July Opener 2021 Favorites!!

What a great event! I had so much fun, here are a few of my favorite moments-

-Seeing so many familiar faces after so long apart!
-Tavern food-- still the best tavern I've enjoyed meals from, hands down
-Herding the split town back together
-Box Confusing Rocks: AHHHH!!
-Streets & Alleys
-"Rusty is sharing all his loot with me! ... hey Rusty, you owe me for 3 adventures...."
-Watching Abom absolutely smoke things with his 2hander Sat night
-Ginger beer with Gertie

What about yours? Let's hear them!


Was great seeing everyone again! in no particular order.

- Watching Dylan enjoy his first full weekend, he had a blast.
- finishing off Jonah
- All of the amazing role play
- Plane hopping
The experiment of trying to find out why skylark has no taste with the new dark elf.
nice to see so many familiar faces and interacting with all of the new players!
the pulled pork, loved the pulled pork!
killing the sludge with Benjamin
the final town mod, where we dealt with Jonah and all of the taunting that he received.
Tree walking with Glenn! Tree walking hurts.


Wisconsin Staff
  • Complete and total brain reset after getting hit, with intent, for the first time
  • Moon Cheese golem
  • Sacrificing Draco's Wife (Dont worry she got better)
  • Fake Blood ... hehehe
  • Panthergast and Gaunt. (Sid's face as "Shun all Non Sylvanbo...." *Spellstrike Doom* "Fair enough. Dead." That face was priceless.)
  • Trying to take Alexander down via flex casting my 2-5 level Celestial spells into Evocation. I am still really really sorry I got him in the eye with two packets.
  • The Havokvo bowing to Beryl and no one having the sac to ask why.


Chicago Staff
Thank you to the plot team who set this up, the NPCs who kept us going, and the PCs who made this event even more awesome. In no particular order:

*seeing friends for the first time in a little over a year
* getting to playtest new weapons on a larger scale
*nailing a mind flayer baby to the wall as a warning
*Jrajj being enslaved and using his pocketful of charms to make an army, only to be stopped by Thaddeus's vengance
*hearing how pleased everyone was with various foods. Seriously it really helps to hear in person what you all enjoy
*seeing a bunch of new faces, some veterans of larp and some for their first time ever!
*sending messages to Jonah stone
*kissing mila to piss jonah off
*draco getting married on the moon after being engaged for 1 day, then having to hold his new fiancee while she bled out, then being accepted as a hearthguard just as he sealed his vows... It was a busy day for him



- The FOOD. Oh man the food! Company, y'all always do a damn good meal. I'm sooo glad you did a lot of cold/cooler options for a summer event. There's nothing worse than staring down something that WOULD be delicious.. if it wasn't 80+ degrees.
- J'Rajj's HEEL TURN (enslavement). That got spooky real fast. Also appreciated the concern but trust of people rolling with it as I slid on my *** down a wet hill.
- BOX CONFUSING ROCKS! AAAAAAAAH! We were the biggest group in town, neener neener!
- Kevin from the plane of Junk! I hope he sticks around.
- The Oni fight was my favorite fight of the weekend! I thought it was really well statted, was a great encounter, and the best workout I got all weekend for sure. Wereboar was repped great and was fun to fight. Also, BINKS'S TERRIBLE TREACHERY! Why do we never LEARN?
- HORSESHOE. Best magic item ever.
- Storytime with Miggs. Now I know what's going on. Kind of! Sometimes!
- Fighting Alexander is always fun. You keep me on my toes in a big way.
- "3 gold to that hobling. 5 gold to that hobling. 7 gold to- would SOMEONE tell me that hobling's name?" "Ranvier." "Ruvuvuh?" "Ranvier." "Ranvurub?" "Ranvier." "Sure"


Chicago Staff
It was wonderful to finally be back! It was so great to see everyone. In no particular order and not limited to:
  • A romantic plotline started 3 years ago 'off screen' coming to roller coaster fruition. Getting engaged, convincing her to die in the worst way possible to save the world, watching her bleed to death for 10 minutes, and then getting married ON THE MOON in 2 days is one hell of a chapter ending
  • The culmination of a plotline that started 7 years ago, finally becoming hearthguard. Oh man, the emotions I was having was literally Washed Away by all that fake blood. King Rorik must have reaaally got his cardio in to get his blood pumping like that.
  • Watching people bring up concern about the fey flowers in a town meeting and everyone being "Nah, it's Sam, it's fine."
  • Wouldn't be a true Chicago event if Wetside didn't welcome us with open arms.
  • The panic that ensued with "J'Rajj has been enslaved, he's already charmed 6 adventurers"
  • In the final battle, the pantherghast getting increasingly more sad as people kept big hitting him to take him out in one hit.
  • OTHER DWARVES! Was so nice to not be the only PC dwarf.
Can't wait for next event!



