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  1. Alliance SoMI

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    Thank you all so much for coming out to our June event of 2017.
    We look forward to hearing what you loved and didn't love about the event.
    We want to hear your suggestions on how we can improve.
    We also want to hear about the highlights of your event.

    As a thank you for your feed back, we will be giving out 6 Dragon Stamps to one random person who leaves a response to this thread before Friday, June 23rd.
  2. Cory Walker

    Cory Walker Artisan

    Good Event!

    -My weekend win: Freeing Scavengers, giving them epic freedom speech (not knowing which option they were going to take for freedom), and then super happy with my decision. And then realizing I need to follow up with this or I am going to be fighting scavenger bandits... :)
    -Things fired off flawlessly Friday, between job board or even as soon as we came in the Baron waiting for an update on the bandit situation; feeding off more information. Also thank you (and sorry) NPCs for staying up until dawn to run a job board, we didn't realize it was so late already.
    -Those sliders were fantastic Gen! Hit the spot. Thank you all the PCs that step out to help prep and make meals.
    -Sam and his bar. Cold drinks during a very warm event.
    -All the kin!
    -Treasure was good on mods I went on.
    -Job boards were good. Trog took us (Moonless Nights) on a yellow mission.
    -Getting a better sense of geography and nobility through the bandit plot line.
    -Saro saving us from a tpk.

    -Elemental bombardment of tavern + hot event + trying hydrate/cooldown.

    -Que mini rant: Hate is prob too strong, but I really really don't want to NPC. I have a hard time saying no, because I don't like to let people down, know it was needed, and like to help out. I know this is selfish, but I do plot in TC spending time IG and OOG, and this is my relax and enjoy weekend. It breaks me out of character, full makeup/sweating it off concerns, and damaging costuming. I love you guys and want to see you succeed, but ultimately I ended the event/Saturday night frustrated. I am really enjoying your game/story/playing with new friends and making new friends. This will drive me away from your game.
    -Contracts: Really long que times and put hiccups in getting friends together to do stuff in the mean time cause they signed/activated a contract with someone else. "Sure we will wait for you to do your contract and then we can go to the Mill" turned from a "morning" (adventurer morning of noon) to late afternoon/early evening because of a contract. Even then, we gave up waiting for the contract and it went off during the mod:( OOG I know its the risk and can refused, but some group is/did get the short end of the stick when trying to form a group. Add in the last Contract was apparently the town mod and I missed it cause of PC controversy (deciding I need to look into this new Duke more) and everyone but me had signed the contract (didnt know everyone in town was) left me salty for missing it.
    -Elemental stuff: Seemed like a big build up for little show at the end. Like buying a big firework and having it just sputter and make a little noise. Maybe it was suppose to be worse if the puzzles weren't completed? But some of the elementals crunchies were worse then the actual town fight. Hence PC confusion if that was it or not. Also Contract fired off just right before PC was getting ready to do this....
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  3. Seabass

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    On the NPCing at the end of the event I'll field that one. That's all on me, not the team. I understand the need to play in other chapters when on staff in your home chapter. In retrospect I should have offered you a spot on the mod when I rifted everyone despite the IG role-play circumstances of the contract beforehand. Since it was a whole town mod I just didn't want you getting bored... plus I couldn't say at that time the whole town was going to be the mod setting including the tavern. I just asked because I didn't want you bored.

    That one is all me. My apologies. I was really grateful for the help on the dust portion of the fight.

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  4. PYKE

    PYKE Scholar

    I had a blast this weekend. Had plenty to do and was happy to finally have a focus for my transform. mods were challenging enough and didn't feel overly threaten or like it was a push over.
    The one thing I noticed was the build up with all the elementals thinking the ritual and fight was gonna be the big town mod Saturday. Even thou I would of gone on the beast in the mist contract if I was feeling better and would of course d it fun I didnt push myself to go because I didnt know what it really was.
    Glad it didn't rain or was so hot we couldn't do anything. Can't wait for the next one
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  5. Naomi

    Naomi Newbie

    I had a good event. Thank you so much to everyone who made it possible!

