June 2018 Logistical Needs


Hi everyone!

If your name appears on this list, please bring or be prepared to discuss the requested items at check-in. Pre-game check-in will occur from 6-10 PM on Friday in Jesse's House, the large building other than the tavern; after 10 PM, you can find me in-game (my name is Mac, my PC is Baron Darius Rivervale, the hobling wearing green and white), or you can look for Bria Roberts who can often be found in the Mages Guildhall.

Note: As we do not want to invade Jesse's home, please do not enter the building after 10 pm Friday without express permission. If you need logistical assistance, please speak to me, Bria, or Plot, and we will help you out.

Any payments can be handled via PayPal (http://www.alliancedenver.com/payment---logistics.html) or cash on-site. Logistics can accept cash or checks on-site, but not credit cards; please bring exact change as we will not likely have enough to handle all requests.

Legal releases will be provided at check-in.

If there are any questions, comments or concerns, let us know and we will get things straightened out!
  • ALL Spellcrafting: formal scroll/components brought to check-in
  • ALL Merchants: Merchant sheet is in the Merchants Guild
  • Miguel Alberto: membership renewal ($30)
  • Sam Bertolami: legal release
  • Raymond Bruels: event fee ($40), late fee ($10)
  • Rich Clark: 2 gold
  • Bette Curtiss: legal release
  • Abi Dancho: membership renewal ($30)
  • Garion Daniels: late fee ($10), cabin fee ($20)
  • Jeremy Daniels: cabin fee ($20)
  • Amber Feldman: membership renewal ($30), event fee ($40), cabin fee ($20), leftover fees ($125), late fee ($10) = $225 total
  • Chris Fernandez: 15 gold
  • Retta Gibson: membership renewal ($30)
  • Bret Halford: legal release
  • Sarah Kearns: membership renewal ($30)
  • Jeff Loats: membership renewal ($30)
  • Owen Loats: membership renewal ($30)
  • Dustun Middleton: legal release, armor evaluation
  • Liz Neuhalfen: event fee ($40), membership renewal ($30)
  • Cassie Reilly: event fee ($40), cabin bonus ($20)
  • Nickolas Reimer: 6 silver
  • Zachary Rossiter: 2 silver (change)
  • Joe Soloway: legal release, armor evaluation
  • Jay Torres: membership renewal ($30)
  • Leora Wambach: event fee ($40)
  • Warchester: 1 silver
  • Ken Watford: legal release
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Ah, right, the new site doesn't have a link for legal releases yet. You are correct, Ken, that the legal release you found is accurate.
Mac you want me to email you the receipt?
Yes please, Jay.