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June Crafting Services

Emma B

Cass already posted about her blacksmithing services and I thought maybe we should have one dream thread where all who wish to offer their services could do so.

Hi, I'm Ainsley I'm a trap maker, and alchemist. Not quite a journeyman in either skill just yet though. I also am also reasonably skilled with a needle and thread. If anyone was at the gathering im Terna this past weekend they may have encountered one Gregory Binks selling cloaks and hoods of my own creation.

If you wish to contract any of my services as an alchemist, tailor or trapsmith this upcoming market simply reply to this dream or send me a private dream and I'll be happy to discuss with you.


Emma B

My metaphorical dance card is still empty right now. I do have a small supply of the smallest cure Wounds elixirs available for sale.

The weather shamans are predicting some wet and stormy weather for us this weekend. If you need help keeping dry I have selection of water resistant cloaks and hooded scarves for sale or rent.

Send me a message before the gathering or come see me in person if you're interested in what I have to offer



Chicago Staff
I would be willing to buy some of the cure elixirs. Perhaps a trade for arrows if you don’t want straight coin.



I'd be very interested in some intoxicated if you have any. Please feel free to send me a pigeon



Chicago Staff

I dropped your name to the 3 Party Going Blonds. They endeavor to throw a Party in the near future and I shared with them the Joy you shared with me regarding Noise Traps and how someone of your skill could likely make several of different noises that when activated together would likely (with trial and error) make a form of Music. As well as how with some effort of a Mechanical Trap and either Liquid Light, or Edrich Force Light, you could likely create quite the backdrop Scenery.

They were quite interested, I would expect them to find you soon for specific details I couldn't provide them.

Emma B

Party blondes are my favorite kind of blondes. Thank you for the potential new business, unknown sir. I will keep an eye out for them.

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Scroll traps have perked my internet when you have spare time in your first or second batch.

- Gertude