    My favourite part was the splitting the town up into groups (especially ones that not always work together). Gave me a chance to work with some other peeps. Having the mod take place over the entire town was cool and as a result, rolling up on other groups and coming together was a highlight for me. I feel like you kids utilized the space we have better this weekend. I liked the crunchie elementals in town. It made sense with the plot and gets us off our butts. I'm a fan.

    Con-I don't think many people were sure about the ending of the ritual elemental fight on Saturday night. It felt like it was going to ramp a bit but just stopped abruptly. I know know that you guys had other stuff (the really cool mod I mentioned above) going on but at the time, it felt like it fizzled.

    It was cool to see more NPC's helping out our awesome plot team. Everyone who NPC'd are freaking awesome. Thank you.

    Edit-wanted to add another couple of notes. Thanks for the Chicken parm. V and all your pride helper were amazing for the amount of time you put into feeding people. Rock on.

    Lemonade. Come back and bring the bar.

    Chad- you freaking are killing it with the puzzles. The creepy 'Cessation' face you make is awesome.

    Travis-You crunching was cool. I hope your leg feels better! As always thanks for indulging me in my need to bother Ko. Constantly. I'm sorry to Chris and Chad for monopolizing Travis' time, when I do this.

    Chris-I don't interact a lot with you IG but you seem to be killing yourself for the PC's.

    I know I missed things/people. So a thanks to everyone and leave it at that. Done with my edited novel now.
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  6. jwconvery

    jwconvery Rogue

    Thanks to all the plot runners, dedicated NPCs, support staff, tavern and PC -> NPCs that put together a sweet event. I really appreciate all the new faces we saw. Lots of travelers, and Tyrran imports gave the town a real sense of being alive. IG I try to eavesdrop, and at least be aware of, all the different things happening to try and cross pollinate information. With all the groups and moving parts I had a hard time keeping up, and that's awesome. I think getting more crossover in play styles and personalities is great for the game of Larp in general, hopefully we can keep it going through the summer. (Guest Event HYPE!)

    Personally, I had an alright event. Most of my good times were on the PC to PC interaction side of things and meeting new faces. The majority of my plot-related entertainment came from role-play or non-combat stuff. Which is a rarity for me. (big fan of turning mystical energy into gold) Generally good times.

    The Good
    --My cabin was awesome.
    --Loved the lunch sliders.
    --Liked the Lightning Elemental I talked to. Really felt like a conversation, as opposed to a 20 questions riddle-master. Perhaps that was due to the lack of his dust counterpart, but in any case, as a roleplay 'thing' I enjoyed it a lot.
    --I enjoyed seeing Tadron's boss. I didn't like the information, but I liked the experience. It was certainly something that could have been a quick conversation out side monstercamp, but Inger made it a very nice mini-mod with some sweet visuals.
    --Makeup: Lot's of really great PC makeup in town. I kinda want to play my Bear-Kin with you guys once just so you can show me how to be less bad at makeup.
    --Bar: That lemon, ice mason jar thing was really really good. When I heard you were selling in-game drinks I wasn't really interested because I figured it'd be kool-aid "elven wine" and I'm just not that interested in paying coin for kool-aide. However, the whole bar experience, the bartender like feel, selling drinks, with the shaker thing actual cool in-period bottles. Very sweet overall and added a lot to the tavern. I could have done with less recorder while indoors, but overall pretty friggin sweet. Hope to see you around more, definitely starting a tab next time.
    --This is my first season where I really enjoy Friday nights. Granted it's because I have a thing that I can do, which I enjoy. I really appreciate Plot allowing that to happen. Rituals are the worst PC:NPC ratio of entertainment. So Chad pulling double duty is nice for me, and if you have anything I can do on my end to make it easier. Let me know.
    --I really loved the Rodger Hent mod, for many reasons.
    1. The IG concern and conversation leading up to it was awesome. Mediating Mathis and Tadron was really fun for me. (Also Dustie, I swear that story had a better ending/point when I started it )
    1a. The start was cool. Everyone Rift out, then plot divided people up. I'm assuming to re-use puzzles, and send people in a general direction to do different things. no fuss, just this is happening go here on an OOG level, deal with it. It's a risky thing removing player agency, so it needs to pay off. I feel it did, for me.
    2. We talked about this last time, but it should be stated again. The puzzles reps. Chad, bubbale, you're killing it. What do you need? Wires, boards, electrical stuff? Please post stuff I can donate to help more of that happen. Also, swarming a puzzle with a bunch of red herrings you're a jerk, and I love it.
    3. Using the whole camp. Caused some issues Cory talked about, but I really liked the sense of exploration that happened because if it. On a lot of mods, of 'find the thing' there's one building and you kinda know generally on an OOG level where some places are. We got out of that building, met another group, and I was truly lost for direction. It was sweet. Heck, Mathis and Naomi went way out there to keep looking.
    4. I missed a lot of the Roleplay happening inside with Oni, Hent and company after I got AOE'd a bit, but from what little I heard and and the after mod re-hashing it sounded pretty sweet.

