**June 14th - 16th Teaser** -- "The Five of Swords"

Next the Seer pauses and stares at the deck apprehensively.

"I have dealt many fortunes for many men, I have learned that ones of this nature are dangerous to know..."

She sizes you up for a moment: "A foolish question to ask one such as yourself: if you wish to proceed."

A card is pulled.

The Five of Swords

"This card is a strong indication of conflict, and loss. Not loss as a matter of course, but as payment for well earned victory. A difficult card to read so early in our spread - "

She taps the card as she considers it. As her hand comes lovingly to rest the card is pushed aside to reveal another beneath it.

Astonished, she shakes her head in disbelief and pulls her hand away as if the card were a poisonous viper.

"This cannot be, I drew only one card, " her eyes fall on you accusingly and her chin raises to steady herself. She pulls the hidden card into the open.

The King of Pentacles.

"Perhaps this is a source of conflict, perhaps the man represented, a secure man who walks in the sun of abundance, is tied to to you by the Five Swords."

"His fate and yours are intertwined."

She eyes you sternly, "There are no accidents in the Tarot."