June Enerret Event 06/02-04/17

This event will be hosted graciously by Graham Hine on his property.

25973 Mar Vista Ct., Los Gatos, CA 95033

This will be a Tent Camping Event, with access to power and water. However there are no indoor spaces available. Please ensure you bring a tent and sleeping gear.

Graham's House is open to players Friday June 2nd at 6:00 PM. The event will run the full weekend with game being called around 1:00pm Sunday June 4th. From 10:30pm until 7:00am we ask that players, cast, and crew try and keep the noise they are making down.

Event Cost:

Important Note: Because of the change in venue there will be no Meal Plan for the weekend. Bottled water will be provided.

-$5.00 Bay area Larp reward
If you have attended one of our local Larps bring your character sheet from their last game for 5 dollars off this game! This counts for the following local Larps:
-Realms of Conflict
-Dark Prospects

New Players are $25.00.

To our returning players! If you bring a New Player along and they play for at least 3 Games, you will receive 50% off of the cost of a Weekend event of your choice! Make sure you note the referral in the purple binder at check in!

Cast and Crew:
Free to play!
In addition to experience for the event you will receive 100 goblin stamps which can be redeemed for different rewards, see our site for more information!

Thank you for your understanding and your patience. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

Now on to the good stuff: Let us know what your characters have been doing this past month.

Downtimes are due by Friday May 26th Send them to: EnerretPlot@gmail.com

Please note, our Logistics email has also changed recently as well! Please reach us at logisticsasf@gmail.com.

If you have had Logistics needs within the last 60 days, please re-email your requests to logisticsasf@gmail.com.

We will also be accepting pre-registrations until Saturday
May 27th 11:59 pm.

Please use our Pre-Reg Form for Pre-Registration! And if you want Pre-Pay here!


Site information:

1) Access and arrival: Google Maps can get you there, but there's a gate with a code. You'll need to call me or PM me in Facebook to get the access code. The gate will be open from 5pm to 10pm on Friday night, so this is most important if you'll be arriving at some other time.
2) Parking. We will put most cars on the back access road, but you can come up to the house to pack and unpack. If you have to leave multiple times during the event, there are a few parking spaces up top we can use, but it'll be nicer for everyone if the cars are moved onto the back road.
2) Food. Bring your own. My grill will be available, so bring grill-able food. The grill does have a burner for pots, but you'd need to bring your own pot. Bring coolers to keep stuff in. Don't keep food where animals (like my dogs) can get it. Jason answered about NPC food on Facebook - there'll be sandwich and hot-dog fixings.
3) Drink. Bring your own. My water is spring water and it's tasty and good.
4) Camping. Bring tents. There is limited flat ground, so place your tent considerately so others can camp near you.
5) Bathrooms and showers. Staff will have access to a bathroom with a shower, and we're renting a porta-potty. Mostly folks should use the porta potty. You will be put in the shower if you stink.
6) Phone and internet. I have wifi, and most phones work over most of the site, but not all of it. Let me know if you need wifi - it's mostly good around the house.
7) Quiet hours. 10:30pm to 8am. No loud combat. No shouting. No loud arguments with your SO. (Seriously, last time that was an issue.)
8) Plants and the garden: There are plants we are trying to grow on the site. I'll mark off most of them, but please don't randomly trample.
9) Dogs. When the gates are closed, my dogs may be running around. If you enter or leave, make sure the dogs don't escape. If they do escape, we will start a mandatory all-town-mod called "Find Graham's Dogs" which will range through the neighborhood. Oh. And I don't know where my dogs poop. Somewhere in the yard. Good luck with that.
10) Fire. If temps drop below 50, we can have a warming fire. Any fire must be tended at all times, including camp stoves. The hose must be accessible and nearby.

11) Waivers. I'm going to require that everyone sign a liability waiver. I'm doing this as a favor to friends - the last thing I want is to lose my house to a lawyer. If you are under 18, you'll need a parent or guardian to sign.