    Mixed bag
    --The over-arching planar puzzle. Story wise, I liked it. Made sense why it was there.
    --I didn't like the brute force nature of guess and check and I really didn't like the resource collection.
    --I did like the four planar ambassador idea. It was nice to 'know' that they wanted us to succeed but wanted something out of the deal. I can respect that. Had fun with Ian/Dust guy
    --Loved the actual candles. Those are sweet and I would steal them for rituals, but I guess Quinn already does that. (must 'up-game' for Traverse event.)
    --The final fight did feel like a small letdown at the time, but thinking about it later I'm good with it. The Hent thing happened after it which was more "big saturday night" thing. I'm fine with a 'big town fight' that wasn't an absolute massacre.
    --The 'hour notice' was pretty annoying. Anything in a Larp with a time component tends to cause difficulties. I'm not sure which side of the negotiation brought up "give an hour's notice" but that kinda sucked since both PCs and Monster Camp were ready. Then we waited. Then a contract went off. It was just a messy sequence.

    The Bad
    -- I hate crunchies so very, very much. These were admittedly the best possible crunchies for a celestial scholar, and they had a reason to exist (delivering the stones) and even with all that in favor of them, I loathed them. I don't need a safe town, I'm all for the town being attacked. Dark spirit-soldiers, great. Signified an issue that needed to be gone and dealt with. Perpetual bothersome resource draining is not my bag. I understand from a game perspective why they need to exist, and the purposes they can serve. I, personally, do not like them.
    --I would like the IG economy of Mana to settle out. I'm not a fan if it's only something that can be gained with GS. (ignoring the micro-transaction aspect of it) It's weird that I can get 200 of them 'from the kingdom' but the all powerful Academy of all things weird and magical is stymied. I understand it's a new policy and some changes /discussions happen, just want to point out I would not like their implementation at 'this' event to be the place they land at. If you do want them only gained through GS, please go back to component-less scrolls.
    --How many baby-wipes would you like donated? <3
    --Not looking forward to playtesting in July, if that's happening. (am looking forward to the one-day + bonefire afters though. Plenty of crash space for any interested.)

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  7. Seabass

    Seabass Artisan South Michigan Staff

    I had a great time this event. That might come off as bias but it isn't. My review is based on people and the great time I had. I really wanted to share.