Chicago Staff
In no particular order

* will someone tell me that Hoblings name?

* the plane of Junk, where we meet Kevin. Then attempting to determine if this is the "Kevin" from the mysterious Iron Key

* plane Hopping and engaging in some Give and take with Varbog. We do this thing for you, you do this thing for us and everyone else who comes with gets to keep what they can... sans plane of Metal. Sad Shen, sadder Nyio.

* Delf panthergast, round 1. I hit you with some Chaos. ....um... Alexander, my perm body was *just* temporarily changed and I haven't looked at my card yet... I just protective reflex whichever one would have killed me..... "fair enough".... panthergast stalks and then sulks away.

Round 2 - arcane shun all non dark... prison...

* I need to talk to 'x' NPC... that is a choice... then I got to watch Rob roleplay said NPC act out my favorite Marry Poppins gif.
"when it is suddenly your problem"

* jraj charmed and then killed people. "I planned enough cloaks to tell Jonah to f* off.. I will go touch magic goo, be right back
- what did you find
"The usual, more questions than answers and a new research project - but I can answer the question everyone had definitively now"

* hearing about all the moon stuff

* Rob, who seemingly can't find a reason to *not* wear fake blood and share it with people.

* hovokvo? Figuring out what it was doing and why in the tavern then it bowing to Beryl and *immediate* recognition of who and what that NPC was...

* seeing the horror on people that shen's *FAFO* magical experimentation involves a EScholar in a circle of power protective bubble while shen knowing plans to experiment with things and everyone he talks to is seemingly okay with said *FAFO* risk of death.

* auction with people and sassy commentary.

* afters... my favorite of things. Especially when we have such thought exercises of...
"In just seven days, I can make a Dragon - with blond hair and tan"

"If we put a circle of power underneath a falling star, will it destroy the CoP, and as it likely will but contain a bulk of the power - will it destroy the MI that creates the CoP?"


It was nice to meet most of you this weekend. It would have been nicer to not meet the medical staff so up close and personal. You folks have a really good team for plot and staff, it was a very welcoming environment. I look forward to what happens with the site in preparation for the National event.

Looking forward to the next event, and hope that I am not paging...



* auction with people and sassy commentary.

this made me think of one I should have put on mine :) the look I got when bidding on the racial transformation from Shen was priceless. And the pre-pax humanis conversation about not working on the bucket list.


Chicago Staff
this made me think of one I should have put on mine :) the look I got when bidding on the racial transformation from Shen was priceless. And the pre-pax humanis conversation about not working on the bucket list.

I mean it was awesome and luls. But I was in the back of my mind preparing my 10 minute lecture that Corbel would be required to listen to during resurrection had he accepted a race change.. shen would have bullied his way into having the *privlidge* of performing that resurrection personally.
- Durinn's Friday night resurrection turned therapy session
- Mutt's expression when the split of Rusty's loot she was handed turned out to be a half dozen tootsie pops
- Realizing far too late that nobody told Pebbles about Bink's status as a double agent
- "Duke Kane, did you just tell a joke?" "Actually, I have told three." "...okay."
- "The Havokvo departs the Battlefield." *brief pause* "The Havokvo claims a grandpa candy." *sounds of candy being unwrapped* "The Havokvo departs the battlefield again."
- The late-night visit from Mr. Doyah, here's hoping he finds his brother someday.
- REALLY wishing there was a "New phone who dis?" equivalent for Contact other Plane.


Wisconsin Staff


Chicago Staff
Don't worry, I was looking her in the eyes, and did 200 normal 3 ft from Nyio's back and Nyio even went "Oh nooo". and still she laid into me.