June 2019 Prereg - Due June 16 11:59pm

Mark of Chaos

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June Prereg - Due June 16 11:59pm

Event - June 21-23
Reminder - This event is at Beaver Ranch in Conifer (same place as Octover last year). Address is on the website and the prereg form.

Step 1 - Pay the man. If you need to pay after deadline you must mention this on your prereg or else you are considered late. Late registration can incur a $10 late penalty. I have been very lenient on this due to the craziness of playtesting. Please don't make me start cracking down.

Meal plan info - $20 paid seperately to Dia https://alliancelarp.com/forum/threads/june-tavern-menu.39915/

A lot of people have Membership that needs renewing in the April-June range. If this is not your first event, you need to pay annual membership. PC and NPC.

Step 2 - 2.0 is live. Set up your character with your final choices. I believe a race must be chosen before anything else will stick. No more free spirit forges. There is an undo purchase button on the main character sheet good for one hour after a skill purchase. Don't forget your spell men list must be created on the character sheet and then saved on the prereg.

Step 3 - Register your character for the event. NPCs must have a basic character made (dont need to purchase skills or anything) to be able to register, so that your xp earned has a place to go. This event is not being held in New Acarthia. Your normal Workshops are not available.

Magic Items - There is a spot that requests magic item numbers. You might not have them back yet. That's ok. Register anyway. We will just write them down when you check in. It is more important that you register in a timely manner on the CMA than wait to fill in every question.

Production - There is a spot to link your production conversion sheet. Again, if it's not ready that's ok. Register on time and bring it to game.

Didn't get to some/any of your conversions yet? That's ok too. You just won't have it available for this event. The final dealines for those are much much further out.
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