    I never do this so here is my yearly gush:

    First of all I want to address the other staff.
    --Ian makes himself available even when playing as our logistics guru. Far beyond his duties before and after events that means a lot to me and our players.
    --V and Mike - the Tavern was amazing. I loved all the meals. We simply are not eating camp food any more and that is damn amazing to me. Providing togo boxes for our NPCs so they could eat totally out of game so not to spoil the immersion was amazing... amazing.
    --Lewis, Dave, Ian, Joe, Joe, Kim pulling hours and hours of NPC time in HOT atmospheric soup. More than that we even had random volunteers knocking out an hour or mod with us. You can't imagine how much pressure you take off us when you do that; and how much more additional staff like that improves the game for everyone in leaps and bounds.
    --Just like everyone on this list Matt does too much for me to actually list out. At this event his organization of our newly donated footlocker organized got packed in RECORD time. Thank you thank you for the donations Annette and Jeff. Cannot begin to describe how much they have improved things for us.
    --V and Annette who have redoubled our online presence and have gotten word out just so that we can increase our membership and expand our game. Thanks to you we have new blood trying things out and I directly credit you both with providing me with the opportunity to play with some friends this weekend from way back. Amazing. Period... that's right extra period = fact.
    --Anyone my scrambled and so often sleepless mind forgot to mention, I am so sorry. I can be a terrible monster and I'm sorry for it. I assure you its the memory that is missing, not the gratitude.
    -- Chad and Chris - my unending love and undying hatred, always.
    -- Also thanks to Joe M. for mitigating my chemical face explosion and to several players for nagging me about my oldman trashed thigh muscle.

    As to the event here are my favorite points:
    --I spent a lot of time crunching/modding and not talking. That doesn't happen often. It made me really focus more on card math and game function. Not my best wheel house and I feel I learned a few things.
    --Getting to take players into the staff side and challenging them with tough fights, cards, mods... etc.
    --Having so many mods moving on the conveyer belt that I didn't even see Chris or Chad for hours, then fast update between us, adjusting, moving on... Heck there were a few players I only got to see on the big town mods.
    --I am proud of our players when it came to the elementals this weekend. The problem presented itself, the whole town contributed in some way to the puzzle of it all, the players rallied when the crunchies made the big push on Saturday morning, and the role play for candles with alternate planes was exceptional... it was great to watch. The final fight made me seriously puff up like a proud parent when the players adjusted to the four big elementals and just started trouncing them. The crunchie scaling was observed, the dominant weaknesses were cataloged, and when the big guys came said weaknesses were exploited. I missed Air going down but Fire was properly controlled so that a true circle beating could take it out; and Water might have come out swinging in the 70s but it never got that chance again as the players controlled it's rampage. When I saw Stone's last of very few spell defences go and suddenly get subjecated to start pounding the other elementals... awesome. Just awesome. Chris crafted this concept and while we all contribute he made something something old new again for me to play with. I'm old... new can be crazy great.
    --Chad should get a great deal of credit for laying the blueprint that was the intuitive "the whole camp is the mod" big struggle mod. I didn't get to see his fantastic puzzles in real action but every time I do get to play with the toys he makes us I desperately want to play these mods. While Chris and I might have contributed that little perception-bend of a town mod was a Schaffer special.
    --That said I want to thank all the players that played on my Dust mod, including the ones that joined up after we started. Dust mods and their mechanics pretty much have to be rewritten at least a little every time we run one just to keep people guessing on an OOG level as well as their characters. Because of the OOG element that can sometimes feel awkward and frustrating and not only did you roll with it you solved it all without breaking my or the other NPCs noses while fighting on a nearly pitch black trail. That was a huge highlight of my weekend (both the challenge and the nose thing).
    --Getting to play with some favorite players from way back when was a huge thing for me. I'm glad I was able to get a few mods in for you guys. Again rolling with goofy things like floating weapons and angry glass people is why I love LARPers. Kudos to using the recorder to shatter a few with high notes. Too cool to ignore. I love stuff like that.

    --Negative - the only thing that sucked for me was attempting to keep our SoMi set pace with the higher player count. I would have loved to do more personal plot... but that is always kinda the case. There will be more blending of such things in the future to make sure everyone is having fun. We are growing and many adjustments need to be made. All good things in the end.

    Last but not least I'll say it here just to say it: NO. Ko is not the "go to bed monster". :D

    If he was is there anyone that thinks I couldn't beat you into unconsciousness with endless stories long before I have to resort to a foam cane? When that day comes there will be cots set up in the tavern. One is already being made for Taios who slept through the Oni Tavern catching fire.

