipated, cats fleeing the herd... however by saying instead A must be completed before B and taking time to get all 3 widgets will make C easier was a great way to keep us motivated and going. Even when there was a strict time for blood delivery and guard changes, we weren't f'ed because we were late, we just had to chase down some Thirsters. The whole time I was chasing and hitting Kristie (sp) I was terrified the box was going to break and shatter the glass I could hear inside.

    -Second blood mage fight: "we have to find what?", "what do you mean find the cups? One's right there" then running around holding a cup of "blood" trying not to spill it while Alex creepily calls after me "Valkyrie..." And of course simply spilling the cup was the answer all along. Loved it!

    -Silverstar fight with him being repped. Inger did you actually make yourself vomit with all that retching?

    -Visitors/new people: It was great to meet Nuka, sword and make-up are amazing. It was fun to see Iggy and Sam again even if we kept getting split into different groups. Alex, thanks for NPC-ing I'm glad you had fun. Halfdan I didn't really get to meet you but hope to in the future.

    Not so good things:
    -All the other people (again, I know you guys had no control over that) but the family reunion made it hard to focus sometimes.
    -No home base. There was no where to leave stuff, money, etc. Caused difficulty at treasure split since no one had bold to auction ritual scrolls and magic items. It meant I got a ritual scroll I probably would have been able to, but I felt bad for the people who rolled low on the dice.
    No home base also meant going out of game for lunch. Took us out of character which I didn't like, despite getting to talk with friends about my favorite book series.

    Again, I had a blast. Looking forward to the rest of the season!
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