June 24th event three towers part 2

So, this will be the 2nd event of this year I wrote with help from Jesse.
Each of the tower events are stand alone events so I dont want you to think that if you didnt go to part 1, you
wont understand whats going on in part 2. Or for that matter whats going to happen in part 3 in October.
So I do hope you will come to our indoor event.

If those who are coming see this
I am in need of
1) a larp helmet, no horns please
2) bellows (like one would use in a fire place)

also here is a teaser

Reports from the edge of the absence indicate a crypt and a graveyard have appeared. There have been sightings of a small force of undead going into the crypt but not coming out. The graves, crypt and door have a half a sun carved on them. It is asked of the adventurers to further investigate.

see you there!!