    Thank you all for coming to play in SoMi. I can't wait to see you for the one day (PLUG) and to join your ranks for the guest event in August. ;)


    Plot guy
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  8. Manflesh

    Manflesh Newbie

    I had a great time this weekend! A lot of these comments I have already mentioned to staffers either at Afters or personally, but here we go!

    -I love the site itself. From its size, number of buildings, its wooded paths, to the unique spots around the grounds. There's so much potential, I can't stand it.
    -Even from the first time I came years ago, I always liked the use of inside rooms with mods. I think it adds variety and it's a big bonus for rogue fighting.
    -I must say that I've always enjoyed the staff's ability to change up things in a mod because of a cool new idea. While things were certainly with challenge throughout the event, I always appreciate that the plot line doesn't take precedent over player fun. I instantly noticed that when I first played 4 years ago, and it's great to see that it is still there in spades.
    -The attention to emersion was great. From your great prop monsters, to the insistence of forgoing overhead lighting in the tavern, it's those small things that really tip it into the net.
    -Great food. Although I'm sure it was too spicy for some people, that sausage gravy was amazing for me. The food was always nice, hot, and solid portions.
    -One of my criticisms from four years ago was a lack of loot till Saturday night and HOLY crap has that changed. I know some don't like it, but I love rampant production drops. I think it's much more realistic than every mod giver just flush with gold.

    -I think contracts will always be a mix bag. They are great for immersion. I can stay in-game longer and don't have to wait outside MC for my mod to start for half as long. The contract rip feature is really good for allowing players to be more ambitious. Really fantastic ideas. But I think color coding the mods risks segregating players bases for a majority of the event. My favorite mods of the weekend were ones with a big mix of power levels and the color coding works against that. Additionally, this marks another time I've seen a player get missed from a mass town signing, which I think is rough. Maybe allow them to touch someone rifting out and leave with them, but they take a set amount of damage (or some other disadvantage) at the start of the mod for not signing the paper? Ultimately I think juggling the positive and negatives of mod contracts comes down to LARP philosophy of the staff. So while I believe it works well for this chapter, I think there is room for tweaks.

    Minor Criticisms
    -As I was typing this out I see that Evie has already posted a message about this issue, so I'll just briefly say that I prefer not having super late meal times. That said, I think that problem had started due to a late start on Friday, which caused everyone to stay up till 5:30 in the morning. So I don't think anyone would have been really up for a true breakfast time outside of the insane.
    -I'm not sure what happen with the Saturday night ritual mod, but it was weird. It really threw off the rhythm and energy for the rest of the evening for me, personally. The whole town rift was fun being thrown all around the site and trying to find each other, but the ending was confusing and mildly anti-climatic. Maybe some major player actions happened that I completely missed, but it seemed like the one NPC killed the boss, then got circle beat down. It added to this odd feeling of mod beats that night.

    It was great to see people I haven't played with in years and even better to meet a ton of new people. I'm glad people enjoyed the bar. The lemonade shake-ups were very much a last minute idea, so I'm pleased it worked out. I mainly came for merchanting and PC interactions, but I'd love to dive into some of the plot next time a swing by. In Chicago, we do "Favorites" after each event, so indulge me as I list a few.

    -Daggers and Waggers! Who knew some many players brought instruments? Can't wait to RP more off you guys. What a fun side thing that added so much to my tavern experience.
    -Gideon, I enjoy your ritual RP immensely. Keep up the good work!
    -Trog? Is that your name? I love interacting with your character. Let's keep that up.
    -In fact, the vault mod was my favorite of the weekend. Getting most of you to blindly jump into a portal and rip through it was awesome. Travis, you letting my flute shatter the golems made my event. Thanks so much.
    -The Legolas/Gimli style competition with Pyke over who could Waylay the most enemies during the event. Let's keep that going!
    - Chris, I must have pumped 10-12 drinks into you between all your NPCs. My condolences to your future diabetes.
    -Jen, Gab, Chris, Kristen, and Allison; I never tire of RPing with you. Please continue to assault Sam with your antics and free food no matter what characters you play.
  9. Dustie White

    Dustie White Newbie

    As the first one from my little group to post I would first like to say HUGE thanks to both Chris and Annette for setting us up for success. We were well prepped for the event and really felt welcomed before we even drove on to site.

    GOOD -
    -rolling lay on super helped us feel like we were not showing up too late friday night and made worth coming into game worth it. As one that plays lots of further north events sometimes we miss the entire friday night "mod" just based on the travel time we have to put in. Im not sure if this is an every event kind of thing but it helped make it feel like we werent missing anything.
    - RITUALS!!! One of my biggest enjoyments is seeing how everyone reps their rituals. Gideon was on point Friday night as he seamlessly cast ritual after ritual all of them being slightly different and enjoyable to watch.
    - PC/NPC/PC interactions. For me its a bit strange to play a character that came from another world, but the people that I interacted with both PC and NPC didnt skip a beat when I didnt have some elaborate back story about where I came from and what I was doing there. It was very simply put as this is where I am now and I will be making the best of it. Not feeling less because of that, was super helpful in keeping the Role Play flowing. Being able to say I spent almost an hour with a single one on one conversation with another PC is the kind of memories I live this game for.
    - IG tavern atmosphere! WOW does it make a difference! Please Please Please dont ever loose it. Again coming from games that have NOTHING compared to that it truly makes wanting to be IN the tavern all the time, when not out on a mod, worth it.
    - Constant immersion! I can count on a single hand how many times I heard a player describe something OOG. Usually its far far far worse and most of the time its from older players that should know better. I dont think I heard a single OOG conversation that didnt last but a few sentences. Great Job, seriously outstanding! The IG bar did wonders for it too!
    - Stone puzzle. I personally felt this helped me get involved in far more than I would have, had it not been there. It was something that was started and ended in one weekend, that gave me the opportunity to get my foot in the door and be helpful as a Role Player instead of just with skills.
    - Saturday night full town puzzle mod. Fantastic. Ive never seen such thought put into an environment. It felt a bit like an escape room within a LARP. Great use of word/visual/and physical puzzle!
    - Plot/NPC dedication. I didnt see anyone come into town without some sort of costume or clothing on. Kudos to not just walking about in the same tabard and sweat pants all weekend.
    - Also newer player IG/OOG helpers, fantastic job. Knowing that I had someone to ask "dumb" questions to made me feel far less like an absolute noob.
    - Contracts are an amazing tool and I am looking forward to doing more in the future.

    Bad -
    - Genevieve already posted about this, but the trash and overall garbage of the Tavern was a huge turn off. Seriously no one at this game is your mother and should have to clean up after you. I went and did an NPC shift instead of taking pictures in the Tavern because of this. I am good at photoshop but I am not that good. :p
    - We all need to make active efforts to be safer fighters. I witnessed a lot of charging and machine gunning. If you are unable to clearly enunciate each swing of your weapon then you are swing too fast.

    Favorites -
    - Waggers and Daggers love when people can bring about some actual Tavern atmosphere
    - The Company's Bar (see above)
    - Lady Cyn and I's conversation about choices
    - Mathis (you've reminded me why I choose to play Dustie the way that I do <3)
    - Portal Jumping because well reasons!
    - Paying in advance to Gideon
    - Tad'ron, Waymaker, Gideon, and Mathis all discussing the intricacies of "changes in management"

    TLDR version. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone for this event. Playing this past weekend reminded me why I LARP and why I absolutely love the life I live and the friends I have because of this hobby and amazing culture we all help build for one another.

    Kristen S.
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  10. ecrath

    ecrath Newbie

    I had an amazing time at the event, so many new faces and new things to learn. That being said, here is my review:
    * Contracts, love them. They are simple convenient and add to the fantasy of taking missions
    * The site, everything is easily walkable, the tavern looks great, and there is some wicked cool mod space.
    * Mod variety, so much to do, and different way to do it. Good job plot.
    * RP, was generally good all around. Had a lot of downtime conversations that didn't trail off into oog topics.
    * Food, delicious.
    * One off missions, I liked that there were self contained mods, I feel that some chapters get so caught up in plot that these get easily missed.
    * Indoor space for mods, just awesome and helps immersion.

    * Meal times, not a fan of super late dinner.
    * First night took a bit too long to start things up.
    * Tavern attacks, I was super sick of elementals attacking by 11:00 am on Saturday. It helped keep the immersion of the problem but it did get boring after awhile.
    * I took a lot of head shots this event, they weren't hard but they were frequent enough to be annoying.

    Again, great job plot and everyone else involved. I super look forward to my next event in SOMI.
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  11. Better late than never!

    Some outstanding things that I really loved:
    -The plot team a unit, plain and simple. Oftentimes plotteams have the head of plot and everyone below them just kinda does there own thing, then that single person becomes so high in demand that PCs end up waiting needlessly for things that "only that one person" can answer/run. These guys ran things seemlessly and appeared as a united front anytime I saw them.
    -Contracts... I love them. A lot. They keep PCs in the game longer instead of talking OOG outside of NPC camp. When you only get 30ish hours to play, every moment spent IG in the atmosphere matters.
    -One large tavern table. It encouraged more interaction between groups.
    -Tavern lighting. I hate flourescent lights and bright bulbs. I wish I had brough out my own mini rope lights to add more atmospheric lighting to our cabin to give it the same feel-- next time I will.
    -NPC roles. Mostly seen with the elementals, but I really appreciate it when NPCs attempt (even poorly, as long as its honest effort!) to add a bit of character to the creature they are portraying. I saw wind that whooshed, stone that stomped, and water that flowed. It really adds to the game.
    -Logistics. Hands down, Ian is absolutely the most on-top-of-it guy I have seen in 15 years of playing various systems. Serious kudos, good sir!

    So-so observations:
    Saturday night, I was expecting more from the ritual, *but* I very purposefully did not immerse myself in any storylines this weekend because my personal goal was player interaction. I very much enjoyed the setup of the big "split" mod afterwards and was giddy when I heard the full campsite was fair game, but then disappointed when the only areas used were the tavern, NPC camp/area, and the space between (aka, the areas usually visited in a weekend). I feel there could have been more of the site used, but again having not followed the story perhaps there was reason for it that was beyond my knowledge.

    Change I would like to see:
    -Meal times. This has already been addressed! (Everything else about the tavern was fabulous!)

    I look forward to seein you all again in the (hopefully near) future!

    Jenn / "Mutt"
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  12. Seabass

    Seabass Artisan South Michigan Staff

    It was really good to see you. Thank you very much for your kind words and I am really happy you had a good time. I hope you will come back!

    Normally I would never do this but I wanted to make you aware of something.

    The rest of the camp WAS in game. Your group and another was over in the Mod building area. Another was in an unused B cabin, and another was stuck on a pitch black trail. In fact until our wonderful event population boomed we were going to use a far flung C cabin as well.

    Once free of their puzzle players could do as they like. Options were wide: follow the bad guys to the tavern, explore the world, even join in with the other puzzles, and more. That is exactly what happened with the B cabin. They broke free and assisted the super dark trail.

    I just wanted to let you know that we agreed with you :) , and that no one told you what the circumstances actually were :p . Again, normally I wouldn't do this to keep the mystique of the game but this is a unique situation where I could.

    Come back and push hard on the limits of our world. We will be waiting. :)

  13. See? I knew there was more to the circumstance than I was privy to! :D
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  14. Alliance SoMI

    Alliance SoMI Newbie Owner South Michigan Staff

    Sorry for the lag on rewarding these, but Jenn is the winner of our Dragonstamp reward for feedback from this thread.

    Thanks to everyone for their input.
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  15. Thank you kindly!
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